Oct 13, 2013

How You Can Become a Product Tester and Get Paid to Test Products at Home

Get Paid to Test Products
Get Paid to Test Products
Hey everyone!  Did you know that you can become a product tester for Big Companies and get paid to review their products?  Yep, you can and all for free! 

I've been testing products for money for the past 5 years and love doing it!  I get about 4 to 5 full size products and sample products to test a month.  I get the first exclusive look at up and coming products.

The reason for product testing is that Big Companies would like to know what consumers think about new products they're developing to be sent to stores but before they do that they need your opinions.  This way it'll save them time and money if the product doesn't do well.

Wonder How Product Testing Works and How You Can Become a Product Tester?

First, you'll need to sign up with a company that offers product testing at home.  Once you do this the company will send you emails to fill out screeners to see if you'll qualify for their up and coming product testing.  Once you fill out their screener survey, they'll let you know at the end if you qualify or not.  For example, let say the company is looking for people to test out their beauty product, if you don't use a certain beauty product they want you to test then you won't qualify.

Once you get the approval to test, the company will ask for your address to send you the product to test for a week or two.  Then they'll follow up with you with an email asking questions about the product you've tested.  Once you're done, you get paid!

About 98% of the times you get to keep the product you've tested which is great!!!  How much you get paid varies.  I've been paid anywhere from $5-$150. There was a time I tested a website in beta format for HBO (now called HBO-GO) and they paid me $100 for doing it!  Very easy money!

Free Beauty Products from L'Oreal
Free Beauty Products from L'Oreal

List of Free Product Testing Panels

Paid Product Testing 

These are the companies I use to get free products at home to test. Sign up now before these panels don't accept new members! Please note, majority listed here are survey panels meaning you'll receive paid surveys from Top Brands and also receive products to test at home depending on your demographic. 

Here is a list:

1. SurveySpot Panel- I remember receiving my first product test from SurveySpot Panel and it was testing coffee for a few weeks and I was paid $150 doing it!  Also offers to join high paying focus groups.  Pay by PayPal and Gift Cards

2. Toluna- I get quite a bit to test with Toluna Panel and the pay is good! When you sign up, click the "Rewards" tab and then click "Test Products" tab.  You'll also get product test invites in your email. Also Toluna has high paying focus groups.  Pay by Cash and Gift Cards

3. Mindfield Online- I don't get much from Mindfield Online but their product testing pays me about $30 or more.  Also they offer a lot of baby products testing.  Pay by Cash, PayPal, and Amazon Gift Cards
4. Valued Opinions-  I mostly receive beauty products to test with Valued Opinions Panel. Also offers to join high paying focus groups.  Pay by Gift Cards

5. iPoll-  I get quite a few shampoos and conditioners from iPoll.  What is also good is that you get $5 when you sign up.  Also they were formally known as SurveyHead Panel but rebranded themselves.  Pay by PayPal and Gift Cards

6. i-Say- I get a lot of household items to test with I-Say Panel.  Also offers to join high paying focus groups.  Pay by Cash, PayPal, and Gift Cards

7. Pinecone Research- Pinecone Research is the most Top Rated Product Testing Company and I receive about 2 to 3 products a month.  They're hard to get into because they're invitation only but you're in luck because I have the direct link to sign up!  Pay by Cash, PayPal, Gift Cards, Merchandise, Music, and More!

8. MySurvey- I get quite a few products from MySurvey Panel and pay is very well.  I get stuff like foods, beauty products, and household items.  Also I receive cell phones to use for a couple of weeks every few months to record different task on it for them.  Also offers to join high paying focus groups.  Pay by Cash, PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, and Other Gift Cards

9. ACOP- I get a few products from ACOP Panel but their pay is good.  Also offers to join high paying focus groups.  Pay by Cash, PayPal, and Tango Gift Cards
10. In Home Product Testing Panel- I don't get much from In Home Product Testing Panel, only every few months and they pay with Target gift cards.  Pay by Target Gift Cards

11. BuzzBack Panel- I get mostly beauty products from BuzzBack Panel but not many.  Pay by PayPal and Gift Cards

12. LOreal Product Testing Panel- I get new products from LOreal to test but for some reason it's hard to qualify for some of their testing.  Pay by Free Beauty Products

13. BzzAgent-  BzzAgent is my favorite!  I get so many free stuff to test that I've lost count!!!  Great company!  Doesn't pay but I love getting so much stuff each month!!!!!!  Pay by MyPoints rewards to redeem for free merchandise, gift cards and more

14. SurveySavvy- I mostly get beauty products with SurveySavvy Panel like perfumes, lotions, deodorant.  They pay well.  Also offers to join high paying focus groups.  Pay by Cash

15. Global Test Market-  I mostly get household items with Global Test Market but the pay is great!  Pay by Cash

16.  Opinion Outpost-  I've received some products to test from them and they pay pretty well.  Also when you cash out they pay you within seconds!  Pay by PayPal and Gift Cards

17. Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel-  You'll get a free scanner to scan all your household purchases with Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel and you get rewarded for it by getting free electronics and more!  Pay by Free Merchandise

18. Smiley360- I recently signed up with Smiley360 and already tested a couple of things with them.  Doesn't pay though.  Pay by Free Products

For more Product Testing Companies visit my other blog by clicking here.

Also visit my other Product Testing article with the latest product testing updates.

Nescafe Memento Test
Nescafe Memento Test
Glade Air Freshener Test
Glade Air Freshener Test

Are you an International and would like to become a product tester?  Click here.  

Product testing is so much fun and rewarding because you're making a difference with what type of products you'd like on the market.  You're letting your voice be heard.  Also you're saving companies money by them not putting products in stores that won't sell.

I've tested a lot of products over the years and I don't remember how many!  LOL!  I've tested, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, baby products, foods, paper towels, toilet paper, air fresheners, perfumes, lubricant, and so much more!

If you're a blogger and looking to review products and blog about it, click here.

If you're looking for more ways to make money from home, like paid surveys, paid clinical trials, focus groups, and more, please visit my other blog EarningFreeMoney.com.


  1. So I signed up for a few of these, the buzz one specifically and I did a bunch of surveys but it doesn't really mention anything about when I would receive a protect to review. When does that happen? What about receiving products and doing reviews on YouTube or my blog? I saw a lady on youtube who was getting childrens board games and reviewing them! Do you know anything about that? Thanks!

  2. Hey Kirsten!

    With BzzAgent you must fill out surveys to see if you're the demographic that the company is looking for. I notice that people that have children seem to get more products to test.

    With survey panels, make sure you fill out your profile so companies know what type of demographic you are. Surveys will tell you if you're invited to test a product. The more paid surveys you do, the more product test surveys you'll start receiving.

    If you want to become a product reviewer and get free products, I suggest you use companies like BzzAgent and Smiley360 because with them you are allowed to share information about the products you've tested and survey panels you're not allowed to.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. How much points do you get to try a product with i say or do they pay with prepaid card i fill out a survey and was qualifies to test a femenine product product theu ask for address but that it

  4. Hello Estefany! I-say before and after the survey tells you how many points you'll get for testing a product with them. Once you test the product, complete the follow up survey, they will tell you again how many points you got.

    Those points are added to your account to cash out for different things like, PayPal, gift cards, donations, etc.

  5. Are teenagers able to survey or review products for any of these places? Or, is it strictly adult-like?

    1. I believe product testing is for people 18+. But try signing up and see.

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    Due To The Fact If I Give This Info Out Then Everybody Would Start Using it in mass And I Would Get Much Less Product To Test Every Year
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    1. WOW! You've tested some cool stuff! I'll check out those two websites. Thanks!

  7. Hi! On Oct 8, 2013 I signed for: (and completed the "profile" section to better my chances of more surveys)

    TOLUNA I've done several surveys, earned some points, and requested to do a "Test Product" for a toddler tooth brush.

    BZZAGENT I've done serveral surveys, made an achievement, and earned some points.

    I-SAY I've done 1 survey and recieved some points.

    I-POLL I've done some surveys and recieved money that I haven't redeemed yet.

    MYSURVEY- I have yet to qualify for a survey.

    BUZZBACK I have yet to qualify for a survey.

    SURVEYSAVVI I have yet to qualify for a survey.

    MINDFIELDONLINE I have yet to qualify for a survey.

    VALUEDOPINIONS I have yet to qualify for a survey.

    I'm a stay at home mom to a 1 year old. I was hoping to earn money testing products. I've seen you listed how often you've received products and whether or not the pay was good/bad in the desciptions. Did it take some time for you to start receiving products? I'm a bit discouraged since I did complete my profile on each site and I'm not getting surveys. For TOLUNA I stumbled upon a place on the site (it was under "rewards") where you can request to try products (this is where I found the toothbrush). Do I need to look around these other sites to see if I need to request products to test or does the "job" as a product tester come in the mail?


    1. Hey Devon!

      With Survey Panels, you get paid to take surveys, do product testing, join paid focus groups, and joining online communities. Some surveys you'll qualify for and some you'll not because it depends on what demographic the company is looking for.

      Also, with BzzAgent they do not pay but you do get a whole lot of products for free to test with them.

      With testing products it all depends on what demographic the company is looking for and they'll send you a survey to complete to see if you qualify. Don't expect to get a whole lot of products to test every month but if you stick to completing surveys all the time then you'll start noticing product testing surveys to pop up in your email box quite a bit.

      With Toluna, they have a section that you can apply for a product test they currently have and also they send product testing surveys through email.

      Paid surveys is a great way to earn extra money on the side and plus the perks of getting free products and more. Don't feel discourage and keep completing surveys and you'll reap the benefits! Let me know if you need any other help.

  8. Thanks so much for the response! I'll keep filling out surveys as the come into my email and when I check the individual sites.

    I didn't think that BzzAgent had "points" either. Today I was taking a few short surveys (to update my profile). At the end of each one I was rewarded between 3-5 points. I quickly realised that BzzAgent has partnered with MyPoints so I joined that and the points I receive and redeem with BzzAgent go into there within 48 hours. MyPoints has their own thing going on but the points I get from BzzAgent have been going in there.

    I also signed up with L'Oreal, Valued Opinion, and Smiley360.

    Our demographic isn't the same, but it wouldnt hurt to ask: How long after signing up did you start noticing product testing surveys and such? I'm pretty consistant with filling out as many surveys as possible!

    Do you have any other recommendations? Whether it be other sites that do product testing or a reliable company you know of that I could make money. As a stay at home mom and I'm trying to find income..Not "full time" income but possibly $100+ a month. My email is dpowers2007@lycos.com As you can see I'm full of questions and looking for advice so feel free to email me!


    1. When I first started completing surveys back in 2008, I believe I received my first product test survey within 1 to 2 months and I remember it was from SurveySpot to test coffee and I was paid $150! When I did this I was hooked! I started to sign up with as many Survey Panels I could find and I'm so glad I did!

      Yes with BzzAgent you do get points you can use on MyPoints.com to use your points on getting free merchandise. I actually never spend my points and just let it expire since all I care about with BzzAgent is getting the free products to test.

      Also Devon, did you know I have a work from home blog? Check it out at http://www.EarningFreeMoney.com and I've listed several other companies to earn extra money from home. Throughout the years I've been finding legitimate companies to earn extra income and I share this information free to others.

      Let me know if you would like me to still email you or if you like you can email me at Louida@productreviewmom.com.

      Also before I go, if you ever come across a survey panel and curious if it's legitimate or not, go to SurveyPolice.com and there you'll find people voicing their opinions about different survey panels they have joined.

  9. I will check out your blog! I had Googled "test products for free" and the first thing that came up was a link to your blog about earning free money along with the article on Squidoo lol I liked that it was a real person that is testing stuff so I'm glad I commented on this!

    I just read through the squidoo article. Now that I think of it... I did do a survey on BzzAgent that asked me about my child playing with Transformers but I didn't qualify because he's a one year old. I also did 2 surveys on Smiley360 one of which asked if I had a dog and I don't so I didn't qualify so I think that was the Greenies test product and the other one at the end said I qualified to test Oxyclean 2in1 Stain Fighter. I think I'm starting to understand how these panels work! I'll just continue to fill out my surveys!

    I'll be in contact if I have any other questions! Thanks for you advice and time!

    1. Yeah if you Google anything about "product testing" I'll always come up on the top of search list since I'm very knowledgeable about it and it is my passion. I've helped people all over the country to find ways to make extra money from home and join product testing. It's a great feeling to know that I help make a difference in people lives and spreading the truth about free ways to earn extra money.

      Make sure to follow my Squidoo article because when I come across a product test I post it on there.

      Please keep in touch and let me know how you're doing and when you start testing products! Remember if you have any question I'll be more than happy to answer them for you!

  10. I'm going to email you! It may or may not end up in your Junk folder. I've found that many times when I email from my hotmail account it ends up elsewhere. Anyway, expect an email shortly :)

    1. Hey Devon, I just replied to your email.

  11. I sent you an email from my Hotmail account :) I'm using the Lycos account for my surveys. Hope to hear from you soon!

  12. Hey Louida!

    Keep an eye out on us please. We’re soon to launch our beta platform, and would appreciate a good word to help us buildup a reviewer base. Our Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/buviewing?ref=hl and we know that there are many folks who want to do reviews, get free stuff, and earn a bit too. Thanks, and feel free to IM in FB.

    1. Cool! I look forward to review your beta platform. Please keep me posted!

    2. Will do!. If you get a chance, like our FB page, and I’ll IM via FB. Thank you again!

  13. I see that you are also on influenster, how did you build your levels? I have been trying and cant get past zero. How long did it take you?

    1. I unlock badges and then fill out the information and surveys needed in each badge I unlocked.

  14. Hello,
    I love the sites that you have put up. I wanted to know is it okay to post a link on your blog. This link is for earning giftcards for over 50 places, such as Amazon, ebay, Kmart, walmart, playstation network, burger king,and many many others. It is very easy to earn points by watching short vidoes, taking 10 question surveys, regular surveys,playing games and many other things. I have been on the site for 6 months and I have earned 600.00. in different gift cards and I have even requested checks. You can even get 100 points and get a 1.00 giftcard. The reason that I am asking about posting a link is because honestly when i refer someone I get more points. I wanted to make sure that it was ok. Also if this is not okay I will just post the name of the site so that everyone can use it.Your giftcards are instant so you do not have to wait for them in the mail.

    1. Hello,

      I'm sorry but I don't allow links to be posted on my blog or blog comments, but you can tell me what this company is.

      FYI- You could've chose Name/URL and added your link there instead of being Anonymous.

  15. Another site that I found to get great samples is Pinchme.com.... great site... i get about 3 samples per month

    1. Thanks for the info, I'll look into this site! I always love getting freebies!

  16. Yes pinchme.com is great. I did not see globaltestmarket.com or casagigs.com on your list. They mostly specialize in surveys but you can test products with them also. with Global Test, their product testing is not open to the public. you have to qualify for that.

    Oh yeah, is it possible to test products full time? They all seem to run out of products after a while.

    1. Hey KeKe,

      I did include GlobalTestMarket.com on the list and tested with them many of times. I've never heard of Casagigs.com and I'll be checking them out soon too.

      To test products full time you can become a product review blogger like me by joining companies looking for bloggers to review their products on blogs. I did a blog post about it and here is the link http://www.productreviewmom.com/2013/11/how-to-become-product-review-blogger.html

      If you're looking to get paid to be a product review blogger then it might not be right for you because the free products is your compensation usually.

  17. Woops, I just saw that you did mention global test market. How about this one though: weartest.newbalance.com. I just signed up with them. Not sure if they pay though. But I'll let you know when I find out.

    1. I've listed weartest.newbalance.com on my other blog, here is the link http://www.earningfreemoney.com/2/post/2013/12/get-paid-to-test-products.html

      I don't believe that company pays though, the shoes is your compensation.

  18. With earning money through these websites, what about filing for taxes? How does that work or is it even taxable?

    1. You're responsible for claiming money earned as income. If you have earned $600 or more, the company will send you a 1099 form. But you still have to claim any money earned to the IRS.

  19. Hi Louida, I'm in the process of checking the companies that you have posted here. And I'm interested in Pinecone Research, which is by referral. Can you refer me? My email tapd32@gmail.com. Thank you

    1. The referral link is provided in the post. Right now Pinecone Research has a limited opening to people who are males 18+; females 18-24; Hispanics and African-Americans 18+. I'll email you this too.

  20. hello Louida, am happy to meet you at last.i have been looking for someone like you,my name is Francis cosmos, please i want you to be my online mentor please reply via my email frankume@yahoo.com MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AMEN.

    1. Hello Francis,

      What help can I assist you with? Are you looking to work online?

  21. wow, louida, you have a nice picture in the meet me. and the other small one under hello is a good one too. its nice to meet you. you are a really nice person. you deserve to be thanked for all of your help. you are so kind.

    anyways, i have been on i-say and mysurvay for several months now and i have ONLY been able to take question surveys.

    and then i read your listing about product testing companies -- and these same companies were in the list. so, i went back to each of them and scoured them, looking for a way to do anything else besides "just" take surveys, and was looking for a way to be able to "test products" instead, but could find no solution or answer.
    [product tester]

    so i double checked on your list, and sure enough, you said:
    ". i-Say- I get a lot of household items to test with I-Say Panel."

    "MySurvey- I get quite a few products from MySurvey Panel"

    " Also offers to join high paying focus groups. "
    how do you do this? you mean as a standard member, after signing up, or do you have to click on something, or specifically ASK to be in a focus group?

    i don't know "how" test products on these sites, so maybe i'll just join ANOTHER company instead so that i "can" be able to test products?.........

    thank you,
    [paid surveys]

    1. Hey there,

      Have you filled out your profile completely? Also, it really what ever demographic a company is looking for. I fit the demographic as a young mother with children who is the main shopper in the family, so I get a lot more opportunities to test products.

      I fill out surveys and some leads to testing a product that I get invited to try at home. Some surveys leads to focus groups where me and other people are in a chat room setting discussing different products.

      But like I said before, it's really what demographic the companies are looking for. If you want to "just" test products then you can join companies like BzzAgent and Smiley360.

      Don't feel discourage, continue to fill out the surveys and you will have a chance to test products.

    2. okay, so i guess, i just noticed that i didn't fill out the profile, but all it is is my address and phone number...
      they already know my email address and how to get a hold of me, which they do all the time for new surveys.

      they have never given me the opportunity, though there was only 1 time that they said that they would send me a product to test, but they didn't say that i would get any points or anything for it, nor be able to test other products. like you, i want to test products. however, i not looking for the products, but to get paid for doing it.

      i don't do it that often so i want my time to MEAN something.

      so its just as i thought, that you suggest that i should try to test products with a different company.
      BzzAgent and Smiley360:

      thanks, i'll look into these.

      i appreciate you. i am glad to have met you. you do a great service for many people.
      i am honored to meet you. i just want to thank you for helping all these people.
      you have so much love in your heart.

    3. hello louida,
      so far i spent about 10 hours on taking these surveys, including the time that it takes for the "pre-test" survey qualifiers to "see" if you are ABLE to take the survery, and made $20.
      its kind of excruiating taking these surveys -- which makes me want to test products instead. that's why i want to try something different.

      i have taken about 25 surveys in each of these 2 companies: i-say & mysurvey.

      so how many surveys does it take to be ABLE to test products with these companies?
      [or if you don't know, from your own experience, how many surveys did it take for you, for example, to be able to have the "opportunity" to test products with these companies [i-say & mysurvey]

      and when you had said that you test products for these companies, i was shocked -- because i have never heard of this, or knew that this was possible, or available.

      thank you, louida,

    4. Hello John,

      I've notice with Survey Panels that women with children get more opportunities to test products. This may be the reason why you don't get as many. There is no way to say how many products you'll be able to test each month with companies, it all depends on your demographic. Make sure to fill out any screeners a survey panel sends you for a better chance to get into product testing.

      I haven't done a lot of product testing lately with survey panels since I get products from companies directly since I'm a product review blogger.

      When I was strictly doing product testing through survey panels, I was getting about 4 different products to test a month. My demographic is young mom with kids and the main shopper in the household.

      Don't feel discourage, you'll have the opportunity to test products and earn money. Please contact me through email if you need help. Thanks!


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