Earn Cash and Rewards at Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Earn Cash and Rewards at Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Hey, Y'all! I'm back with another rewarding opportunity to share with you!

I know you have a cell phone, right? Or even a computer.

Well, since you have one or the other, you can earn rewards with it by downloading the Nielsen app on your mobile device and unlock up to $50 in rewards points per year, redeemable via Paypal or gift cards from retailers; such as Amazon, Walmart, and others!

You can also download the Nielsen software on your computer and automatically enter the $10,000 monthly sweepstakes!  

And that's not all! All panelists earn game tokens for chances to instantly win rewards in digital scratch-off games!

About Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel 

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is your opportunity to be a part of Nielsen's research. This panel helps understand how consumers use the Internet by studying the websites people like to visit. 

By simply registering and/or installing their technology, either on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you are helping mold the future of the online world. 

Why You Should Join Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Nielsen is all about understanding computer and mobile trends - including the devices you use, the types of applications you use, the content you view and listen to, as well as the websites you visit on your computer, phone, tablet, or another registered mobile device. 

Your everyday activities as a panelist will help Nielsen understand how people use their computers and mobile devices. It doesn't matter if you use your computer or mobile device a lot or a little or how you use it; the information on your usage is vital to Nielsen and a valuable contribution to research! 

Plus, you will be rewarded for your participation! By joining, you can play games for rewards, receive sweepstakes entries, and/or earn points depending on your level of involvement.

Rewards For Participation 

You receive opportunities to win cash and prizes just for signing up. In addition, each month, Nielsen gives away $10,000 in sweepstakes; everyone active in the computer panel has a chance to win. Also, there are opportunities for additional prizes depending on the devices you register and which panels you qualify for. For more specific rewards information, please see below.

Computer Rewards 

Earn entries into Nielsen's sweepstakes. Each month they give away $10,000. The top prize earners each takes home $500. There are more than 500 winners each month. 

Mobile Rewards 

Register your mobile devices and earn points. Your points can be redeemed for prizes and gift cards. You can earn up to $50 in points by staying in the panel a year.

Do you want to start getting rewarded for sharing your mobile and/or computer internet usage? 

Then, join Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel; it's free!

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