The Best Side Gigs to Make Extra Money without Getting 2nd Job in 2024

The Best Side Gigs to Make Extra Money without Getting 2nd Job

Are you looking for the best side gig jobs but don't know where to start?

You came to the right place because I have a massive list of companies you can start earning money from without needing to take on a 2nd job. With these side gigs, you can work on your term to make extra cash for whatever reason. You call the shots, you are your own boss!

Whether you need to make extra money to pay bills, go on vacation, save money for retirement, down payment for a car or house, these side gigs will get you the extra cash you need in no time.

Plus, lets face it, we're in a gigs economy, it's how people are making a living these days. 

Side Gigs: Get Paid to Join Survey Panels

Did you know you can get paid for your opinions? Top brands recruit consumers like you to give feedback about their latest products, services, and experiences. In return, they will pay you for your time. You already share your opinions on social media free, so why not get paid for your thoughts! Below, is a list of survey panels to join free:

1. Unlock Surveys 

Unlock Surveys is an online survey community where members can share their opinions on various topics and earn rewards for participating. It's an excellent platform for people who enjoy taking surveys and providing feedback on various subjects, from politics to consumer products. With Unlock Surveys, users can earn points for completing surveys and then redeem those points for gift cards or cash payments. The community is free to join and is open to United States residents.  Read more about Unlock Surveys.

2. Tellwut 

Tellwut is an online community where members can earn rewards for completing surveys, creating their own surveys, and participating in other activities. Members can redeem their rewards for gift cards, cash, or other prizes. Tellwut is a great way to make some extra money and share your opinions with others.  Read more about Tellwut.

3. Prime Opinion

Craving some extra cash while sharing your valuable opinions? Prime Opinion might be your ticket! This platform lets you earn real money by participating in paid surveys on diverse topics, from everyday habits to new products. Dive into quick surveys that fit your schedule, choosing based on estimated time and reward, so you're always in control. The best part? You can withdraw your earnings instantly through PayPal or bank transfer, or indulge in gift cards for your favorite brands. Prime Opinion boasts a low minimum withdrawal amount and transparent earning system, ensuring you see the fruits of your opinion-sharing labor. So, skip the complicated loyalty programs and sign up for Prime Opinion today - your voice matters, and it can pay!

4. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is one of the world's leading market research communities - rewarding you for your opinion! Collect points for every survey you complete, redeem your points in the form of gifts cards or cash via PayPal or Branded Pay. Also, join them for daily challenges, polls, product, and services offerings!  Learn more about Branded Surveys.

Check out more paid survey panels to join.

Side Gigs: Get Paid to Join Focus Groups

Focus groups are similar to paid survey panels but more in-depth with their research. A focus group is a small, but demographically diverse group of people whose reactions are studied and discussed in regards to new product development with a moderator. Participants are compensated after the end of the study. There are several different kinds of focus group studies, some are online, on the telephone, in-person, in-home interviews, and shop-alongs.

1. Survey Club

Participate in a paid focus group, test new products, taste new snacks and beverages, watch new TV shows, take online surveys, and more!


Fieldwork is looking for all types of people in all areas to participate in research studies.


The best way to improve the marketplace is to create products and services that work for real people like you. That's why your opinion is valuable to brands all over the world. By participating in one of SAGO Research studies, you could earn extra income just for sharing your honest opinion.

4. Focus Group

At Focus Group, you can also join focus groups, personal discussions, web chats, video diaries, product tests, telephone conversations, and more.

Check more online focus groups to join.

Side Gigs: Get Paid to Lose Weight

Do you have extra pounds to lose? You can get paid to lose weight! A lot of peoples' new year resolutions are to lose weight, but within a few weeks of the new year, they fall off. But, earning money involved to lose weight gives you the motivation you need to keep going, and also earning extra cash. My daughter's dental hygienist did the loose weight challenge to make extra cash, and won thousands of dollars! So, extra money in hygienist's pockets, plus she is over 60 pounds lighter.


Healthywage has been a leading provider of wellness challenges, both for corporations and direct consumers, for over 10 years. It uses cash prizes to make weight loss and fitness more fun and effective!

  • Set your weight loss goal (how much you want to lose and how much time you want to lose it), and answer a few additional questions and their calculator will reveal your prize.
  • If you hit your goal at the end of your challenge, you win your prize!
  • All weight verification is done via user submitted video on their app. It's simple and fast!


It's similar to Healthy Wage, you join weight loss and fitness challenges and earn prizes. You enter the games, lose weight, and the highest weight-loss winners win and split the money together. Participants can bet as low as $10, so anyone can join. Payments are made through PayPal after weights are verified.

Side Gigs: Get Paid to Drive

If you have time to spare, make extra money being a driver for other people! You can pick up passengers and take them to their destinations and get paid for it. It can be challenging to find a way to make extra money that you can fit into your already-busy life. Between working and taking care of your family, you may find that your downtime does not follow a regular schedule. By driving for others, you can tailor your availability to fit your exact needs. 

If you do not have time to drive for a day (or a week, or a month), you are not fired; you leave the app off until you are ready to start driving again and then turn it back on. No matter how your schedule fits together, you can become a driver for other people when it works for you. 

Of course, you won't be making any money during your downtime, but no one really expects to be paid if they are not working, right?

Getting Started

To become a driver, you will need a car and a smartphone, be able to pass a background check, and your vehicle must be able to pass inspection. Depending on the company, your vehicle will need to be the year 2000 or newer. Once you start the process of becoming a driver, you may be able to start earning income in as little as a week.

Potential Earnings

During hectic times in larger cities, you could earn as much as $30 per hour after deducting the commission for the company (usually about 20%) and fuel costs. You are responsible for buying your gas and taking care of any maintenance issues on your vehicle. While driving for other people may not be a road to instant riches, it can undoubtedly help supplement your income, especially if you are in a large city and work during busy times. Having good availability and many passengers will help maximize your earnings.

1. Uber

Uber is a ridesharing company offering services that include peer-to-peer ridesharing, ride service hailing, food delivery, and a bicycle-sharing system.

2. Lyft

Lyft offers car rides, scooters, and a bicycle-sharing system. Also, if you need a car, you can join Lyft's trusted Express Drive Partnership, which includes insurance, maintenance, and unlimited miles to earn with Lyft.

3. Roadie

With Roadie, you make extra cash by making deliveries. Whether you like driving local or long haul, the Roadie app makes it easy to earn money and rewards.  

4. DoorDash

Be your own boss by joining DoorDash. You have the freedom to make deliveries anywhere, from your local community to large cities. DoorDash is picking up food that customer orders from a restaurant, and you deliver it to them.

Side Gigs: Get Paid to Watch Movies

Do you enjoy watching movies? If so, you can get paid for doing just that, watching movies and videos! Film companies would like to know your thoughts about the films you watch and reaction, to better provide you better viewer experience.

1. Swagbucks

 Yes, Swagbucks is a rewards website; however, they do pay you for watching shows and movies. Not only do you make money watching shows, movies, and videos, but you also get paid to shop online, search the web, answer surveys, and find great deals. 

2. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Nielsen panel would like to know what you watch and when you watch it. The task is simple, you register your electronic devices, computer, cellphone, and tablet, install the app, and you're done! Nielsen from there will monitor your internet usage, which includes what movies and shows you watch and will pay you. Plus, monthly Nielsen gives away $10,000!


Become a Certified Field Associate in the movie industry. You will have different assignments like Patron Counts, Audience Reaction Assessments, Promotional Material Installs, and Trailer Checks.

Here are more ways to get paid to watch movies and shows.

Side Gigs: Get Paid to Shop Online

Shopping has gotten a lot more rewarding. Cashback websites will pay you just for shopping online. This is great for those that prefer to shop for their stuff on the internet. And the cashback website rewards you by rewarding you with some of your money back from shopping.   

How it works is the find a website that offers cashback shopping. From there, you'll see a list of top merchants to shop from, and each store will tell you how much cash you will receive back from buying with them. That's it! So, as the saying goes, it pays to shop!

1. Swagbucks

I mentioned Swagbucks already on the list, but it's like a one-stop-shop rewarding their members doing different tasks like shopping, watching videos, completing surveys, testing products, etc.

2. Rakuten

Formally known as Ebates, Rakuten is bigger and better than ever! Get up to 40% Cash Back at over 2,500 stores, and there are no points, no fees, and no forms. Stores pay Rakuten a commission for sending you their way, and Rakuten shares the commission with you as cashback. Plus, you get a $10 bonus!

3. ibotta

With ibotta, you earn cash from everyday purchases. How it works:

  • First, you download the app.
  • Before you shop, add offers on great products by completing simple tasks.
  • Redeem your offers by taking a photo of your receipt. They'll match the items you bought to the offers you selected and give you the cash.
  • Your cashback will be deposited into your Ibotta account within 48 hours.

4. Instacart

You can become someone's personal shopper!  Instacart is the go-to service for quick and effective grocery delivery. Customers select groceries from various retailers, then a personal shopper does the shopping and deliver to the customer when they are finished.

Side Gigs: Get Paid to Be a Freelancer

Got skills? Sell your skills for cash! There are people out there looking for you to help them with their current projects. What they may struggle in, you may be of service to get the task done and completed. Whether you are good at photography, graphic design, content writing, video editing, there is someone out there that needs your services.

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is the world's largest marketplace for small services, starting at only $5. When you become a trusted seller, with several sold gigs under your belt, you can start raising your prices. The better the reviews you receive, the more clients there will be willing to hire you. When the task is completed, the Freelancer gets paid.

2. UpWork

UpWork is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely. Companies use UpWork to hire freelancers to take on their current projects. They post jobs, freelancers send their bids, and the company works with the Freelancer they are interested in. The pay is hourly or fixed-price, and receive invoices through Upwork.

3. Freelancer

On Freelancer, businesses give details of what work they want to be done, and freelancers give their proposal. From there, the companies choose who they like best and pay them for their work on the project.

Side Gigs: Get Paid to Be a Pet Sitter

Do you love pets? Be a pet sitter, and get paid for being a caregiver for pets! While owners are at work or on vacation, they need someone to watch their precious furbabies. You go to the pet owner's home, take the dog for walks, make sure cat and dog are feed, also picking up after the pet as well. Being a pet sitter can be so much fun, making you feel like you're a part of the family!


Rover has services for every dog and cat sitter. 

  • You can offer dog boarding with overnight care at your home or pet owner's house.
  • Stop by pet owner's home and walk the dog.  
  • You can offer daytime doggy-daycare in your home or owners.
  • Also, you can do drop-in services to make sure the pet is okay while alone.


You can give care that pets deserve, all while making extra money. The website is similar to, you share your experiences with pets, and local owners will contact you if they are interested in your services.


Not only does offer people to sell their pet sitting services, but they also do childcare, senior care, and housekeeping. There are a variety of ways to make extra cash as a caregiver on

Get more information about bringing a pet sitter.

Side Gigs: Get Paid to Be a Reviewer

Did you know you can get paid to be a reviewer? Yes, as a matter of fact, I'm a reviewer myself! My blog is all about reviews, from beauty products, cars, travel, restaurants, clothes, events, I love being a reviewer! And brands will pay you to review their products, so they can make the necessary changes for better consumer experience.  

1. Don't have a blog? I have written an article with a list of companies that offers product testing.

2. Would you like to start blogging and make money as a reviewer that way? Check out this article on how to start a product review blog.  This blog was at first a side gig, and now a full-time business!

3. Do you already have a blog and want to start making money from it? Check out this article on the list of paid sponsorship opportunities and different ways to make money from your blog.

Side Gigs: Get Paid to Do Domestic Work

Do you have a passion for doing domestic work, like housekeeping, home repairs, handyman services, and painting?  You can find several side gigs jobs from these websites.

1. was recommended to me by Home Depot when I needed work done around my house when I purchase my home.  On the website, I was able to find a handyman to do miscellaneous work around my house.  Create an account and share what services you provide and your rates.

2. Angi

With Angi (formally known as Angie's List), a referral website, you can promote your domestic business, and consumers can hire you.  And, you can have your clients rate your services so you can easily be found by new potential clients.

3. HomeAdvisor

People have home improvement projects that need an extra pair of hands for help.  You can list your handyman services on HomeAdvisor, and locals in your area can hire you.

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The Best Side Gigs to Make Extra Money without Getting 2nd Job

Yay! You made it through my list, did you find any side gig jobs you're interested in? Are there any that needs to be added to this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I like the idea of getting paid to lose weight. I'm going to have to check out those recommendations as I am a little behind the goal that I set at the beginning of the year, but finally back in full swing with my exercise routine. Do you recommend one over the other?

    1. Joining those betting weight loss programs is highly effective, because it helps keep you on track of losing weight since you want to win the big cash prize. is by far the top one to join.

  2. This is a great list! So many ideas I haven't thought of before.

    1. Thanks girl!!! Also, I hope all is well with you!

  3. Jourdan has fell in love with Amazon Flex! So instead of driving people around like Uber and Lyft, he's driving packages around. But of course that involves him getting in and out the car to place the packages on people's porch. So technically this is a great way to get paid to lose weight too! He's down about 15 pounds that he gained post wedding! LOL

    1. Now that's a good side gig, Amazon Flex! No need to worry about having people in your car. I'll need to add that one to the list. Thanks for the suggestion!

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