Get Paid to Test and Review Products at Home Free in 2023

How to Get Paid to Test Products

Are you wondering how to get paid to review products at home? Yes, you can get paid to test products for FREE! Top Brands need people like you to review their new products not yet on the market.  And, for your feedback, you'll be paid by:

  • Cash
  • Gift Cards
  • Merchandise 

Keep in mind that it's always free and legitimate to become a product reviewer getting paid for your feedback. Keep reading for a list of 49 Top Free Product Testing Companies to join below! πŸ‘‡

I've been testing products for cash, gift cards, and merchandise for the past 13 years, and love doing it! It has become my full-time job now getting 4 to 5 full-size products and samples to review a month. Because I am a product tester, I get the first exclusive look at up and coming products not yet on the market. Also, I am able to test new products for free and keep the products too!

The type of products I have tested were:

  • Electronics
  • Toys
  • Food Products
  • Household Products
  • Baby Products 
  • Adult Products 
  • Clothes
  • Websites
  • Clinical Trials 

and so much more!

Why Does Brands Need Consumers to Join their Paid Product Testing Studies?

The reason for paid product testing is that brands would like to know what consumers think about their newest products they're developing to be sent to stores, but before they do that they need consumers like you to give their opinions.  Having consumers giving insights about the brand's new product development will help them save time and money just in case the product doesn't do well, needing required changes.

How Does Product Testing Work? How Can You Become a Product Tester?

First, you'll need to sign up with a market research firm that offers product testing at home (Product Testing Companies List is Below). Once you do this, the market research firm will send you screener emails to fill out to see if you're qualified for their current product test jobs.

When you fill out their questionaire, they'll let you know at the end if you're eligible or not. For example, let say the brand is looking for people to test out their new makeup, if you don't use cosmetic products then you won't qualify. If you do, then you'll be eligible for the product testing job.

Once you get confirmation to test the product, the brand will ask for your address to send you the product to evaluate for a week or two. Then, they'll follow up with you with an email asking you to write about the product you've tested. When you're done, you get paid! WOO HOO! Simple right?

You do not need to have experience to become a product tester.  All you need to be is the main shopper in your household to qualify, and match the current demographic that the company is looking for.

Product Testing - Free Beauty Products from L'Oreal
Free Beauty Products from L'Oreal over $300 Worth!!!!!!

How Much Can You Make Being a Product Tester?

What's great is that you can test products and keep them too! So, test products, keep it, and get paid! A win-win!  You'll feel good that you had a voice and played a part in the latest product creation.  However, there are times when the brand would like the product returned to make expectations, like the wear and tear.  But even if you have to give the product back, you'll still get paid for your time. 

How much you get paid varies. I've been paid anywhere from $3-$500, it depends how in-depth the testing process is. There was a time I tested a website in beta format for HBO (now called HBOMAX), and they paid me $100 for doing it! All I had to do is test out their website for a couple of weeks, watch movies, then give my feedback. Easy money!

So when you register, make sure to fill out your profile, that's a critical step to your success in testing products. You'll get the proper product testing opportunities that fit your demographic.

Honestly, when it comes to product testing jobs, and completing paid online surveys, it's really about how much time you put into it. The more you do, the more money you make. Also, you'll start receiving a lot of paid product testing opportunities in your inbox if the companies sees you're an active member, even giving you a chance to join high paying focus groups, join webcam studies, and video studies.

Top 49 List of the Best Free Product Testing Companies
(Paid Product Testing)

These product testing companies below are my personal favorites I use to get free products at home to review and get paid by either Cash, Gift Cards, or Merchandise.  The more product testing companies you sign up with, the more money you will make. 

Spots are limited, so sign up now to start your product testing jobs.  Also, using false information will get your account deleted. One account per household for each product testing company. Click on the pink links below πŸ‘‡ to get started.

1. Toluna Influencer Panel- Join the Toluna Influencers community and share your opinions on various topics to help businesses make better product and service decisions.  You can work with leading brands like Amazon, CBS, Sony Music, Kellogg's, Coca-Cola, FIAT, L'OREAL, Expedia, and more.  Anyone over 16 is welcome to join.  You can participate in product testing and earn generous compensation as a member.  Keep an eye out for email invitations to join current product testing opportunities.  If you're interested in making extra income or receiving free products, Toluna is an excellent platform to consider.  Learn more about the Toluna Influencer Panel. ⭐Get Paid by Cash and Gift Cards

2. Opinion Outpost- Joining Opinion Outpost is a must for anyone who wants to earn rewards for sharing their opinions on various topics, products, and services.  This market research panel has been in business for over a decade and has achieved a high Trustpilot rating.  As a member, I had the opportunity to test a household product for a few weeks and was paid $100 for my time.  Thanks to Opinion Outpost, I've become a top product reviewer.  To receive product testing invites matching your demographic, complete the surveys after signing up.  Joining Opinion Outpost means becoming part of a community that cares about making a difference. Learn more about Opinion Outpost. ⭐Get Paid by Cash and Gift Cards

3. Branded Surveys- Branded Surveys is one of the world's leading market research communities that rewards you for your opinions on today's products, and shaping the products of tomorrow!  Branded Surveys is a legitimate company that has been in business for over 10 years, with a good reputation and pays its members on time. They offer a variety of surveys, so you should be able to find some that you are interested in.  At Branded Surveys, you get to influence new products of tomorrow!  Learn more about Branded Surveys. ⭐Get Paid by PayPal, Branded Pay and Virtual Gift Cards

4. I-Say by Ipsos Panel- If you want to test products and share your opinions, consider joining I-Say by Ipsos.  It's the top product testing website and a leading market research company known for its reliability and trustworthiness.  As a member of their online survey community, you'll have access to a variety of short and easy-to-complete surveys.  Plus, I-Say offers high-paying product testing opportunities.  So take advantage of the chance to be part of this mother of all product testing panels!  Learn more about I-Say Panel. ⭐Get Paid by Cash, Gift Cards, and Prepaid Debit Card

5.  Daily Goodie BoxDaily Goodie Box is a free product sampling subscription service.  Daily Goodie Box will send you boxes full of full-size products as well as samples, and in return, all they ask is that you give your honest opinions about the products you received.  Not only do you receive a variety of different products from leading brands, but you'll also get coupons too. You can also earn points for taking surveys and participating in other activities, which you can then redeem for gift cards or more free boxes. Get Paid by Merchandise

6. Product Review Jobs- Product Review Jobs is hiring paid product testers to work from home testing and reviewing products before they hit the shelves in stores.  With your assistance, you're helping brands better their products, all the while making extra money from home.  You can earn up to $500 weekly at Product Review Jobs.  The average amount paid per product review is $25.  Learn more about Product Review Jobs. ⭐Get Paid by Cash

7. Thrifty Pig Panel- With Thrifty Pig Panel, you get paid $10-$500 monthly by your influence with brands and retailers. Your job would be to answer simple surveys and also join at-home product usage testing. Thrifty Pig Panel is an invitation online platform, so learn more about Thrifty Pig and get the invite code. ⭐Get Paid by PayPal, Amazon, Check, eGift Cards

8. Survey Junkie- Survey Junkie is a platform that hundreds of thousands of people turn to each day to share what they think and do with brands in exchange for cash and gift cards.  Survey Junkie is one of the most popular site to earn cash by testing products and being an influencer.  Survey Junkie is a big fan favorite, and rightfully so since their members make a good amount of money for their influence about an array of different topics, products, and services. Learn more about Survey Junkie. ⭐Get Paid by Cash and Gift Cards

9. ACOP- ACOP is a powerhouse research panel that has been around since 1986. They were also one of the very first companies I started using to do product testing studies.  To join ACOP, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid email address. Once you join, you can start taking surveys about products, services, or current events. You can earn points for taking surveys, and you can redeem your points for cash, gift cards, or merchandise. ⭐Pay by Cash via Check, PayPal, and Donations

10. MySoapBox- Time to stand on your soapbox and have your voice heard!  MySoapBox is a trendy panel with many ways to earn rewards for your insights, for example, test the latest products from top leading brands, make money from paid surveys, join high paying focus groups and much more with excellent pay!  Learn more about MySoapBox. ⭐Get Paid by Cash and Gift Cards

11. Swagbucks- Swagbucks is a rewards-based online community where members can earn points (called SBs) for completing a variety of activities, such as taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, testing products, and playing games. These SBs can then be redeemed for gift cards, cash, or other prizes. I've tested quite a bit of beauty products from Swagbucks, with testing paying me $30 or more. ⭐Get Paid by Cash, PayPal and Amazon Gift Card

12. Tellwut- Tellwut offers various ways to earn extra money with their website. From paid online surveys, daily surveys, referring a friend, and viewing and testing new products, you have many opportunities to share your feedback and opinions and be rewarded!  Tellwut stands out as one of the top best sites that reward their members generously. ⭐Get Paid by Gift Card, Prepaid Debit/Credit Cards, Merchandise, and Retail e-vouchers

13. TryProducts- The team at Daily Goodie Box created a new website for people to try and review products free.  The difference with TryProducts, you sign up on their website and apply for the available product testing opportunities.  You'll be able to test and review products from small, up-and-coming businesses. Learn more about TryProducts. ⭐Get Paid by Merchandise

14.  LifePoints- Join one of the largest influencer communities in the world!  LifePoints rewarded over $20 million to their members in the last year alone! Share your opinions on numerous products and popular brands, and get paid for it!  Earn points that can be redeemed for rewards of your choice. Join today and get 10 LifePoints to kick off your earnings!  Learn more about Lifepoints. ⭐Get Paid by Cash and Gift Cards

15. PinchMe- Each month (Sample Tuesday), you get to choose what free samples you would like to try out from a list PinchMe provides you.  Once you do your picks, PinchMe ships all your samples for free. In return, they ask you to give feedback on the products you received. I did an unboxing video about PinchMe. ⭐Get Paid by Merchandise

16. BizKnowledgeBizKnowledge is a legitimate online platform that compensates individuals for their opinions and feedback. You can earn money by completing surveys and participating in product testing and other feedback opportunities. Additionally, contributing your workplace expertise to the Elite Circle can earn you up to 10 times the reward points. ⭐Get Paid by Gift Cards, Prepaid Debit Cards, and Retail e-Vouchers 

17. Mindfield Online- Mindfield Online is an oldie, but goodie, which offers many product testing invites through email.  Mindfield Online is one of America's most extensive marketing associations that provides various ways to earn extra money online with tasks of completing online surveys, joining high-paying focus groups, and even paid surveys for teens. ⭐Pay by Cash and Gift Cards

18. Product Testing USA- Product Testing USA allows their members to test a variety of all the latest tech, gadgets, fashion accessories and more.  They even give members the opportunity to mystery shop some amazing stores and fantastic restaurants all across the US. All you need to do for them is write a simple review in exchange for keeping their chosen product for free! Right now, you have the chance to test and keep the new Peloton Bike! ⭐Get Paid by Merchandise

19. Valued Opinions- This panel is an oldie, but a goodie that's been around since 2004! Valued Opinions is a panel which rewards their members for taking part in market research studies, like product testing, diary surveys, online surveys, mobile surveys, and also paid surveys for teens. ⭐Get Paid by Gift Cards, Prepaid Debit/Credit Cards, Merchandise, and Airline Miles

20. Pinecone Research- Pinecone Research is a market research company that pays members to take surveys and provide their opinions on various products and services.  It is a reputable and well-known company that has been around for many years and compensates its members for testing products.  Many people find Pinecone Research a great way to make extra money in their spare time.   Pinecone Research is strictly a product testing company only. ⭐Get Paid by Cash and Gift Cards

21. YouGov- YouGov is a website that allows people to share their opinions on various topics.  In addition, it offers surveys and polls designed to help businesses and organizations better understand their customers and the general public.  Users can also earn rewards and prizes by participating in surveys on YouGov.  Overall, YouGov is a valuable tool for individuals who want to share their opinions and businesses who want to get insights into consumer behavior. ⭐Pay by Cash via Check, PayPal, Visa Prepaid Cards, Merchandise, Gift Cards, and Movie Vouchers

22. Univox Community- Univox Community is another excellent, well-trusted panel that offers household product testing worldwide!  Univox is pretty simple, you take surveys to share your opinion on various products, and get rewarded.  They also offer paid focus groups, clinical trials, in-home usage tests, online bulletin boards, taste tests, and mystery shopping studies.  Learn more about Univox Community. ⭐Get Paid by Cash and Gift Cards

23. At Focus Group, you get a chance to review products or services either at home online, in-person in your area, or on the phone. Focus Group is an online community comprised of people like you interested in sharing their opinions and views on various topics to help influence the development of technology, food, healthcare, and much more.  Learn more about joining focus groups.  ⭐Get Paid by Cash and Gift Cards

24. National Consumer Panel- You like to shop right? Why not get paid for it! National Consumer Panel wants to know what kind of products you buy in stores to help with their research studies on shoppers and purchasing trends.  National Consumer Panel will send you a handheld scanner to scan all your purchases, and watch all your points rack up! Easy peasy! ⭐Get Paid by Visa Gift Cards

25. Product Report Card- Product Report Card is a website that allows consumers to share their opinions and experiences about various products and services.  It provides a platform for users to review and rate products, as well as participate in paid surveys and product testing opportunities.  The site aims to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions by providing authentic and unbiased feedback from other consumers.  Additionally, Product Report Card offers rewards and incentives for users who participate in surveys and product testing.  Learn more about Product Report Card. ⭐Get Paid by Cash and Gift Cards

26. OneOpinion- OneOpinion is the fastest growing legitimate product review company and joining this popular panel is a must if you're looking to test the top newest products! Everyday they have several opportunities to make money on their website. You will help companies make better products and earn cash for your time and opinions. Must be 13 years old or older to join.  Learn more about OneOpinion. ⭐Get Paid by Cash

Join High Paying Clinical Trials in Your Area

Did you know that you can join clinical research studies in your area testing out medical products, and can be paid up to $1000 or more? Yes, very true! You'll be paid for your time and travels to a medical research facility. Check out current clinical trial studies to join free in your area:

27. Nationwide Clinical Trial Search- New clinical trials now enrolling. Qualified candidates receive study medication, appointments and potential compensation up to $3,000. Search the database to find clinical trials in your area.  Get paid up to $3000.

28. Clinical Trial: Irritability Associated with Autism (Children and Adolescents) (5-17)- Irritability Associated with Autism research study is seeking candidates in your area. Qualified candidates receive no-cost medication, study-related care and are eligible for financial compensation. To qualify, Child/Adolescent cannot be diagnosed with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, fragile x syndrome, retts disorder, and cannot also be diagnosed with anxiety or ADHD.

29. Clinical Trial: Essential Tremor- Essential tremor is a nervous system (neurological) disorder that causes involuntary and rhythmic shaking. It can affect almost any part of your body, but the trembling occurs most often in your hands — especially when you do simple tasks, such as drinking from a glass or tying shoelaces. Qualified candidates receive no-cost medication, study-related care and are eligible for financial compensation.

30. Clinical Trial: Parkinson's Disease with Mild Cognitive Impairment- Parkinson Disease with Mild Cognitive Impairment is feelings of distraction or disorganization with accompany cognitive impairment, along with finding it difficult to plan and accomplish tasks. It may be harder to focus in situations that divide your attention, like a group conversation. Qualified candidates receive no-cost medication, study-related care and are eligible for financial compensation.

31. Clinical Trial: Diabetic Kidney Disease- Diabetic kidney disease (diabetic nephropathy) is a common complication of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Over time, poorly controlled diabetes can cause damage to blood vessel clusters in your kidneys that filter waste from your blood. This can lead to kidney damage and cause high blood pressure.  Qualified candidates receive no-cost medication, study-related care and are eligible for financial compensation.

Here are Even More Companies that offer Product Testing Opportunities!

32. BzzAgentAt BzzAgent, you'll receive samples in the mail for you to try out.  Test out the product, give your opinion, and share your experience with your friends, followers, and other consumers.  Ensure your profile is current to receive campaigns that fit your lifestyle.  Suppose BzzAgent thinks you're a fit for an existing product testing campaign.  In that case, they will send you an email invite with an application to fill out.  If chosen, you'll receive an application confirmation.

33. McCormick- If you are a foodie or cook and like the McCormick brand, you can join their consumer testing program.  McCormick will ask you to sample various foods, snacks, and beverages.  And thanks for your time and feedback; you'll be paid.  How much you're paid depends on the type and duration of the taste test, and you can participate up to four times per year.  Consumers from McCormick's database who meet the demographic requirements for the current product testing opportunity will be contacted through email.

34. Johnson & Johnson Friends & Neighbors- By joining Johnson & Johnson Friends and Neighbors program, you help create consumer products that make life better!  The program offers various ways to participate in product tests, focus groups, discussion forums, and online surveys.  At Johnson & Johnson, you can try products before anyone else!  Studies may include smelling fragrances for a new body wash line, evaluating a new lash-lengthening mascara, testing types of dental floss, baby products, etc.  Some product testing will be conducted at home or studies at their local facilities.  After the study concludes, you are rewarded with a prepaid Visa gift card.

35. LOreal Product Testing Panel- At L'Oreal Product Testing Panel, you get to participate in the product development process for makeup, skincare, hair care, and hair color products.  If you’re a part of their At-Home Testing program, you can have test products mailed to you and will need to complete timeline-sensitive questionnaires.  At-Home studies typically last a week and are run a few times a month.  You will receive an email to notify you if a product testing opportunity is available.  Once you complete the study, L'Oreal will compensate you.  

36. Focus Foward Focus Group- Brands need your opinion to improve their products and services. Focus Foward Focus Group will reward you for sharing your thoughts.  Panelists give their opinions on a wide variety of products, services and topics, regardless of their age, gender, or background. Get paid to join product testing jobs, focus groups, in-depth interviews, phone interviews, online surveys, online diaries and bulletin boards, and online communities.

37. UserTesting- At UserTesting, you provide real-time feedback to top brands and small businesses about their website, apps, and products.  It's a great way to earn extra money in your spare time by sharing your perspectives via tests you are matched with.  Earn $4 for every 5-minute test, $10 for every 20-minute test, and between $30 to $120 for live interviews.

38. Philips Product Tester Program- Join Philips and share your thoughts about their products and ways of improving them.  With their program, they either send you a product to test and keep after testing is finished or purchase the product at a reduced price and give feedback.

39. Adidas- Are you a fan of the Adidas brand?  If so, they have a product testing program you can join.  First, you'll need to know your measurements before signing up. After that, you'll have the opportunity to review apparel and their shoes when it becomes available. Testing products are mailed to you, and you test for up to 2-4 weeks.  Unfortunately, you do not keep the testing product because Adidas needs to inspect and evaluate it.  So, it's essential to keep a detailed daily log of your time using their products.

40. Consumer Product Testing- Consumer Product Testing is a global leader in the testing of personal care products, pharmaceuticals, and therapeutic products. As a panelist, you can affect the products that ultimately go to market. They are located in Fairfield, NJ on 70 New Dutch Lane. Consumer Product Testing is always looking for new panelists to test their products.

41. Nintendo Game Testers- Are you a gamer? Do you like the Nintendo brand? Test Nintendo games. As you can imagine, playing video games for a living can be great fun! As a product tester at Nintendo, you could have the opportunity to test development software, identify programming issues, evaluate the product for content guidelines, and document quality-assurance checks. Nintendo currently works with two different contractors to provide qualified associates to work as Game Testers at Nintendo of Americas headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Please note: Nintendo and its product testing contractors do not offer off-site beta testing or other remote access options. All positions are located in Redmond, Washington.

42. Microsoft Playtest Gamers- Whether you play once a year or every day, whether you’re six years old or 60, whether you pre-order the latest consoles or wouldn’t think of paying for a game – Microsoft want feedback from you! Take a few minutes to tell them what you like to play, and they’ll match you to future studies.

43. Homeschool- Product Testers are the lifeblood of the Homeschool community. They don’t create anything – not a book, not a product or a new section on our site – without running it by their beloved Product Testers first. And they thank you with free books, free kits, and free Special Reports.

44. Reebok Testing- Have you ever wondered how Reebok makes footwear and apparel that genuinely meet your athletic needs? It’s because Reebok tests their footwear and clothing on REAL ATHLETES. So they need your help to test new, never-before-seen Reebok products. Apply to the Reebok Product Testing Program, and you’ll be part of the product development process and get a rare glimpse of the latest cutting-edge Reebok technology and design – a unique opportunity for any dedicated athlete.

45. BrooksTesting- It’s pretty simple: Brooks send you gear, you use it. You use it on morning jogs, on race days, in the sun and the snow. Any time and any place you run and then let them know how it worked (or didn't work) for you. Your feedback is what helps determine fit, function, and design of all our future products.

46. help brands and agencies partner with influencers to drive awareness, engagement, and sales.​ Must have a webcam to join.

47. Instyle Trendsetter- Love Instyle? As an InStyle Trendsetter, you'll have regular opportunities to share your thoughts, opinions, and preferences on a variety of style topics from fashion to beauty to home dΓ©cor. You'll also have insider opportunities to evaluate brand-new products, and even give us feedback about InStyle itself!

48. Allure Beauty Enthusiasts- As an Allure Beauty Enthusiast, you’re at the top of your beauty game—with insider access to exclusive offers, VIP events, and the chance to sound off about trends, product launches, and beauty preferences.

49. Certified Field Associate- Do you like movies? Get paid to watch videos and also other things in movie theaters.

Have you ever thought about working with top brands you love, reviewing their products? Start a blog and you can!

Steps on Becoming a Successful Product Tester

1. Create an email dedicated to your product testing invitations, so you'll not miss an opportunity to test products from leading brands. I like to use Gmail for my emails. Also, when you sign up for a market research panel, make sure you confirm your membership.

2. Complete product testing surveys as soon as possible before invite fills up and no longer needs new people for their product testing assignment.

3. Always tell the truth! Brands need truthful people to evaluate their products. If you lie, companies will not know if they need to make any improvements to their products. Also, you can get yourself removed from their program, and not get paid.

4. Do not speed through a survey that the brands send you. Product testing Panels could not use your survey if they noticed that you rushed through it. Your inquiry will look like your answers are untruthful and cannot be used which will lead you to get removed from program and money you earned is forfeited.

5. Sign up for more than one product testing program. The more product testing websites you sign up for, the more chances of being invited to join current product testing campaigns.

6. Always fill out your demographic information with each product testing website you're signed up with. This helps market research firms know which product testing surveys are better suited for you, and more than likely you'll qualify for.

7. Never expose information about new products you've seen on a survey to anyone. That can lead you getting kicked out the program and forfeiting your payment.

If you're a blogger looking to review products and blog about it, I have listed paid sponsorship opportunities. 

Did you know that there are more ways to make extra money from home free?

Are you looking for side gig jobs to supplement your current income?  Check out this massive list.

Make sure to share this post if you know anyone looking to become a product tester and bookmark it. I update it regularly. 

Have you ever tested products at home before? How was your experience?

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  1. how old do you have to be to start anyone of these tester

    1. You must be 13 years old or older.

  2. I've been doing this for a little while! You have to be thorough, detailed, the better your reviews, post, pics, videos are the more you will get picked for!! But it does require you to spend some time and do a few things! If you don't follow through with your end they won't pick you!!

    1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing! 😊❤

    2. How do you apply to be a product tester

  3. Hey Lou, a quick question. Can anyone sign up to any of the panels irrespective of location or the person has to be resident in the u.s.a?

    1. Hey A.D.A,

      You got to be either from the US, Canada, or United Kingdom. You can check each company to see if they do have openings for other countries. However, I wouldn't lie when signing up because they will find out and close your account.

    2. I’m actually resident in Canada. I just wanted to be sure it wasn’t a strictly u.s.a resident thing.

    3. Oh great! You are good to go!

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    1. Hello! You are responsible to withhold your own taxes.

  5. This is some great information. Been doing surveys for a long time and now would like to get into testing products at home. Thank you for this list.

  6. Anonymous6:36 PM

    How con you apply to test products

    1. Click the pink links that are in the list. From there, it'll take you to each companies sign up page.