$10 Tubing Experience In Duluth, Georgia

$10 Tubing Experience  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Hey Yall!  A few weeks back I shared a bit of my experience tubing and had several people ask me more about it, and is it worth trying.  So, instead of sounding like a broken record, I'm going to share more about tubing and tips to make the floating trip on the lake enjoyable.

In Duluth, Georgia about 30 minutes away from my home is a place called $10 Tubing.  I've passed this location several times but never gave it a thought to check it out until my friend texted me to see if the girls and I wanted to tag along with her and her photography group.

I said yes to her invitation since this is something the girls and I never done before.

Before the day of tubing, I printed out the waiver form and filled it out so I would have it completed beforehand.

Once the day had arrived with the waiver in hand, I stood in line to pay for our tubes.  There were several options when it comes to which tubes to use like a closed or open bottom, and a tub that seats four people, we opted for a closed bottom so our butts wouldn't be wet.

With us picking the closed bottom tube it cost a few dollars more.

And due to the girls being underage, they gave us a couple of straps to connect our tubes together.

Another choice we had to make was tubing for 2 hours or 4; we chose 2 hours because Lauren had to go to tutoring later in the afternoon and Michelle had gymnastic class.  Plus, I did not want to be in the water for that long just in case we needed to use the restroom.

After everything had been paid for, we waited for our names to be called to get on a bus that takes us to a nearby park to start our journey up the river.

The bus driver gave everyone their tubes and sat us down to learn about the rules.  One rule that caught my attention was you must know how to swim to do tubing.  Welp, I don't know how at all.  However, attached to the tubes are life vests and my friend knew how to swim if I happen to fall in.

$10 Tubing Experience  via  www.productreviewmom.com

The Chattahoochee River is very frigid and gets up to 6 feet deep.  The girls wanted to hop off their tubes and swim, but I was too nervous.  They are good swimmers, but when it comes to the back float, they need work, and with the currents always moving in the river that is something they need to master first.

Lauren had an attitude about not being able to get in, and she felt like having a life vest on was cramping her style, so she didn't have it fastened on her, and I didn't realize that.

Floating down the river was such a relaxing and fun experience!  The scenery is fantastic, checking out the wildlife up close and personal is like being surrounded by natures beautiful glory.  There was a moment when a family of ducks came to our tubes begging for any foods we may have.  You can tell they've been near humans often.

There was a part of floating down the river that was traumatic for us.

All of our tubes, including my friend and her son was latched together; my friend made a sudden move that caught Lauren off guard and Lauren fell in the cold water.

If Lauren had her life vest on properly she wouldn't have fallen all the way in with her tube on top of her while she was panicking in the water.
During this ordeal, Lauren lost her seeing glasses in the water, and my friend lost her video camera too from saving Lauren.

$10 Tubing Experience  via  www.productreviewmom.com

After that incident, the vibe change.  The girls and I were shook up, but my friend help lighten up the mood sharing about her international travel stories.

Overall, tubing was a great experience.  Here are some tips to make the adventure down the river fun.

1. Wear a swim suit.  You do get wet.  Also, will need water shoes.

2. Bring waters to drink.  The tubes have a drink holder, and with the sun beaming down on us we were getting hot and dehydrated.

3. Rent a paddle.  With the current of the water moving us we had little control where our tube was taking us, so we had to take off our flip flops and use those as a paddle.

4. Wear a headwrap or hat and sunglasses.  Like I mentioned, the sun is blazing hot in summer shining down on the water reflecting on us, a hat or headwrap helps give you a bit of shade from the sun.  And sunglasses for protection of the eyes.

5. Wear sunblock and bug spray.  We forgot to bring both, but my friend had some we could use.

6. Wear a small backpack.  You know those cheap drawstring strap bags?  Those are good to have to place your cell phone and car keys just in case of an emergency.  I wore my waterproof purse since I didn't have a small backpack.

7. Know how to swim, or be with someone who does.

8. Watch the news report about the weather before going on an adventure tubing.  You can be stuck out there in the rain.

9. Even though you can choose to tube for 2 or 4 hours, your tubing journey down the river may be shorter, or longer depending on how slow or fast your tube goes.  So plan accordingly.

10.  I've seen people bringing beers with them.  Be responsible, and not drink to the point you're drunk and can't save yourself.  The people from $10 Tubing is not there to monitor people going down the river.  People are there at their own risks, that's why you sign a waiver.

11.  Use the restroom before you get to the river.  No bathrooms available during the tubing trip.

By the way, Lauren had to miss tutoring and Michelle gymnastic class since Lauren lost her glasses.  We went directly to the eye doctor afterward.

But the girls would happily do it again, but next time Lauren without her glasses on.

Have you ever been tubing before?

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  1. You girls are brave! I could not do that. None of us swim and that would be a problem.

  2. It's funny you wrote about this. Last weekend I had a friend go do this. Apparently we have a place 10 minutes away and I have been debating if I want to try it out with the boys before school starts. After reading this I think it may be best if we wait until they are older, though, since none of us know how to swim.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience. I don't swim, so I wouldn't be brave enough to make the trip, but at least I know how it works now. I passed a bus the other day taking people to the river to tube.

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