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Black Friday Best Buys

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Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year and it is the best day to find excellent deals. With many stores offering discounts it is smart that you plan ahead of time so you are ready for the big day. Each year, companies release their sales early, but some companies have leaked ads and you can plan a month in advance. Here are some of the best deals that have been found on Black Friday.


Dell has some hugely discounted computers available for Black Friday this year. The OptiPlex 3020 is priced over $700. It has a 4th generation Intel Core i3 processor, with a 500 GB hard drive. On Black Friday, this tower will be available for just under $500. The matching laptop is originally priced over $600 and will be on sale for less than $500. Finally, if you are looking for a computer that has a large hard drive and plenty of memory, then the XPS 8900 is on sale for roughly 30-percent off. It offers one terabyte of hard drive space and comes with a professional copy of Windows Operating System.


Belk is one of the department stores that are beginning their Black Friday sales on the evening of Thanksgiving. They are offering great deals on a variety of home goods, as well as coupons for percentages and dollar amounts off all items. Some of the products you can find include the Keurig for $100 off, and then you can take an additional 25% off with the coupon. Belk also sells clothing, and they are offering boots starting at $20 from brands including Puffen, Parvin, Ibsen, and Cyrene.


Macy’s may have low prices year-round, but they get serious during Black Friday. You can find sheets that are $140 for only $30. It is vital that you get there extremely early because they are only available as long as supplies last. They also offer coupons in their flyer for customers to get additional money off if they are willing to spend money. This year they are offering $10 off a $25 purchase or $20 off a $50 purchase.


Amazon is my favorite go-to website to shop for all of my holiday gifts needs without all the long lines and crowds, you can buy at the privacy of your home.

Amazon has been having Black Friday sales leading up to the big day for several weeks now on electronics, tvs, cameras, movies, and other cool gadgets.

Their deals will be even better on Cyber Monday, so don't buy all of your stuff during Black Friday event.

Shopping the Black Friday sales require patience and planning, which can be difficult if stores do not release their ads early enough. You will want to be on the lookout for ads from toy stores, such as Toys R Us, and big box stores, such as Target and Walmart. It is best to talk to a store if they do not have an item that you were hoping to purchase. You may not be able to get the full Black Friday price because the goal is only to offer it on products in stock, but you might be awarded a discount. There have also been cases where a product was advertised, but it was not put in stock in time, so the store still awards the price if mentioned on Black Friday.

Do you shop on Black Friday? What sales are you looking forward to this year?
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!  via

Hey Yall!  Have a awesome Thanksgiving!  My family and I are so thankful to have wonderful readers like you!  Thanks for always stopping by!
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Top 25 Christmas Gifts for Boys

Top 25 Christmas Gifts for Boys  via
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Boys are often into sports, electronics, reading, and food. When you are shopping for the boys in your life, consider these 25 items.

  1. Laser Projection Keyboard – A great addition to the computer is a projection keyboard that allows any flat top area to become a keyboard.

  2. Driver’s License Kit – If your son is getting ready to drive, consider making a kit for getting their driver’s license. Make sure it is complete with a tire gauge, flashlight, insurance cardholder, and a small gas card to get started.

  3. iTunes Gift Card – Most children have some sort of electronic device, and if your son has an iPod, get a gift card for the iTunes store.

  4. Gaming Chair – For the gamer in your life, consider a high quality gaming chair that is complete with audio jacks and a cup holder.

  5. Charging Station – Another great present for any child is a charging station that allows him to charge multiple devices at once.

  6. RC Vehicle – Remote controlled vehicles are still very popular, and the options are infinite. You can go with wired vehicles all the way to wireless helicopters.

  7. Extended Batteries – In addition to charging stations, extended batteries make for great gifts. These blocks can be charged and then taken to allow electronics to be charged without an outlet.

  8. Beats – It is very likely that you do not listen to the same music your son does, so getting Beats headphones (or similar) are a great gift for everyone.

  9. Lap Desk – Consider getting your son a gift that allows them to turn their lap and tablet into a desktop. There are now lap desks that have docking stations for tablets.

  10. Darth Vader Alarm Clock – For the boys in your life that love Star Wars, consider getting an alarm clock that looks like a Darth Vader Lego.

  11. Fitbit – Quit arguing with your son on how active he is; get him a Fitbit that allows him to track his activity levels every day.

  12. Shower Speaker – Get the teenage boy in your life a shower speaker that lets him jam while getting clean.

  13. GoPro – If your son enjoys being outside and wants to work on photography, consider a GoPro. With the price and delicacy, this is a great gift for teenagers and older.

  14. Minecraft – For younger children, Minecraft is a great purchase for the computer or a gaming console.

  15. Lego Kits – Regardless of the age of your child, you can find fantastic Lego kits that will occupy a child for hours.

  16. Jedi Bath Robe – Make getting clean fun with a bathrobe that makes them look like a Jedi when they get out.

  17. Tablet Keyboard – More schools are using iPads as part of education, but you can make typing easier by getting a keyboard case for it.

  18. Snack Helmets – If you know a child, who enjoys watching sports, get a bowl shaped like a helmet for them to store their game time snacks in.

  19. Novelty Coin Banks – Piggy banks can now be found that cater to boy humor, including a bank that emits a farting noise as money is put in.

  20. Fun Hats – Instead of getting a normal winter hat, consider getting crocheted hats that are novelty items. Some examples include beard hats and knight’s hats.

  21. Furry Slippers – Winter brings cold floors, but you can keep feet warm with the use of slippers. Slippers can be found that turn feet into monsters or hobbits, depending on what your son enjoys.

  22. Zombie Novelty Cookie Jars – Let your son have a cookie jar in his room where you can place occasional treats.

  23. Razor Scooter – Get the boy in your life active with a Razor scooter. There are different types to match every ability.

  24. Giant Gummy Bear – Buy a large gummy bear that weighs five pounds. It will keep him happy for days.

  25. Giant Snickers Bar – If a gummy bear is not your style, Snickers offers a one-pound snack bar that can be shared with friends or nibbled on over a few days.

What are some other good Christmas gift ideas for boys?

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Be Casually Cute on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Outfit

LE3NO shirt dress

Trench coat

Glamorous brown bag
$38 -

Sif Jakobs Jewellery wrap bracelet
$430 -

House of Harlow 1960 hoop earrings

Family coming in town or you're traveling to see your relatives for Thanksgiving and wondering what to wear?

I created this casually cute outfit that is sweet, yet comfortable.  No need to get all glamorous, leave that to Christmas get-togethers.  Fall is all about plaid, boots, trench coats, and fringe.  You know the simple nature kind of look.

This cute plaid dress can be worn with, or without a belt; however with a belt gives you a better shape.  Also, this dress will disguise your waistline just in case you had too many helpings of turkey and pumpkin pie, LOL!

Are you thinking of pulling an all-nighter Black Friday shopping?  These boots are also comfy since it has a low, chunky heel. 

Pair this outfit with some gold accessories, or you can do some brown or neutral colors. 

How will you be dressing up for Thanksgiving?

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Music Monday: Three Songs That Move Me Plus Giveaway!

Music Monday:  Three Songs That Move Me Plus Giveaway!  via

Hey Yall!  How is your Monday going?

I teamed up with Kendra from, Tamiko from, and Dani from to share 3 songs that move me.

I love me some old school music!  When I'm in my car on my way to work, 9 times out of 10 the station is on The Groove on satellite radio.  Something about older music really gets me in the mood and starts my day on a good note.  It's that kind of feel good music that has old folks getting up and dancing at your family reunion.

I must have an old soul because the majority of music I like is before my time.  Music is not like what it use to be, but I will still listen to some of the ratchiness that plays on the radio today now and then.

Here are the Top 3 Songs that get my day going:

Cameo- Candy

New Edition- Candy Girl

The Commodores- Brick House

Was I able to get you out of your seat and start groovin'?  I hope I made your Monday at least a little better.

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What 3 Songs get your day going?

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Top Electronics to Buy For Christmas

Top Electronics to Buy For Christmas  via
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Do you have a technology lover that you have to shop for this Christmas? If so, consider purchasing one of the electronics from this list, as they are sure to be pleased with your selection. 

Fitbit’s have been praised since they were released. This year it is already being projected that the Fitbit Flex is going to be one of the most wanted Christmas gifts. For less than $100, you can give that special person an activity tracker that also tracks their sleep. The best part is this is an ideal gift for both genders since this nifty gadget looks like a trendy bracelet.

Technology really works overtime when it comes to the Fugoo. This is one of the most durable portable speakers on the market, which happens to be waterproof, shockproof, mud proof, and snow proof. Music lovers everywhere have to have one of these so they can keep the crowd entertained regardless of the weather conditions.

Do you have to gift someone who does not have a kindle yet? Why not go ahead and surprise them with the Kindle Fire HD. This tablet will surely blow their mind and if you purchase from Amazon, you can usually catch one for around $100, which also includes a few special offers.

Digital Cameras always make great gifts for Christmas. However, with so many options available it can be hard to know which one your recipient will love. Therefore, it is suggested to listen out for their hints or go with a DSLR, and you can never go wrong. 

Drones have been in this year and those who have not had a chance to purchase one for themselves, hope to wake up on Christmas morning to find one under the Christmas tree. As with cameras, there are many drones to choose from. Therefore, you have to do your research to see which one will meet your recipient’s needs.

Smartwatches are another thing that individuals want, but if they don’t have one yet hope to receive on Christmas. Pebble has made quite the positive reputation for themselves and they have watches available for less than $100, which makes them the perfect brand to shop with this holiday season.

If you have a game lover that you are shopping for, go ahead and get them an XBOX One. It has been out long enough that, all of the kinks should have been worked out from the earlier ones and now that some time has passed, you can get it for a more budget friendly price too.

Yes, iPad’s make the list again for one of the most wanted Christmas gifts. If the Apple lover in your life does not have one yet, go ahead and surprise them this year with a gift that you know they are going to put to good use.

Are you hoping to receive or give some electronics as gifts this holiday season? If so, which ones?
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Christmas Delight and Learning about French Travel in 2016

Christmas Delight and Learning about French Travel in 2016  via

 Hey Yall!  How is it going?  How has your weekend been so far?   I had a head start putting up our Christmas tree since the next two weekends we will be busy.  Check it out below and let me know what you think because we got a new Christmas tree and holiday decor.  I'm trying to get fancier since the girls are now getting older.  No more kiddie trees.

Christmas Delight and Learning about French Travel in 2016  via

Christmas Delight and Learning about French Travel in 2016  via

Christmas Delight and Learning about French Travel in 2016   via

Christmas Delight and Learning about French Travel in 2016   via

Some of you may have noticed on my Instagram and Facebook this past Friday that I posted a few pictures of an event I attended about France.

Several weeks back I received an invite to attend Atout France Press Luncheon to learn about what's new with France travel in 2016 and meet their partners Air France, Rail Europe, Martinique, Midi-Pyrénées, and Normandy.  I was quite shocked to get this invite since my only travels I show on my blog is in the United States. Looks like it's time to start blogging about overseas trips.

You all know what had happened in Paris with the terrorist attacks.  I was unsure if the luncheon would still go on as scheduled.  Also, I was unsure if I should even attend the event because to be honest; I'm nervous to travel to France at the moment.  But I still wanted to learn about France since I never took a trip there.  I never even traveled out of the country.  Will France be the first stamp on my passport?  Hmm....we shall see!

The luncheon was at the Four Seasons in Atlanta and boy was it a luxurious hotel; that place makes me want to have a stay-cation there!

Christmas Delight and Learning about French Travel in 2016  via

The room the event was in, all the tables were set up nicely, and people who were doing the event were so welcoming with their adorable French accent, bonjour!

I arrived 30 minutes early, so I had a head start with networking.

Christmas Delight and Learning about French Travel in 2016  via

Christmas Delight and Learning about French Travel in 2016   via

Christmas Delight and Learning about French Travel in 2016   via

Christmas Delight and Learning about French Travel in 2016   via

When you think of France, I bet the first place that pops into your mind is Paris.  France has so many other places to travel to, and also they're all family friendly.

Christmas Delight and Learning about French Travel in 2016   via

A location that caught my interest was Martinique, a French Caribbean island that is nestled in the heart of the Lesser Antilles between Dominica to the north and St. Lucia. Martinique lies 1,965 miles from New York, 1,470 miles from Miami, 425 miles from San Juan, and 4,261 miles from Paris.   Y'all know how I love going to the beach, and Martinique is the perfect place to lay out in the sun while drinking island drinks.

Christmas Delight and Learning about French Travel in 2016   via

Marion, Communications Director of France, greeted us and also spoke about the tragic event that happened in Paris over a week ago.  Right now, it is too soon to answer questions about the terrorism that accord but she did mention that security there has tightened but borders are not closed and everything resumed back to normal a couple of days later.  Marion also said she is very grateful for the American people to be so compassionate and helpful.  The terrorist will not bring the French people down, all it did was make them stronger.

Listening to this made me realize, these terrorist acts can happen anywhere, but we can not live in fear because that is what the terrorist wants.  We need to go about our everyday lives but still be mindful of our surroundings.

Christmas Delight and Learning about French Travel in 2016   via

Marion showed us three different videos of places in France and a way to travel while there.  She showed my new favorite place Martinique, Normandy a place with beautiful medieval structures, and Rail Europe a railway that travels to many different cities and countries, also two kids travel for free with a paying adult.

Christmas Delight and Learning about French Travel in 2016  via

Christmas Delight and Learning about French Travel in 2016   via

Our lunch was so delightful, one of the best fine dining cuisines I've ever eaten!  My fish Bronzino was so light it seemed like it melted in my mouth.  At first looking at my dish I thought my fish was raw, and it would start moving on my plate but it was an excellent choice instead of choosing steak.

Christmas Delight and Learning about French Travel in 2016   via

My chocolate silk pie was also fantastic too, and I don't even like chocolate pies or cakes.  Compliments to the chef!

I'm glad I didn't miss out on this event, France is such a beautiful and romantic place.  Maybe next year I'll be catching a flight to France (fingers and toes crossed).

Have you traveled to France before?  If so, where?

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Christmas Items Needed for Decorating Your Home

Christmas Items Needed for Decorating Your Home  via
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If you enjoy decorating for the holidays, then Christmas is a fun time to add color and aroma to your home. There are thousands of things you can do from a few simple items. These essentials can be used in a variety of ways to make every home look and feel different. In addition, you can change the way you use them each year to keep your home looking fresh.

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees come in a variety of colors and sizes. You can find trees that are pre-lit, as well as trees that are fiber optic. Depending on the theme you are creating in your home, you can go with the standard green tree, or you can find full size trees that are white, purple, pink, and even rainbow. These fun colors make for great additions to game rooms or purchased as table tops for decorations. Finally, you can forgo the fake tree and add nature into your house by having a real tree as your Christmas tree.


Christmas tree lights can be strung around the tree or around the home. However, you can also take these lights and dangle them around the inside of your home to add spirit without worrying about the outside elements. Lights make a great table runner, as well as wrapped around center pieces. They are inexpensive and come in a variety of color patterns. If you are concerned about the electric bill, plug the lights into a timer so you will not have to worry about turning them off.

Pinecones and Holly

You can decorate anything inside and out with a few well-placed pinecones and holly. For example, consider placing an arrangement on top of your mailbox or on a porch chair cushion. You can use it inside and a centerpiece, or add some essential oils to make a potpourri upon entering the home. When combined with candles and a string of lights, you can quickly (and cheaply) bring life to your fire place mantle. You do not even need to purchase the pinecones; you can ask neighbors for them or take your family on a nature hike during the fall.


Finally, your family should have at least one wreath to hang on the front door of your home. However, wreaths also make beautiful pieces when hung on your mantle, or used as the base for a centerpiece. Wreaths can be bought, but you can also create a memorable family tradition of making one together each year. If you are using real branches in your wreath, you will want to prepare them so you do not create a fire hazard.

If your family is religious, you may feel it is a necessity to have the nativity on display somewhere in your home. There are a variety of styles and they add an admiration regardless of where they are placed. Unlike the other essentials, nativities are not a decoration that can be used in a variety of ways, but it still adds the feeling of Christmas when on display.

How do you decorate your home during the holidays?
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Top 10 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays at the World of Coca-Cola

Top 10 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays at the World of Coca-Cola  via
Photos courtesy of World of Coca-Cola

Hey Yall!  My good pals at the World of Coca-Cola are sharing with you today, Top 10 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays at the World of Coca-Cola.  When I think of Christmas, I’m always thinking of the classic Santa drinking a coke from a old school Coca-Cola bottle.  Also those unforgettable commercials of the Coca-Cola polar bears, you know it’s the holiday season when you see those adorable bears on tv.

Top 10 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays at the World of Coca-Cola   via

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the World of Coca‑Cola in Atlanta. The interactive home of Coke launches its holiday celebration today with lights, photo opps galore, memorable gifts, a letter-writing Coca-Cola Polar Bear and more.

“The World of Coca‑Cola is a favorite holiday destination for fans of all ages from around the world,” said General Manager of Retail and Attractions for the World of Coca‑Cola Russell Jacobs. “We are always planning new ways to surprise and delight our guests, and we’ve put together a list of our top ten reasons to spend the holidays with us this year.”

Top 10 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays at the World of Coca-Cola   via

Guests can:

  1. Mail friends personalized letters from the desk of the Coca‑Cola Polar Bear inviting them to the attraction

  1. Give a one-of-kind holiday gift that friends and family will always remember

  1. Savor the season with signature beverages like Gingerbread Coke and Mistletoe Flow starting the Friday after Thanksgiving

  1. Snap and share selfies with the Coca‑Cola Polar Bear and Santa Claus using #WOCCHoliday

  1. Get the star treatment with personalized VIP Guided Tours

  1. Give back with a gift from the 5by20 artisan collection, which benefits women entrepreneurs around the world

  1. Ooh and ahh over the thousands of holiday lights and larger-than-life ornaments in Pemberton Place

  1. Learn the real story behind the Santa Claus image we know and love, originally commissioned by Coca-Cola in the 1930s

  1. Share favorite holiday memories of Coca‑Cola with other fans from around the world

  1. Give the gift of happiness all year long with a World of Coca-Cola Annual Pass

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