Apps That Make You Money for the Things You Already Do in 2024

Apps That Make You Money for the Things You Already Do

Making extra money does not mean you have to get a second job anymore. You can let your mobile device help you earn money by doing things you are already doing. The following are some of the top apps that will pay out.

Top Apps that Will Make you Money for the Things you Do Daily

1. National Consumers Panel

National Consumers Panel is a mobile app that gives you the ability to be paid for your opinion. You will simply scan the UPC on items you purchase and send it in to earn points. You also earn points by filling out opinion surveys that are sent to you and interact with companies. As you reach levels on point earnings, you can redeem the points for cash.

2. Foap

If you are a talented photographer, you can make money by selling the photographs you take with your phone. There are no upload limits, so you can load as many photographs as you like and they can be uploaded directly from your phone. The payouts are done on PayPal and you have the ability to interact with other users to get feedback. The application is free to install, and photographers get 50-percent of the sale price.

3. Fieldagent

For those who like to act as a secret shopper, Fieldagent is a mobile application that will work for you. Large companies, such as Unilever, use Fieldagent to post jobs that help them monitor quality. You will be able to select jobs based on maps or the list of jobs, and you can see the details before you accept it. However, once you hit the accept button, you only have a couple hours to have the task completed. You can send your cash to PayPal or Dwolla.

4. Ibotta

An application that helps you make money while you are shopping is Ibotta. This application gives you the ability to select products you are looking to purchase or things you want to try to earn rebates. The rebates can be between 50-cents to a couple dollars, but you can redeem many rebates at once. They work with a number of grocery stores, department stores, and even bulk stores (such as Costco). Some stores will require you to photograph the receipt to show that you have purchased the item, while other stores will record it when you use a loyalty card.

5. Receipt Hog

If you like the concept of Ibotta, but want to be able to shop anywhere, then Receipt Hog is a better option for you. You will earn points for products you purchase, so it will take longer to earn money. You can receive your payments through gift cards for Amazon or have money deposited to PayPal. If you are buying the product anyway, this is a great option to earn money.

6. TaskRabbit

If you are out running errands or have extra time, you may be able to be paid to do tasks for other people. TaskRabbit is not available everywhere yet, but this application allows people to bid on projects that they would not mind doing. Jobs can include picking up meals that have been pre-purchased, grocery shopping, walking dogs, mowing lawns, and much more.

7. MobileXpression

MobileXpression members help make improvements with the Internet. All you do is simply install the app software on your phone, and that's it! MobileXpression monitors how you use the Internet and see what changes are needed. So basically, you get paid for using the Internet on your phone. The longer you have the app software on your phone, the more money you can make.

8. Swagbucks

Get gift cards and cash for the everyday things you do online with Swagbucks. Shop online, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys and find great deals to earn your points.  You can redeem the points you earn for gift cards from top retailers or turn your points into cash with PayPal.

9. MyPoints

With MyPoints, you earn cashback when you shop through their app.  Earn for shopping online with any MyPoints partner, including eBay, Groupon, Walmart, and more!  Redeem your points for gift cards, award miles, and more from over 75 top retail, restaurant, and travel partners!

10. Opinion Bureau

Join the Opinion Bureau and start getting paid and rewarded for your opinions. Their goal is to enable consumers to show the power of their voice and opinion and directly influence market research and markets.

For more ways to make money for things you already do, check out being paid to test products

Do you use any apps that make you money?

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  1. I love Ibotta and I just started using receipt hog a few months ago.

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    1. Getting extra coins for the things you already do is wonderful!

  3. I have Ibotta loaded, but not used.

  4. Thank you so much for these apps <3

  5. Check Out 51 and Snap. Both are like ibotta

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