11 Legitimate Paid Online Surveys that Will Pay You Money Free

11 Legitimate Paid Online Surveys that Will Pay You Money Free

It is a legitimate opportunity to earn money by participating in paid online surveys and sharing your opinions. You can earn extra income to pay bills and add to your savings. The amount you make depends on the time and effort you put into completing surveys.

If you want to earn extra cash by completing online surveys, there are plenty of legitimate paid survey panels to join. As someone who has been taking surveys for over a decade, I've compiled a list of genuine options for anyone interested in joining.

Top 11 Legitimate Paid Online Survey Panels to Join:

1. FreeCash: Freecash is one of the highest paying websites to make money online (Surveys, Games & more). On Freecash you can instantly cash out your money without waiting, PayPal cashouts are already starting at $5.00 and Bitcoin as low as $0.50!  Learn more about FreeCash. ⭐Pays by PayPal, Bitcoin, Direct Deposit, Gift Cards, and Skins

2. Branded Surveys: Branded Surveys has been around for more than a decade paying their members cash from home for completing surveys that helps businesses and corporations to better their new products and services.  Learn more about Branded Surveys.  ⭐Pays by Cash, Amazon E-gift Cards, and iTune Gifts Cards

3. Nomadic Surveys: Nomadic Surveys pays up to $50 per completed survey and offers members access to online consumer interviews with incentives ranging from $60 to $120 per hour. Some brands have a maximum incentive value, but Nomadic Surveys adjusts incentives to maximize research opportunities for members.  Learn more about Nomadic Surveys.  ⭐Pays by Cash and Gift Cards

4. TellwutWith Tellwut, you'll participate in online surveys, as well as, activities on social media.  You'll be providing your feedback on a variety of different topics.  Tellwut has a huge community of members that is growing daily, 600,000+ strong!  Be apart of a engaging experience of making a difference in today's products and services.  Learn more about Tellwut.  ⭐Pays by Gift Cards, Movie Vouchers,  Merchandise, and Prepaid Gift Cards

5. MySoapBox: By becoming a MySoapBox member, you'll have the influence with leading brands sharing your thoughts about products, services, and experiences. The more survey studies you participate in, the more invites MySoapBox will send you, meaning more money for you to earn!  ⭐Pays by Gift Cards

6. Permission Research: As a member of Permission Research, you have the opportunity to participate in research that is improving the Internet. Whether you choose to participate only passively by installing our research software and allowing it to run on your computer or more actively by also voicing your opinions in surveys, you are eligible to earn a variety of benefits. ⭐Pays by Cash and Gift Cards

7. Earn Haus:  Businesses and researchers value your opinion to make informed decisions and gauge customer satisfaction with their products and services.  There are numerous survey topics available at Earn Haus, and you can access hundreds of surveys on any device without any payment required – just your honest feedback.  ⭐Pays by PayPal and Venmo

8. YouGov: With YouGov, you get rewarded for participating in online surveys and focus group opportunities.  YouGov's surveys are a variety of different topics, but most of the time, they can be politically focused. YouGov's surveys and polls results are frequently published in the media. Learn more about YouGov. ⭐Pays by Cash, Gift Cards, Merchandise, and  Movie Vouchers

9. Pinecone Research: Pinecone Research is all about improving products, so you will be testing a variety of different items at home from this exclusive panel.  Pinecone Research is a leading trusted leader in the survey panel industry. ⭐Pays by Cash, Check, Gift Cards, Prepaid Debit/Credit Cards, Merchandise, and Movie Vouchers

10. Prime Opinion: Businesses value your opinions on a range of topics, from your shopping habits to your political beliefs, your preferred brands, to your favorite sports team.  Prime Opinion offers a paid surveys app where you can share your views on current events, household products, and entertainment choices, earning extra money in the process. ⭐Pays by PayPal, Direct Deposit,  Gift Cards, and Venmo

11. Toluna: You'll participate in surveys with the biggest brands worldwide with Toluna.  There are a variety of different market research opportunities to join in.  ⭐Pays by Cash, Check, Gift Cards, Movie Vouchers, and Merchandise

What are Paid Online Surveys?

For years, leading brands pay online survey panels millions of dollars yearly to help them find consumers like you to evaluate and give feedback about upcoming products or services in the works.  In return, the online survey panels pay participating consumers a percentage of the money they received from these top brands for recruitment of consumers joining in these online surveys.   

These online surveys are usually in the form of question type surveys that range from 5 to 20 minutes on average.  The longer the survey, the more money is paid out to the survey participant.

What Type of Paid Online Surveys Are There?

There are several kinds of recruitment surveys that participants can join, like standard questionnaire online surveys, product testing surveys that you test a physical product that's not yet on the market, mail-in surveys, webcam surveys, telephone surveys with a live person, chatroom-style surveys with other participants online, in-home survey where a person visits your home and conduct a study with you, and focus group in a round-table setting at an office with others for a more in-depth interview about products or services.  

However, the most popular one is paid online surveys because you can complete paid studies in the comfort of your own home, at your own time.

Who Can Join Paid Online Surveys?

Anyone can join, and for free too!  Paid surveys are always open to join, never requesting your credit card information.  However, it depends on your demographic on how successful you'll be at being a paid survey panelist.  

From what I've seen, people who are the primary household shopper in their 20s to 40s fair well.  But, don't let that discourage you, you never know what the market research panels need, all studies are different, and brands need opinions from a variety of different people, even teen survey takers.   

For example, let say a brand has a new baby lotion coming out and would like the advice of moms with infants, the paid online surveys will then recruit mothers with babies to join the study.  Since my daughters aren't babies anymore, I would disqualify from surveys like these.  

However, if a brand is looking for consumers who buy beauty products, I more than likely would be invited to join the survey since I'm like a beauty junky!  😂

How Much Does Paid Online Surveys Pay?

How much you get paid completing paid online surveys depends on the length of the study, if you have to test out a product, or if the investigation will take several weeks for completion.  I have been paid anywhere from $1 to $350.  Before you complete a survey, it'll tell you how much you'll make.  

Also, the more studies you join and complete, the more money you make.  That's why I recommend joining several paid survey panels to maximize how much you make.

For more paid online surveys to join, check out these posts.  And, if you're looking for more ways to earn some extra cash, check out my Make Extra Money tab here on the blog.

Have you ever joined a paid online survey panel before?

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