Top Paid Survey Panels and How to Be Successful at Completing Surveys in 2024

Top Paid Survey Panels and How to Be Successful at Completing Surveys

Did you know that I was a survey panelist before I started blogging?

Yes, I've been answering brand's surveys for the past 11 years to help make extra money for my household. I was even featured in many different national publications about completing online surveys for cash and free products.

Some people think that they're a waste of time, but I beg to differ because I get cash, gift cards, and merchandise just for completing surveys for top brands in my spare time.

Top Brands need consumers' help with their up and coming products in the works, and they need people like you and me to give our opinions.

I will admit that some survey panels are hard to qualify for most surveys they send you. I hate it when you're in the middle of completing a survey, then the survey closes out because you don't qualify anymore. I don't run into this problem too often because I know of the right survey panels to join. Here is my list:

Top 5 Paid Online Survey Panels

1. OneOpinion 

OneOpinion is a market research panel where members collect points for their opinions in free online surveys, and get paid to take surveys.  Learn more about OneOpinion.

2. I-Say

Register with Ipsos iSay, and give them your opinion and earn gift cards from top retailers. Voice your opinion on a variety of topics to earn points, and cash your points for your favorite rewards. Learn more about I-Say.

3. LifePoints

With LifePoints, your answers can help to make a difference to future products and services, shaping the world around you and earn you free gift cards at the same time. You can even download their App and answer on the go – it’s entirely up to you! Sign up today and they’ll give you 10 LifePoints to get your earnings going.  Learn more about Lifepoints

4. Opinion Outpost

The biggest brands want to hear what you've got to say.  With your feedback, they can jazz up their products (or services) and build even better ones, all while keeping their customers happy.  But how would they know what you think without an Outpost to have your thoughts at the ready?  And so, Opinion Outpost is a bridge between you and your favorite brands so that your voice gets heard (and it gets heard loud & clear). Learn more about Opinion Outpost.

5. Toluna

Toluna Influencers are everyday people just like you, connected to many via multiple digital media channels including their online community.  As a Toluna Influencer, you are empowered to transform the products and services that matter to you!  Share your opinion by answering their surveys, inspire change in real time.  Your voice + Our voice = The Voice of Change.  Toluna promise that your opinion will have a direct impact on companies and how they market, distribute or advertise new products and services to consumers like you.  Not only that, with Toluna your participation is recognized and you will be awarded points that you can exchange for cash and/or rewards. Learn more about Toluna.

Here are Ways to be Successful at Completing Online Surveys

1. Create an email dedicated for your survey invitations so you'll not miss an opportunity to complete a survey for cash.

2. Complete surveys as soon as possible before it fills up and no longer needs peoples' opinions with your demographic.

3. Always tell the truth. Survey companies need truthful people to evaluate their products. If you lie, companies will not know if they need to make any improvements to their products. Also, you can get yourself removed from their program and not get paid.

4. Do not speed through a survey. Survey companies can not use your survey if they noticed that you rushed through it. Your survey will look like your answers are untruthful and can not be used, leading you to getting removed from the program and not getting paid.

5. Sign up for more than one survey program. The more survey sites you sign up for, the more surveys you can fill out for cash!

6. Always fill out your demographic information with each survey site you're signed up with. This helps survey companies know which surveys are better suited for you and will likely qualify for.

7. Never expose information about new products you have seen on a survey to anyone. That can lead you to getting kicked out of the program.

I hope you found this post helpful. If you have spare time, paid survey panels are a great way to earn extra money in your free time. If you're looking for more ways to make money from home, check out my other blog, and if you would like to become a product tester check out this post.

Have you ever completed paid online surveys?

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  1. I also started off with surveys when I first starting working online. When I have spare time outside of work I still participate with a few companies.

    1. Yeah same here Victoria. This year, I'm not cashing out of any survey panels until around Christmas time.

  2. I've done a few of those and made a couple bucks - They also have local research companies that will pay good money to have you test their products. We have P&G here in Cincinnati, and they will pay you to try out their cleaning products, make-up, diapers, and other items. Great way to make extra money!

    1. I've heard of P&G! I get there emails but can't do their product testing since I'm not in Cincinnati.

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