My New Car Buying Experience at AutoNation Toyota Mall of Georgia

My New Car Buying Experience at AutoNation Toyota Mall of Georgia

As you may know, I enjoy reviewing cars and providing insight into the latest models suitable for families and individuals in the market.  

Alongside these reviews, I've been contemplating my next car purchase, as my daughters are now driving and require a vehicle for school transportation.  So, I will be passing down my old car to them.

For my 40th birthday gift, I wanted to get myself a new car, so I narrowed it down to two choices: a 2023 Lexus RX and a 2023 Toyota Highlander.

I've wanted a Lexus for years, so I went to my local Lexus dealer for a quick test drive to decide if it would be the right car for me.

I expressed interest in purchasing the 2023 Lexus RX Luxury during my visit to Hennessey Lexus Duluth.  I asked the salesperson if Greater Atlanta Automotive Association members like myself receive discounts on new vehicle purchases.  The salesperson was unsure and asked their manager for clarification.  The manager promised to look into it and get back to me, but unfortunately, neither the salesperson nor the manager followed up with me. 

My inquiry about the media discount was being ignored, and they knowingly wouldn't give me the money off the price anyway, which they should have told me they couldn't from the beginning.  All they had to do was be honest with me.  

However, my decision to no longer purchase the Lexus RX was also influenced by the fact that the SUV had gotten smaller and no longer provided enough space to comfortably accommodate my family of four.  As a result, I decided not to proceed with the purchase.

I prayed for guidance and gave myself a day to decide on going with my second choice, the Toyota Highlander.  

I headed to AutoNation Toyota Mall of Georgia the next day to buy the Toyota Highlander.  I had already reviewed this mid-size SUV and was convinced it was the best option for my family.  Everything about the car impressed me, and I was eager to make it mine.

The buying process was a breeze!  There was no hassle or hidden fees; what you see is what you get!  At the dealership, I filled out the application on a tablet with Toyota's SmartPath program, which instantly gave me all the details about the car I wanted.

And no, I didn't ask about media discounts because I contacted Toyota's Corporate Communications the night before, who said they do not offer them.

However, Toyota already had a big sales event with over a $ 3,000 price reduction on Highlanders.

When you buy cars at the end of the year, you can get the best deals because dealers are looking to push out the current models to make room for new car models.

But do know due to the chip shortage and the recent pandemic, there are few cars on the lots, so you have to order some new vehicles.

Buying a car is now easier than ever as you can purchase it online and have it shipped to your house or local dealership.

I made my purchase the traditional way by going to the dealership.

My car was unavailable at the dealership and had an almost 2-month wait time for delivery.

When it was time to seek financing, I noticed high-interest rates for people with low credit scores.  It's crucial to avoid getting into deep debt and pay your bills on time to get the best deals if you're in the market to buy a car.

My credit score is in the 800s, and my only debt is my mortgage.  As a result, I was considered a well-qualified buyer and received the lowest interest rate.  I didn't have to put any money down, but I decided to do it anyway to keep my monthly payments down.

As a long-time AutoNation Toyota Mall of Georgia customer, I received a 150,000-mile warranty (usually 50,000) and free accessories, including roof racks and rubber mats.

My New Car Buying Experience at AutoNation Toyota Mall of Georgia

The car was delivered to the dealership within the promised timeframe.  Now, I am a proud owner of a 2023 Toyota Highlander Platinum!

I want to thank AutoNation Toyota Mall of Georgia for their outstanding service throughout the years and for quickly jumping into action with my other car; that transmission went out the day before my new car arrived.  They gave me a free car rental, plus a great price on a new transmission.  So, I'll be at ease when my daughters start driving it.

If you're in Georgia and searching for a new vehicle, AutoNation Toyota Mall of Georgia has a fantastic team of associates who will ensure you have an exceptional experience.

AutoNation Toyota Mall of Georgia

3505 Buford Dr. 

Buford, GA 30519

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