Top 10 Holiday Christmas Movies

Top 10 Holiday Christmas Movies #christmasmovies via
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Just taking a glance through the genre of Christmas movies reveals hundreds of choices in romance, comedy, action and more.  Some Christmas movies are more “Christmas” than others, though.  For the top ten movies to watch this holiday season, read on!

In Random Order

# 10

Clark Griswold and family experience a holiday like no other when the whole clan comes to visit.  It’s a beautiful train wreck of a holiday in the Griswold household!

# 9

It’s a story that perfectly captures the essence of childhood yearning at Christmastime, wrapping it up with a bow of laughs and cringe-worthy moments.

# 8

Legendary duo Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire team up in this musical holiday classic set against the backdrop of a breathtaking holiday inn.

# 7

While Kevin defends his home against bandits, his family runs into one roadblock after another trying to get back home to him.

# 6

A Christmas classic that stirs the heart and makes you grateful for what you’ve got, this Frank Capra film is the story of the redemption of George Bailey, played by the incomparable James Stewart.

# 5

A holiday stop-motion cartoon with a crazy combination that includes misfit toys, Burl Ives and an elf who also happens to be a dentist; it’s an entertaining romp through the story of Rudolph.

# 4

Michael Caine plays a brilliant Scrooge, giving the Muppets a chance to shine in their spotlight while tugging on your heartstrings in a way that only Muppets can.

# 3

In this 1947 film, the spirit of Christmas is on trial in a courtroom; it’s a beautiful tale of hope and holiday spirit, it could easily become your favorite part of Christmas.

# 2

With no holiday spirit at all, the Grinch would be happy to see Christmas in Whoville fail, and does everything in his power to make sure it fails in spectacular fashion.

# 1

This is an excellent, feel-good kind of movie with a little something for everyone.  It’s not just a Christmas tale; there’s a bit of comedy, some drama and a huge amount of holiday hijinks to satisfy everyone in the family.  



One of my favorites movies as well as daughters of a adult size kid elf named Buddy looking for his place in the world while in New York City.

What are your favorite Christmas movies?

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  1. Miracle on 34th and it's a wonderful life will always be my favorites. I think they should remake it's a wonderful life and make it modern...I am sure it's coming soon

  2. My Mom's favorite movie was A Christmas Story and I love that watching it reminds me of her!! I think my favorite has to be Home Alone... #Classic90'sKid HA!

    1. I love watching A Christmas Story every year. It is like a family tradition now.

  3. My favorites are Christmas Story and the black and white versions of Scrooge.

    1. Gosh, it has been so long since I've since the black and white Scrooge.

  4. You nailed them all! And thanks for the bonus of Elf! I have never seen or heard of "Holiday Inn," will def check it out this season. Awesome list! Of course, "It's a Wonderful Life" is a personal favorite :-)

    1. Definitely check out Holiday Inn Rachel.

  5. Love love love every single one of those! A Christmas Story & Home Along are in my top 3, along with Meet Me In St. Louis, which essentially ends UP being a Christmas movie. <3

    1. I never seen Meet Me in St. Louis before, I'll need to check it out.

  6. Ok, I'm heading over to Netflix to watch Holiday Inn. I love classic holiday movies, yet I haven't seen that one!

    1. Check it out, I would love to hear what you think of it.

  7. Yes! Miracle on 34th Street and Home Alone... I also like This Christmas.

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