Reap the Benefits of Becoming a Pet Sitter on

Reap the Benefits of Becoming a Pet Sitter on  via

Pet sitting for sounds like a gig-economy dream come true—and it is. Below, check out the reasons you need to look into becoming a pet sitter as part of the Rover pack.

Extra Cash

We’ll start with the obvious: joining the Rover pack doesn’t just mean cuddle time with sweet cats and dogs; it means you get to pad your income, whether that’s outside your 9-5 or another gig on your freelance schedule. Your Rover account makes it easy to keep track of payments coming your way.

The Chance to Network

The vast Rover pack just keeps growing—there’s no shortage of people who need someone to watch their precious cargo, or simply take them for a walk while they’re at work, on vacation, or have an unexpected weekend away. Once you care for a pet and make a great impression on both Fido and his parents, not only will you get a great review that will draw other potential clients into using your stellar pet sitting services, but there’s a great chance you can hook a repeat client.

Get your Pet Fix—Without the Full-Time Commitment

Everyone knows owning a pet takes a lot of hard work, financial planning and all kinds of time. While you love animals, it’s completely understandable that you may not currently have the resources to support one of your own for the time being. That’s why becoming a Rover sitter is a 2-in-1 opportunity: extra cash just for hanging out with animals that you would love anyways. Plus, when you create your profile, it’s completely up to you what kind of sitter you are. From specifying the breeds and sizes you’re comfortable with to what jobs you’re up for (daycare, walking, or extended overnight stays), Rover is a pet-loving experience that’s completely up to you to define.

A Schedule you Make Yourself

The gig nature of being a Rover sitter means you can work as much or as little as you want. No two Rover sitters are alike, and that means great things both for you and the clients who need your services. If you have a 9-5 office job, take on charges over the weekend or overnight. For those with less traditional schedules, Rover sit during the day for people who can’t visit their four-legged friends on breaks from the office.

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About Author: Written by Casey Dickson, community member. Rover is the nation's largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.

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