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September 6, 2019

How to Become a Makeup Product Review Tester in 2019

Makeup product review testing is a real thing. You may have heard of such an opportunity but thought that there is absolutely no way makeup companies are going to give you a free sample of a new product and actually pay you to review it. However, this is not a fraud. It is a legitimate way to earn a little extra cash, or at the very least, get some new, cool makeup products free.

How to Become a Makeup Product Review Tester  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Why Do Makeup Companies Need Product Reviewers

Makeup companies save a ton of money by using at-home product reviewers. They get valuable feedback from their target consumer before they go through the trouble of putting products on the shelves. This way, they have the opportunity to correct any issues that you, as a tester, have encountered before their market line goes public.


How to Get Started as a Makeup Product Tester from Home

Getting started as a makeup product tester is actually simple. The first thing you need is to have a working internet connection and home computer. Hop online and search for companies that use at-home product testers. Of course, use good judgment. Although this is a legitimate opportunity, there are still those who would swindle you. Therefore, once you have found a company you like, check them out thoroughly, and then sign up.

You will begin receiving emails in your inbox from your companies. You will be screened to see if you fit the criteria review tasks. If you are, you just give them your address and wait on your product to arrive!

The last steps to the process are straightforward. You test out the product and review it honestly. That is it! Most of the time you are allowed to keep the product that you have tested, and many times you are offered a payment for your services. Keep in mind, payment varies from product to product.

Becoming a makeup product tester is easy. Just search for legitimate opportunities online and sign up. Fill out your screeners and answer the questionnaires, all while getting free products and possible payment!

Here is a List of Companies that Offers Beauty Product Testing for Free:

1. Opinion Outpost

2. Toluna

3. MySoapBox

4. I-Say

5. PinchMe

6. Daily Goodie Box

7. L'Oreal

8. Influenster

9. BzzAgent

10. Glamspotters

11. SheSpeaks

12. The Pink Panel

13. InStyle Trendsetters

14. Swaggable

15. Sephora

16. Allure Beauty

17. Johnson & Johnson

18. Dare to Try Program

If you'd like to test a variety of different products and get paid for it, check out my product testing post.

Have you ever been a makeup product tester before?  If so, with what company?


  1. Great tips Louida! I'm excited to check the companies out.

    1. Thanks Paris! The best one is L'Oreal! You get so much beauty products from different brands with them.

  2. Very true! It's a nice way to be able to test out products!! It just takes a little bit of research, but I've heard a lot of people being able to do this!

    1. Yep! And if you're a beauty blogger just pitch the company you would like to test beauty products with.

  3. I LOVE testing out new beauty products!! Thanks for all the great info!!

  4. Great post! I actually didn't realize that some of these companies offer this. I'm a part of a few already, but I would love to be a part of more, especially L'Oreal. Thanks!

    1. L'Oreal is the mother load of all beauty product testing Ashley. I remember they gave me over $300 worth of beauty products as a thank you gift.

  5. Awesome post! Gonna reach out to a few of these vendors today!

    1. Thanks Dionne! These companies listed here you do not need to be a blogger, you just sign up.

  6. Love it Lou! I'm all over the ones that sale nail polish!

    1. Thanks girl! You'll love getting yourself some free nail polish!

  7. This was very informative, I never knew this. Thanks.

  8. Sweet! Thanks for sharing + Hey girl Hey!! :-)

  9. Thanks Lou and Happy National Pumpkin Day! Hugs...RO

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