Become a Pinecone Research Influencer: Join Free

Become a Pinecone Research Influencer: Join Free

Do you ever feel like you’re not completely in control of your own destiny?

Pinecone Research provides the opportunity for normal people to influence the latest products online and offline today. The best part is that your opinion isn’t just making a difference you’re also getting rewarded for taking time out of your busy schedule.

There are lots of similar organizations, but Pinecone Research is one of the most reputable. Here’s some more information about how you can influence the products of tomorrow.

Become a Pinecone Research Influencer: Join Free

Who is Pinecone Research and How Does it Work?

Pinecone Research is a company that has been active for many years. It works on behalf of companies that want to source opinions from the general public. These companies then take that information and use it to create products that are going to sell well.

Pinecone Research sources opinions through online surveys. The information is then compiled and passed to the companies in question.

What Do You Need to Do?

To get accepted it’s as simple as filling out some basic personal information on the website. It’s not difficult to get accepted. Your demographic will determine how many surveys you receive; however, it’s based on current demand from the company employing Pinecone Research also.

Every time there’s a survey available, Pinecone Research will send you an email. Just complete the survey and you’ll receive points that can be redeemed later.

Is Product Testing Available on Pinecone Research?

Long-term members of the website may be able to take advantage of product testing. When product testing comes into play, the product will be sent to your house. You’ll need to test the product and then write a review on it. Pinecone Research usually allows you to keep the product and you’ll receive points that you can redeem online.

But take note that product testing assignments tend to be restricted to active panelists.

What Can You Get from Pinecone Research?

As well as the knowledge that you are influencing products from TV shows to movies to music, you’re also able to redeem your online points.

You have the option of either redeeming your points for straight cash or you can redeem them for prizes ranging from gift cards to electronics.

Furthermore, you can enter sweepstakes conducted every so often. These sweepstakes pay enormous cash prizes, even if the chances of winning them are low.

Take note that when you initially register with Pinecone Research your first 300 points must be redeemed in the form of a check. This check is then sent to your home address so the company can confirm that the profile is genuine. After that you can use your points in whatever way you please.

How Does the Virtual Debit Card Work?

Pinecone Research can give you a virtual debit card that can either be used online or offline. Some cards also have cash access at banks. These cards make it easy for you to get paid by Pinecone Research and to access your cash afterwards.

Take note that these cards work like gift cards. They’re not bank accounts.

Become a Pinecone Research Influencer: Join Free

Can I Make a Lot of Money from Pinecone Research Website?

It should be noted that you’re unlikely to be able to quit your day job through taking on assignments from Pinecone Research. The organization readily acknowledges that they’re not there to replace your income. Filling in surveys is supposed to act as a supplement to your current income.

Your earning capacity depends on your demographic. Women between 18 and 35 will likely receive more surveys than men over the age of 65. It’s all based on the companies working for Pinecone Research at the time.

What You Need to Know about Pinecone Research

The process is extremely simple for registering and retaining membership of the site. To maintain your membership, just make sure your survey answers and product reviews are as comprehensive as possible. The best assignments are purposely given to those members who put in the most work.

Pinecone Research is extremely discerning. The difficulty is not in getting accepted as a panelist, it’s in remaining as a panelist in the long-term.

Last Word – Influencing the Products of Tomorrow with Pinecone Research

Working with Pinecone Research is an adventure that can allow you to access new products before they’re released, and to get paid for the privilege.

Check out more opportunities to be a product influencer.

Have you ever worked for this company before?

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  1. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Thank you for all of this information! Do you need to be invited in order to sign up? I thought that was mentioned in one of your posts? Thanks again!

    1. You're welcome! The Pinecone link in this article is the sign up link. Pinecone provided me with the invitation link.

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