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Food Storage Basics: What You Need to Get Started on Food Storage for You and Your Family

Food Storage Basics: What You Need to Get Started on Food Storage for You and Your Family  via
Guest post by Anita Ginsberg  Photo Credit

It never hurts to be prepared for an emergency. While you don't have to store food to live on for an entire year, a three-month supply of essential foods can get you through small emergencies like a winter storm, loss of a paycheck due to sickness or problems with the water supply. If you purchase extra supplies each week, you can have months’ worth of food without having to purchase 50 cans of tuna all at once. 

Start With the Recipes

First, you should determine the foods you want to eat for a long period of time. While you might enjoy tuna, you might not enjoy it every single day for three months. Instead, you might decide to purchase chicken in a can. Think about your favorite recipes and make a list of things that your family will eat. If they'd like spaghetti and meatballs every night of the week, it makes sense to purchase and store spaghetti, sauce and meat. It helps to watch for sales and stock up during that time. 

Where to Store Your Food

Once you start buying items in bulk, you have to consider how you'll store them long term. If you're buying rice or dry beans, you can store them in large barrels that are food safe. You can dedicate a corner of your finished basement, unused closet or pantry to the extra food you'll be storing. Wherever items are stored, it should be clean and dry. 

Building a Water Supply

With all the food in the world, it wouldn't guarantee your survival without water. The average person can only last three days without water. In an ideal world, you should be storing at least a gallon for each person in your home to drink per day but for at least two weeks. If there are four people in your home, you need four gallons for a day of water and 56 gallons to last two weeks. You should consider a water filtration system beyond that time. 

Non-Food Items

While you're storing food items, don't forget about batteries, candles and fuel. Propane tank heaters from Powerblanket are great for increasing the efficiency of your propane tank. They can prolong the use of the propane that you currently have in the tank. While you're saving all these food items, you'll need to be able to cook it. You might need heat in the winter if you live in a cold climate too. 

Personal Hygiene

You need to keep yourself clean to remove bacteria and germs from the body. In an emergency situation, you need soap, deodorant, shampoo and toothpaste. These items should be stored with the extra supplies of food. 

You can start your food storage slow while steadily increasing the items that you have stored. Make sure you are rotating the items that you're using, so that the food doesn't expire.
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Product Review Weekend Link Up Party #ProductReviewParty #95

Product Review Weekend Link Up Party #ProductReviewParty #95  via
#ProductReviewParty is every Friday from 9am to Sunday 9pm EST

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bareMinerals Update

bareMinerals Update  via
Post contains Amazon affiliate links

Hey Yall!  How has your week been so far?  As for me, I have been dealing with a nasty parasite infestation that was happening in my fish tank. 


My poor fish all have been sluggish, having pus coming out of their scales, and white stuff covering their body and eyes.  This would often happen to my fish, and I thought they had an ick problem so I would treat them with ick medicine.  But that only masked the problem.

Recently I noticed little wiggly worms the size of thin hair floating in the tank, and I was unsure what this may be.  I went to PetSmart to get their opinion in which they told me that I had a parasite infestation and must throw away everything in the tank, also treat the new water with treatment for parasites and tapeworms.

Good grief, I thought having fish would be hardly any work, just regular water changes and feeding the fish.  I've had different kinds of fish since I was a tween, and I never experienced this problem.  I believe this infestation is the reason my poor Goldie died last year. 

Glad I figured out the problem before all the fish gone on home to fishy heaven.  The fish are doing much better and looking healthier.  They have one more treatment left to go.

Anyways.....the reason for this post.  I wanted to update you all about my thoughts using bareMinerals for my powder foundation coverage for about a year.

A refresher, I use to use MAC cosmetics foundation to cover up my spots on my face, but their foundations were too heavy and made me oily by the end of the day, not to mention breaking my skin out terribly.

bareMinerals Update  via

I attended an event last year where a lady from bareMinerals introduce me to their makeup products.  Ever since then I have been using their powders religiously, and couldn't be more please with their powders. 

I would have never thought that I would get good enough coverage from bareMinerals, and it does, plus their powders feel light weight on my skin feeling as if I'm barely wearing makeup at all.

When I first heard about bareMinerals I wasn't interested in them at all; they didn't excite me.  I'm assuming the reason for this was because their marketing was lacking.

With MAC, I found them so much fun, in your face, the coolest makeup on the market.

bareMinerals Update   via

But when Shiseido, a Japanese cosmetics company bought bareMinerals Brand (then called Bare Escentuals) in 2010, I noticed bareMinerals started to make a vast improvement with their brand, they seemed much more in trend for women in their 30s and up.  bareMinerals became more than just known for powder foundations; they also include liquid foundations, skin care products, and much more.

Their packaging has gotten better too, much more inviting with an upscale look.

bareMinerals Update  via

I get a lot of compliments wearing bareMinerals, with my face looking fresh with a natural glow all day as long as I'm wearing their matte powder along with their finish powder. 

bareMinerals Update   via

With their foundation brush, the powder goes on evenly with a smooth finish.  For added coverage I use their cream concealer.

With bareMinerals, they are more of a natural looking beauty products, while MAC is more dramatic.  I prefer a natural look, I'm too old for all that wild makeup looks.

I still didn't say goodbye to MAC all the way; I still use their eyebrow pencil, eyeshadows, and lipsticks.  Oh yeah, I never pay for MAC lipsticks because of their recycling program.  When I have six empty MAC containers, I trade them in for a free lipstick.

Another thing, I tried to use MAC foundation again since I still had some left, well it broke me out.  Their foundations sure do clog my skin, and to think of all the years I was trying to cover up my spots and acne and MAC was the problem the whole time.

My spots are continuing to fade thanks to wearing bareMinerals, drinking more water, healthier diet, and exercising.  Have you noticed my face is looking slimmer?  Yay, I'm on the right track!

I've also tried bareMinerals liquid foundations; I didn't like it due to being too oily and color too orange.  Their eye shadows are good, but not as pigment as MAC; bareMinerals is soft and settled.

What do you think about my makeup look?  I had a chance to play around with some colors before picking up the girls from school yesterday.  I'm experimenting with looks for Valentine's Day, even though I never dress up for that day, but thought to change things up a bit. 

bareMinerals Update  via

Here are the products I used:

Foundation Powders- bareMinerals

Eyelids- MAC

Eyeliner- MAC

Cheeks and Highlight Contour- Smashbox

Eyebrows- MAC

Lip- MAC
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Join the Travel and Vacation Panel!

Join the Travel and Vacation Panel!  via
Post contains affiliate links

Hey all my travel lovers!  Join the exclusive Travel & Vacation Panel, and get rewarded for sharing your opinion and make a difference in the world of travel and vacation habits.

They are looking for people with children under the of 18, and grandparents.

Psst....It's joining a Disney Panel!
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Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts  via
Post contains Amazon affiliate links

It’s that time of the year where you get to feel bad about being single. At the same time, if you are in a relationship, you feel compelled to show your significant other how much you love them. Picking out a special gift that’s unique can be incredibly stress-inducing.

I’m going to take a look at some unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas your partner is sure to love.

Custom Map Pillow

Custom map pillows are pillows that feature your favorite geographical locations. This works on two fronts.

First, people in long distance relationships can give something that relates to them. In addition, you can add a geographical location that you both fell in love with. Many people also love how practical custom map pillows can be.

Chocolate Bar Eye Palette

The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette represents two things a girl loves. First, it’s her favorite makeup in an easy-to-use box. It’s also in the form of a chocolate bar, so she can dream of swallowing some smooth, silky chocolate.

Nevertheless, what I would also like to mention is that if you buy a gift like this, make sure you get her an actual bar of chocolate to go with it!

Custom Yoga Mat

Yogis are an increasingly common species in Western society. If you are living with one, get them a custom yoga mat this Valentine’s Day. You can customize the color, the size, and the style. There is nothing stopping you from adding a personal message to let them know you are always thinking of them.

Star Wars Leia and Han Hand Towels

With Star Wars fever back in demand, this is the perfect gift to fuel your inner geek. For both men and women, these hand towels are customized with the silhouettes of both characters, along with quotes from the movies.

These hand towels are practical and thoughtful, plus you don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on them.


Live music lovers need a pair of earplugs to protect their eardrums from the speakers. You can’t tell someone how much you love them when they’ve had their eardrums blown to high heaven. DUBS preserve the quality of the music, while defending your ears.

Valentine’s Day is a time for showing how much you care for someone. These unique Valentine’s Day gifts are bound to make your significant other smile. Nevertheless, there are literally hundreds of personalized gifts you can come up with.

If you really want to push the boat out, you could make up some gifts at home with your own two hands.

What are your favorite unique Valentine’s Day gifts?
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Products You Can Get that are Pantone Colors 2016

Products You Can Get that are Pantone Colors 2016   via
Pantone Colors with Ikea 2016.   Post contains Amazon affiliate links.

The pantone colors are a representation of the styles, trends, and fashions of 2016. You can be at the height of style by incorporating these pantone colors into your lifestyle. Whether you are wearing them or whether you are putting them on your face, or redecorating your home, these products will help you rock the pantone colors of 2016.

What are the Pantone Colors?

The Pantone colors are an attempt to define the best colors of the coming year. They are not just an attempt for companies to invent a new marketing campaign. You will see these colors reflected in the fashions and the makeups produced by all the big names.

This year you will spot pink colors and baby blues. Incorporate them into your New Year wardrobes. Get a head start on the fashions of the year!

  1. Sephora Colorful Wink-It Felt Liner Waterproof

In baby blue, this liquid eyeliner will help you intensify your makeup, even with the lightest shades. These will help your eyes to look intense and exciting. When your significant other or crush looks into your eyes, they will not be able to tear themselves away.

To compliment your new eyes, you need to have blue in your nails as well. Deborah Lippmann describes it as similar to a sky in the midst of a sunlit afternoon. If you are looking for a way to remove the winter blues, this nail color is the way to do it.

You are bound to turn some heads with this!

What I love about this Thomas Pink Shirt is the fact that it’s so silky smooth against your skin. It comes in baby blue, but you can also find it in other shades. It can go with anything, including a long skirt or a pair of skinny jeans.

  1. Dooney & Burke Bag

The Dooney & Burke leather bag is the perfect handbag to give yourself some extra storage space when out and about. There are many compartments inside for holding everything from makeup to your more feminine items.

At over $500, this is a big purchase, however, it’s also a bag done in the highest quality materials, so it’s going to be a big item in your wardrobe for years to come.

  1. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Paimpol

The chubby lipstick is quite oily and can be hard to get off at the end of a hard night. This lipstick is as simple to use as any bigger lipsticks, so you won’t have any problems applying it.

Many experts have defined it as easy to use as Crayola. The paimpol color is calm and peaceful, so it’s not too flashy and it will help you to pull off a cool and casual look.

These five products, including Ikea are my number one picks for the New Year. I recommend making your purchases now in order to save money on all your purchases in the long-term. It’s why people start buying months in advance.
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My Thoughts about Working for Myself

My Thoughts about Working for Myself  via

Hey Yall!  It has been a full month that I've been working from home full-time.  People have been asking me how I've been enjoying the work from home life, so I decided to share my thoughts about it through a blog post.

Let me tell ya, my anxiety was awful when I first left my job.  Thoughts of did I make a mistake leaving my job?  What if this whole blogging as a career ends up failing?  What if I grow bored of blogging? What if...what if...what if?


I was scaring myself to death, finding myself having nervous shakes often.  I never worked for myself before without having an outside job as my crutch. 

But you know what?  I love this life as an entrepreneur!  I have so much freedom to do whatever I want.  I don't have to answer to anyone!  I feel like I'm retired, and I'm only 32!

It was lonely at the beginning when I first left my job because during the day the girls are at school, and Mr. M is at work, so I find myself alone during the morning and early afternoon hours.  At my job, I would enjoy chatting it up with my coworker, but now I'm surrounded by dead silence, so I had to get used to that. 

I take that time to do any work that needs to be done with my blog, like writing, photo taking and answering emails.  If I'm already done with my work before it's time to pick the girls up from school, I use my free time to run errands and clean up around the house.  I do not watch tv at all because I hate daytime television. Also, I do not take naps since I'm going to bed much earlier.  I have joined a gym to help me recharge and lose weight.  Speaking of joining a gym, I started eating healthier too, giving me a lot more energy to get things done. 

With all this newfound freedom, I'm able to travel a lot more.  No more having to wait to see if I have enough vacation time at work and if I have someone to cover me to do my job duties.

Remember I was thinking of if I made the right choice of leaving my job? 

Last week, my old job was preparing to move to their new location, and I helped them out packing and unpacking.  It was great seeing my old coworkers and bosses, but the feeling of going back just didn't feel the same.  I felt like an employee again, having to follow the rules of someone else.  Back to morning traffic, telling my daughters I couldn't spend time with them due to having to help my job move, breaking a promise we had about going to the movies to see Kung Fu Panda 3.  Also, I found myself back eating fast foods, and ordering take-out for dinner each night and filling up my gas tank twice in a week.

That was God's way of showing me that I was meant to be at home working for myself; I made the right decision.

It was time for me stop living someone else dream; it's time to live my own.  Time to live today and stop worrying about tomorrow.  Yes, things fail, but failing is a good thing because you learn from it to not let it happen again.

The downside to being your own boss, you must pay the full price of medical, dental, and vision insurance, all of this can be very pricey.  You got to think about getting a retirement account, life insurance, and money for slow days as well.

Got to have a game plan working for yourself, saving up money before you take the leap to entrepreneurship is vital.  I find myself budgeting my money a lot, making sure I'm not spending it on things that are not needed.  Before I quit my job, I saved over a year's worth of income just in case blogging doesn't work out to be able to pay bills. far so good with being my own boss, I even made more money since I've been able to put my full focus into blogging.  Working for myself gets me out of my comfort zone and hustle harder making sure money continues to come in.  I'm the creator of my own destiny. 

I get to spend a lot of time with my family; the girls are happy I'm picking them up from school every day, Mr. M is happy that I'm home and cooking healthier meals.  Overall, I couldn't be happier!  Blogging has been a blessing for my whole family and me.

Do you have any questions for me about working for yourself as a blogger?

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Fun and Frugal Tips for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Fun and Frugal Tips for Celebrating Valentine’s Day  via
Guest Post by Dana Harris

Who doesn’t like to feel loved and important? Valentine’s Day is exactly the holiday for showing love, affection and friendship. Usually, people celebrate it by going out for dinner or buying presents and flowers, which can be quite expensive and perhaps even spoil the Valentine’s mood. However, there is no need to worry. Instead of buying overpriced gifts, you can just be creative and have a great time with your special ones without spending a lot. These colorful Valentine's printables in various designs and themes will surely come in handy, whether you’re preparing a gift for your partner or for your kids. Roses are red, violets are blue, here are some Valentine tips, specially for you! 

Impress your loved ones with a delicious meal or cookies

Love comes through the stomach. Let this saying be your motto this Valentine’s Day. And cheer up, there is no need to invent new Valentine’s recipes. You can simply prepare your favorite dish and decorate it in the Valentine’s Day spirit. One idea is to place one of the label designs with some lovely message next to dinner plates and pleasantly surprise your loved ones when they sit at the table. 

The same applies to Valentine’s cookies. Just choose a recipe everyone loves and make cookies in the shape of heart. Place them on a plate and decorate them using the printables as toppers. The best choice would probably be the label with a heart-shaped cookie on it. You can either write some inspirational/romantic message on it, or the name of those particular cookies and what they’re made of. This can be very helpful in case someone is allergic to commonly used cookie ingredients.

Since this holiday is all about spending precious time with your closest, another great idea is to cook and bake together. This can be especially interesting to the little ones. You can do the cooking and baking and they can do the decorating. You might be surprised how inventive they can be. Just give them some Valentine’s labels and let their imagination run wild. 

Craft Valentine’s gifts

Gifts are often perceived as more valuable when you’ve put some effort into creating them. Another way of using freshly baked cookies for Valentine’s is to pack them in a goodie bag or some kind of container and decorate it with a ribbon. You can then apply a Valentine’s label on it and think of a Valentine’s riddle to write on the label. That way the person who gets the present can guess who it is from. It’s much more personalized than buying a box of chocolates from a store.  

Play Valentine’s games

If you’re planning a Valentine’s party, organizing games is an important matter on the agenda. Use these labels and organize a “Funny Valentine”, for example. All players, except the leader of the game, get into a circle with a pen and one label, and write a silly thing to do (such as hop on one leg, mew like a cat etc.). They then fold the label so the others can’t see what they’ve written, and at the command of the leader they start passing the labels around the circle until the leader commands them to stop. Then he choses two people who need to play out the instructions on labels without laughing. Those who laugh are out. 

Just download the labels, print them out and jazz up this Valentine’s Day with cookies, decoration and laughter.

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Product Review Weekend Link Up Party #ProductReviewParty #94

Product Review Weekend Link Up Party #ProductReviewParty #94  via
#ProductReviewParty is every Friday from 9am to Sunday 9pm EST

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See How I Pampered Myself During Winter Storm Jonas

See How I Pampered Myself During Winter Storm Jonas  via
I was given Simply Scrub for free to give my honest opinions.  Post contains affiliate links.

Hey Yall!  How did you survive Winter Storm Jonas?  Did you get a dusting of snow or mountains piled high with it?

See How I Pampered Myself During Winter Storm Jonas  via

Atlanta didn't get hardly any snow; it was like mother nature sprinkled snow dust all over the grass, roofs, and cars, which quickly melted as the day went along.  Atlanta went into a panic, cleaned out the grocery stores thinking we would be hit hard by the storm, also thinking we would be stuck at home for days.  I'm happy that wasn't the case because I remember a couple of years back we had a severe ice storm, roads were dangerous to drive on, stores were close for days, and my family and I were stuck in our cooped up apartment for a week.  When that all melted, stepping out of our apartment felt like we were just released out of jail!

Since I recently returned home from Las Vegas, I knew where I'll be even if there was no snow and the sun was shining at 70 degrees, at home resting up.  Vegas took a lot out of me due to waking up early each day, walking up and down the strip, and walking throughout those huge casinos; I was super exhausted!

My girls came to me asking me where we're going for the weekend, I had to bust their bubble because momma needs a break, we'll return to our regular scheduled program of weekend fun the following weekend; I need to recuperate.  They were understanding and spent the weekend playing on their new Wii U, also watching kid's shows on Netflix.

I spent the winter storm weekend catching up on sleep, watching shows I recorded on DVR, and pampering myself.

Back in December, I was given some body scrubs to try out to see what my thoughts were about them.  I haven't had the time to try them out due to all the traveling I've been doing, but now I finally settled down for the moment and put these scrubs to use.

Simply Scrub helps to nourish, heal, and revitalize the skin, using ingredients that mother nature created.  All of their scrubs are 100% natural and organic.

See How I Pampered Myself During Winter Storm Jonas   via

My hair was in need of washing, so I took that opportunity while in the shower to use Simply Scrub.  First up, the Coffee scrub!

Ingredients: Organic Coffee Beans, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Dead Sea Mineral Salt, Organic Tea Tree Oil, Organic Brown Sugar, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Grape Seed Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Honeycomb

I love these ingredients; I can understand what everything is in this product.  And for $13.00, price is not bad either.

I hopped in the shower, washed my hair, and let my conditioner sit in my hair for awhile for deep conditioning.  I opened up the coffee scrub, and the aroma of fresh coffee beans filled the air, definitely woke up my senses.  It reminded me when I was a little girl visiting my grandmother's house, and at 5 or 6 am she had a pot of Folger's brewing while watching the morning news.  Her coffee sure made the house wake up from our deep slumber.

See How I Pampered Myself During Winter Storm Jonas  via

I scooped out some of the scrub, which reminded me of grounded up coffee beans, and the texture was like it too, very gritty.  Rubbing it on wet skin was rough on it, but felt like it was doing its job of removing dead skin cells.  The granules toned down any redness or inflammation I had going on with my skin and made my skin smooth as butter.  I was amazed how this scrub revealed softer, smoother skin without rubbing my skin raw.  The added oils in the scrub helped my skin be moisturized; that is needed with this cold weather.

With using Simply Scrub, no creams or lotions are necessary after use, but I used my favorite body cream for added moisture and boy was my skin feeling like a baby!

There is one thing I didn't like about Simply Scrub which was it causes your shower floor to be quite a mess.  I was using my feet to get the loose scrub particles to go down the drain.  But other than that, I love these scrubs!  All scrubs help with different skin conditions.

I can see it now; my skin will be ready for the warm sun this spring, and hot sun rays of summer!  Time to get your skin right ladies, swimsuit season will be here before you know it!  Hurry up spring and summer, I miss you!

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What did you do during Winter Storm Jonas?

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