How to Make Extra Money for Christmas in 2023

How to Make Extra Money for Christmas

Do you all realize that the holiday season is here? Unbelievable right? I can remember like it was yesterday the girls and me decorating our little Christmas tree while eating Christmas cookies and watching holiday movies on TV.

The holiday season is an expensive time for me because not only do I have to buy gifts, I also have to pay for our annual end of the year family vacation and other events happening soon.

Ways to not put a dent on my pocketbook is by joining different survey and freebie panels and save up the money I earn throughout the year and then cash out right before holiday shopping begins.

These survey panels had helped my family out a lot more than just the holidays. When I needed extra money to pay bills, I used the survey money I earned.

Survey panels may be time-consuming for some people, but I like doing them in my spare time and getting sneak peeks about up and coming products with brand name companies, not to mention all the great products I've gotten to test out!

Consumers are Spending Less Money this Holiday Season due to Rising Costs

Did you know consumers plan on spending 30% less this holiday season due to inflation?

Instead, they are turning to deals and savings sites to ease the financial burden of gift-giving.

This year, I'm getting consumers Holiday Ready. In a season of spending, I'm helping people save to ease the financial stress of the holiday.

Paid surveys and deal website earnings can cover holiday costs of gifts, get-togethers, treats, etc. - so you can enjoy the best parts of the holiday season.

Try this 3-step Holiday Ready plan for earning and saving success:

  1. Set a goal of 3 surveys per day or more
  2. Check your emails daily
  3. Complete monthly bonus promos

If you need some extra money for Christmas or need extra pocket money for bills, I've listed survey panels, deal websites, and start earning great rewards.

1.  Toluna- Cash in with each survey you complete and cash out with PayPal or Amazon vouchers. Also get a chance to win a prepaid MasterCard valued at $250 upon registration.  Read more about Toluna.

2.  LifePoints Panel - LifePoints Panel is a unique online community where consumers from around the world participate in online paid surveys.  Read more about Lifepoints.

3.  Survey Savvy-  Share your opinion with businesses across the nation about products, services and issues. Get an opportunity to earn cash and prizes for taking surveys.

4.  Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel- By participating in Nielsen research, you can improve products and services you use online today. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel combines your unique internet usage with people like you to build a picture of internet behavior.  Read more about Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel.

5.  Opinion Outpost-  Opinion Outpost conducts surveys because businesses, governments, public bodies, and similar organizations are interested in the views and attitudes of the people who use their products and services. The more they know about what customers and citizens think, the easier it is for them to improve and adapt what they supply. Take Surveys to give your opinion and shape the future.  Read more about Opinion Outpost.

6.  Product Report CardRegister for FREE and influence products and service decisions by sharing your opinion. Get an opportunity to earn cash, Amazon gift codes, or free products for each online survey you complete.  Read more about Product Report Card.

7.  Branded Surveys-  When companies want to launch new products or collect market research, they lean on the Branded Surveys Community for feedback. Branded Surveys pair companies that need market insight with people who want to earn extra money. They consider this a win-win: Companies get helpful insights, and members get an incredible survey-taking experience.  Read more about Branded Surveys.

8.  MobileXpression-  Join MobileXpression today and earn a gift card after you’ve been an active member for only 1 week. Plus, by keeping the MobileXpression software on your phone or tablet computer, you’ll be eligible for additional credits each week that can be redeemed for more gift cards!

9. OneOpinion- Join OneOpinion and start earning rewards today.  Read more about OneOpinion.  Read more about OneOpinion.

10. Pinecone Research-  PineCone Research conducts on-line interviews with consumers from all walks of life to obtain their opinions about new products. To become a panel member, all you need to do is complete the simple form. This will only take a few minutes of your time.  Read more about Pinecone Research.

11.  National Consumer Panel- Once you become a NCP panel member all you have to do is scan and send them your household purchase information every week with a handheld scanner that they provide. For each week of the month NCP receives your purchase information, you will earn one entry into the Monthly Sweepstakes where you can win a $500 American Express Rewards Card. That’s up to FOUR entries every month! Every month, 25 panel members win!

12.  Survey Roundtable- Survey Roundtable is a community where you can share your honest opinion about the products and services you use every day and get rewarded for taking surveys. Sharing your opinions can earn you real rewards you can use anywhere! Their rewards program grows every day, all depending on what their members most want to earn. To make the most of your opinions, you'll first take a Personality Survey. It's how they target their surveys to your needs and interests. Here's what their virtual debit cards ($10 and up) currently have up for grabs: Amazon, Banana Republic, Barnes and Noble, GAP Brands, Regal Theaters and more.

13.  Rakuten Insight- Join Rakuten Insight, a true market research panel, and turn your opinions into cash!  Read more about Rakuten Insight.

14. Top Free CashBack Shopping Websites- Cashback shopping allows you to use links or login websites to save money while shopping online. If you are interested in making money, while still buying all of your necessities, there are several websites that will allow you to collect cashback on every purchase you can think of.

Disclosure: Post contains affiliate links.


 What are ways you make extra money for Christmas?

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  1. I always love finding ways to make extra money. Thank you so much for this list!

  2. I didn't realize there were so many ways to earn extra cash online. Thanks!

    1. Yep there sure is a lot of ways to make extra cash online, you just got to know which ones are legitimate.

  3. Thanks for the great list...definitely going to be checking a few of these out!

  4. I honestly don't think I have heard of any of those sites, but they sound incredible. I really need to get off my butt and check them out!!

    1. Yes, check them out Alyssa! They are all a great way to make extra money during the holiday season, and throughout the year!

  5. Girl, yes Christmas is coming up so soon isn't it?! I used to do surveys alot. I should get back to it to earn some quick bucks.

    1. This whole year flew by so quickly! Yes, paid surveys are a great way to earn quick money.

  6. Stacey Marie8:43 AM

    Hi good morning Lou! I truly enjoy reading your blog posts! Thank you so very much for sharing this awesome list of ways to earn extra money online! I've always wanted to try out the survey thing so I'm gonna give it a go and hopefully make some Christmas cash!! :)

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