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Louida Martin from Product Review Mom

Hey!  I'm Louida (Lou-why-da) Martin, but I like to go by Lou for short.

I was born and raised in Northern California, and now reside in Greater Atlanta Georgia area with my two daughters and high school sweetheart.

I started Product Review Mom blog back in 2012 as a hobby to document products I've tested out, and now it has turned into a full-blown, full-time business (LM Marketing, LLC), sharing my thoughts and opinions on a variety of different things and topics I enjoy in life like beauty, travel, fashion, entertainment, food, cars, Atlanta, money-making opportunities, and more!  I partner with brands to help get the word out about their awesome products and services! You'll also see my daughters hanging around with me sharing their opinions as well, and working behind the scenes.  It's a family business!

Product Review Mom has sky-rocketed to heights I couldn't imagine, being featured in top publications like Dr. Oz, The Good Life, First for Women's, and Womans World Magazine to name a few.  I've worked with leading name brands and small businesses getting the word out about their latest products and services, and my readers and followers look forward to what I have to say.  My posts are engaging with no shelf life because my articles rank well with search engines with posts performing well for years giving my clients a return on their investment!

I would love to partner with your brand!  Let's get to workContact me for media kit and rate sheet.

Guest on The Drew Barrymore Show on 11/3/2020, Topic: Talking to Kids about Money

Featured commentary on CompareCards, a brand powered by LendingTree article discussing about Subscription Service Boom or Budget Bust

Podcast guest on CapBuilderTalk discussing about becoming a full-time blogger

Podcast guest on Delblogger sharing my Passions to Profit

I have been crowned Top 8 Black Mom Bloggers to Follow Now

Featured on BCKOnline as 8 Black Mom Blogs to Bookmark Today

    Featured in Dr. Oz's, "The Good Life Magazine" Feb 2014 Issue Page 127 Topic: Fun Ways to Make Extra $$

      Featured on PacePublicRelations.com.

        Mentioned on TheNicheParent.com.

          I was in The Rock Ranch Promotion Video by The Rock Ranch.

          Quoted along with over 90 other women entrepreneurs on LaunchGrowJoy.com.

          Quoted on Insuremytrip.com about travel bloggers secret to success.

          Featured on ForHarriet.com about 10 Awesome Black Mom Bloggers to Follow.

          Featured on TheWorkatHomeWoman.com about How to Make $1000 a Month Working from Home.

          Featured in Woman's World Magazine March 2016 Issue, about getting paid trying new products.

          Work With Me  via  www.productreviewmom.com

            First for Women's Magazine April 2017 Issue- Make Money Sharing Your Opinions

            First for Women Magazine

            I was a Red Carpet Guest for the film Crazy Rich Asians Embed from Getty Images

            Quoted on WikiHow https://www.wikihow.com/Get-Free-Products-to-Review

            Interviewed on Floors Coverings International https://westmetroatlanta.floorcoveringsinternational.com/blog/interview-with-metro-atlanta-blogger-louida-martin/

            Quoted on Parade Magazine https://parade.com/879669/brittany_galla/why-exhausted-af-moms-need-more-self-care-in-their-lives-and-how-to-get-it-done/

            Featured on Copy Hacker https://copyhackers.com/2019/10/monetize-your-freelance-blog/

            Featured in Lexli's Holiday Beauty Guide https://www.lexli.com/lexli-holiday-beauty-guide-2019/

            Louida Martin in Lexli's Holiday Beauty Guide eBook

            Featured Interview as a Blogger who earns a Full-Time Income on Blogger https://www.balkeni.com/2020/04/blogger-on-blogger-how-this-lifestyle.html

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            Louida “Lou” Martin

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            1. Thanks for the info. I have enjoyed reading about your lovely hobby and look forward to "product reviews. Just beginning. Willing to accept all knowledge. Enjoy your day!

              1. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day as well!

            2. OMG, Louida! Your daughters are gorgeous...Well, it's not a surprise -- look at their mama. ;-)

            3. Hi...Lou....It is very pleasant but surprising one for me as Indian...because, I think, we don't have such a kind of things working in India. If any possible to be a Product Tester for me from India...please guide me...I am a man sitting with lap top for more than 6 hrs daily....why I can't I spare time for this also...Your kids are so smart....I would like to wish them .."Vazhga valamudan" the typical Tamil way of greeting..meaning " Live prosperously"...Thank you. (Facebook: Rama Shanmugam) (Google + : rshanmugam1955@gmail.com)

              1. Hello Ramasmy,

                I think the only way for you to test products is to become a blogger and contact companies you're interested in directly.

            4. Hey there Lou, I like the name. I am also a product reviewer and been featured on a few sites I haven't been blogging nearly as long as you have. I found a few of the places you listed to get product helpful. I'm on most of the places you listed I tried to comment with a thank you but I wasn't signed in and couldn't comment. So thanks for sharing it is always fun to meet other people who blog and review products too.

            5. Single Lady with a love for free products and sharing my opinion and influencing the future, did a google search and you were second link, looks like I will have a lot to learn from you
              Follow me on iamafreeproductjunkie.blogspo.com if you would I would greatly appreciate it
              :) Sabrina Peppe

              1. iamafreeproductjunkie.blogspot.com

                Sorry about the spelling error , previous post

              2. Thanks for stopping by Sabrina! I stopped by your blog as well!

            6. Loved reading about you louida me and you both have the same ambitons your blog is inspiring to me even when I live so far away in Australia.

            7. Hey Lou
              I enjoy reading your blog I too have been considering starting a blog you inspire me I see I've got so much to learn, I love being creative, doing research on the Internet and love to write hopefully I'll be able to ask for your advice and tips when I get started on my blog.
              Thank you in advance Lou.

              1. Hey Joy!

                Welcome to the world of blogging! It's a lot of fun, I get to learn about different products, companies, meet new people, even earn a living from it. It's hard work, but since I'm so passionate with what I do it keeps me going.

                Email me when you need help.

            8. I do a mixture of both good and bad. I share the pros and cons.