How to Become a Paid Product Reviewer Free at Home? (Make Extra Money Now!)

How to Become a Paid Product Reviewer Free at Home

With more people looking to make extra money these days; many companies have taken advantage of this and pay people to test their products before putting them on the shelves.

While this type of home-based income has been around for decades until recently it was only available to select individuals who were very exclusive about how they got into the business.

Being a paid product reviewer is now easier than ever before, but it does take a little work and sometimes good timing to get the right opportunity. Not only does being a paid product reviewer get you some extra money, but you also get free products too!

How to Become a Paid Product Reviewer?

The first question people ask is how to get paid to review products? It’s simple actually, as long as you know how to spot the right opportunities and sites from the fakes. What you want to avoid is any company that asks for money.

All of the legitimate product review opportunities do not ask for money, only your time and good reviewing skills. You just sign up for websites that are known to offer paid product testing and give them your demographics such as age, race, sex, and other household information to begin.

What you need to understand is that companies are only looking for certain people to test products. For example, you wouldn’t hire someone with grown children to test baby products, right? It wouldn’t be pertinent for your business to do this and these companies work the same way.

Based on the demographics you fall into, you would only qualify for specific product testing opportunities. Now there are hundreds of sites which offer paid product reviewing opportunities, and I’ll give you a few great examples and even what I was able to earn from them:

1. Mindfield: Mindfield Online is an oldie, but goodie offers various ways to earn extra money by completing surveys and product testing opportunities.  Your opinion counts at MindField Online and is always rewarded! They conduct surveys for clients across the globe.  Mindfield sends product testing invites through your email box.  Only have to make $10 to cash out, and usually, their product testing reward is $5 or more. 

2. Toluna: Toluna Influencers is one of the better sites to get paid to review products, and they pay pretty well overall. I have done quite a few tests here for cosmetics, paper products, and even a LED light bulb test that paid me $75! Most of the other product test jobs I have done here typically pay $5 to $10 per job. Toluna is one of the better places to make extra money because the money you earn adds up quickly. Learn more about Toluna Influencers.

3. Branded Surveys: I made $50 on Branded Surveys to try a food product for a week. The new food product tasted great, and I even received a coupon to get more of the food product I tried out. I have also made $10 here and there to try new chip flavors or deodorant products. Learn more about Branded Surveys.


4. Lifepoints: Lifepoints panel has good paying opportunities for product reviewers, and even if you fail pre-screening, you still get some credit. I have made $25 to $50 at a time to review paper products and even e-books. If you are a parent of young children, they also pay $25 at a time to review upcoming children’s shows about once or twice a month. Lifepoints will email you these opportunities.  Learn more about Lifepoints.

5. BzzAgent: BzzAgent doesn’t pay for product testing, but it’s easy to sign up and receive dozens of free products in no time at all. There’s almost no limit to the number of free product samples you can get here.  BzzAgent offers product testing with the leading top brands!

Have you checked out these other product testing jobs?

How Does One Begin to Review Products at Home?

Now that you know where to go, it's time to learn how to get started. Once you sign up for a particular site, the opportunities typically show up based on your demographics.

Once you choose a product testing opportunity, you are pre-screened for it and approved, you'll get a separate email with detailed instructions on what will happen next. You will receive the product via mail along with any other forms you may need to read.

You'll either be reviewing the product via mail or internet site so make a note of any website links you will need to bookmark or address to send the review to.

Follow all instructions carefully during the product test, or you risk not being paid. Being a paid product reviewer requires only a few things as you will need good written English skills and excellent note-taking skills.

You test the product as explained in the directions and write a solid review of the product. Companies do not want to read simple two-word reviews like “great product” or “didn’t like it much.” They want carefully explained, quality reviews that describe all of your experiences testing their products.

You'll Be Making a Difference Being a Product Reviewer!

Now that you know how to get paid to review products as well as a few of the better places to try, you can get started as soon as possible and even while reading this.

Just remember that companies are paying for your time and honesty so they can bring products to the public that are going to perform well. Your input makes a difference for everyone not to mention you get free products and make extra money at the same time!

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  1. The product testing sites you listed all seem to be for taking surveys. They all talk about surveys and never once mention product testing!

    1. Hello there! These companies offer surveys, as well as product testing. You'll start noticing product testing invites in your email once you start becoming active with these survey panels. They like to reward those who put in time and effort, instead of those barely on the panel, or speeding through the surveys. I hope that helps!

  2. Sharon LaCombe4:40 PM

    Thank you for commenting this answer. I was also wondering why there were only offers for surveys. I will give it a try but I hope I'm not stuck in the survey zone.

    1. Yes, give it a try Sharon and see if you start getting product testing invites.

  3. Anonymous9:09 PM

    What is the age requirement, Mrs. Martin, for these particular cites.

    1. The majority is 13+, and some age requirement is 18+.

  4. Anonymous6:07 PM

    How can I be a product tester for free

    1. Hello! I have included links to companies that offers product testing in this article. The links are pink and underlined.

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