How to Become a Paid Website Tester for Free

How to Become a Paid Website Tester for Free

As more businesses move online, website testing is critical to ensure proper function, user-friendliness, and a seamless experience. Companies pay top dollar for website testing, leading to high-paying opportunities.

If you're interested in website testing, you'll be happy to know that plenty of high-paying opportunities are available.  Here are some of the top paid website testing opportunities that you should join:

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1. UserTesting: UserTesting is a website testing platform that offers a wide range of testing opportunities. You only need a computer, an Internet connection, and a microphone to get started. Most contributors take one or two tests per week and can earn up to $60 per test. Users are paid via PayPal seven days after completing a test. The number of opportunities available depends on the needs of UserTesting customers, including your demographic profile and background. To qualify for more tests and make more money, ensure your profile is complete. I used UserTesting to get feedback about my blog, and the tester made great suggestions to make it more user-friendly and exciting.

2. UserFeel: UserFeel is a website testing platform that pays testers between $3 and $30 per test, typically taking 20 minutes to complete. To get started, you will need a Windows or Mac computer, a mobile phone, or a tablet with an internal or external microphone.  UserFeel prefers in-depth reviews and requires testers to provide detailed feedback.

3. TryMata: TryMata, formerly known as TryMyUI, helps designers and coders by letting them see the obstacles real people face on their sites and apps. Testers use the website as they would in real life and provide feedback through a video recording of their screen and voice and a written survey. Testers can earn $5-$30 per test without a limit on the number of tests they can do.

4. Userlytics: Userlytics offers a convenient and enjoyable testing experience. Test from your device of choice, receive payment, and gain insight into the brands you love. Your contributions will help improve user-friendliness. Payment is between $5 to $90 per test and will be deposited to your Paypal account at the end of the week upon approval by the Userlytics team.

5.  uTest: uTest is a popular option for website and software testing. A working webcam is required, and pay varies depending on the project and experience. Experienced testers can earn significant income, and bonuses are available for top performers. App testing services are also offered.

6.  Nichols Research: At Nichols Research, you have various opportunities to share your opinions. They constantly seek new research participants to provide their clients fresh and diverse perspectives on their products or services. Participants offer insight into topics that shape the future of the world's largest brands. You can participate in focus groups, surveys, in-person or telephone interviews, product tests, online communities, websites, and more and receive an honorarium for your time. All information you provide is voluntary. To best determine which studies to contact you for, they will ask you questions about your household.

7.  Enroll: Enroll is a company that pays out with a low threshold of only $1 through PayPal once a month. Tasks include choosing between different logos or reading short pieces of content, making it an easy testing service to start and see what companies are working on. Provide feedback and get sneak peeks behind the screen.

8.  TestingTime: At TestingTime, you can test various products such as apps, websites, physical products, gadgets, and food. It allows you to discover new products and services before they are released and provide feedback that can shape their development. You will receive appropriate compensation for your efforts and insightful feedback. While you can earn some money with every test, more is needed to make a living, as tests are conducted irregularly and can range from 30 to 90 minutes. Some tests can be performed remotely (e.g., online surveys, phone or video calls), while others require you to be physically present at the customer's location. After completing a test, you will be paid through PayPal or direct deposit.

9.  IntelliZoom: Participate in remote studies on IntelliZoom (now part of UserTesting), and share your opinion to impact product improvement. Studies take 10-20 minutes on average, and payment varies based on the study's complexity. Think out loud audio and video studies pay $10 on average, while standard surveys pay $2 on average.

10. User Interviews: User Interviews is a database of job listings for online website testing. Top companies value your feedback and offer payment for participating in user research studies. It's easy and fun to give your opinion on new product ideas, test apps or websites, or share your life experiences. Apply to studies that fit your demographic, and User Interviews will send you more paid study opportunities.

In conclusion, website testing is crucial to ensuring proper site functionality. Companies pay top dollar for website testing, leading to higher high-paying testing opportunities on the abovementioned platforms. These platforms offer various testing options and excellent pay, making them a great way to earn extra income in your free time.

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