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6 Common Health Problems Moms Face And How To Deal With Them

6 Common Health Problems Moms Face And How To Deal With Them  via
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Guest Post by Anita Ginsburg

A mother must keep up with her children when she is older, even when dealing with different health concerns. Avoiding your responsibility for your own body could cause health problems in your old age. The following are some of the most common health problems you may face as a mom: 

    1. Joint Problems

Your joints will cause you problems as you age, and the amount of movement you must do to keep up with your children will make your joint problems worse. Taking joint supplements will help you improve your joint health, and your doctor will help you improve your joint health using proper exercise and diet.

    1. Problems With Your Eyesight

Your eyesight may begin to diminish when you are older, and you must try to keep up with your kids as much as you can. Vision correction with LASIK may be a good option for you. Going in for a consultation with a professional will help you learn how to correct your vision. This is a great option if you don't like wearing glasses or contacts. 

    1. Weight Gain

Parents who are dealing with several small children may experience weight gain due to a lack of energy. Parents may have a hard time getting their exercise with small children in the house, and weight gain is a common problem among busy mothers. Moms who are experiencing weight gain should visit their doctors for assistance with their diet, and the doctor may recommend a visit to a dietitian. 

    1. Depression

Mothers who handle small children all day may experience depression that requires the care of a professional. Visiting with a psychologist or professional counselor will help mothers deal with the depression they feel, and mothers need new ways to handle their feelings. Having small children in the house can be challenging for women, but a mental health professional can change the way a mother deals with her depression in the aftermath of a birth.

    1. Migraines

Women experience hormone changes after birth that could cause migraines. Simple activities that were once exciting are now met with severe headaches, and women must consult their doctors for answers to these problems. A migraine could be caused by the nitrates in cured meats, sunlight, loud noises or various other things. There are medications designed to help combat migraines, and you must consult with your doctor when the headaches are extremely painful. Traditional pain medication will not solve your problems. 

    1. Shortness Of Breath

Shortness of breath could be a sign of a tumor on the lungs. You may have picked up bronchitis from one of your children, or your body may be reacting negatively to your diet or environment. Women are very sensitive to their environments, and you must see your doctor when these problems arise. A cough that doesn't go away should always be checked by a doctor to rule out serious problems.

The six conditions listed above are common in women, and you must not assume it will not happen to you. Go to your doctor for assistance when you are dealing with any of these health issues.

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Friday, July 31

Product Review Weekend Link Up Party #ProductReviewParty #70

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#ProductReviewParty is every Friday from 9am to Sunday 9pm EST

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Thursday, July 30

Fit & Fresh Kids' Bento Lunch Kits Review and Giveaway Ends 8/13

Fit & Fresh Kids' Bento Lunch Kits Review and Giveaway Ends 8/13  via
I was given the Bento Lunch Kit to do a review and give my honest feedback.

Hey yall!  I hope you all are having a great week so far and ready for the weekend!  My week has been going well and I’ve been ready for the weekend since Monday, LOL!

I can’t believe the girls’ starts back to school on August 10th, it’s quickly approaching and I’m not ready for it at all because I haven’t started shopping yet.  The reason why I haven’t shopped for back to school earlier is because I wanted to shop during the tax free weekend that is coming up soon to help save some money.  Did you know that back to school shopping is the second most money spending season?  Christmas is the first and that will be here before you know it.  OH NO!!!!!

While you’re completing your back to school list, have you added what lunchboxes to get your children?

Lunchboxes wasn’t that important to me at first until I noticed how nasty they would get during the school year.  By the time it was lunch time at my daughters’ school their lunches was not fresh and they would complain about it, so I started adding money to their lunch accounts for them to buy school lunches instead.  But doing this was getting very expensive so I needed to find a better option to keep my girl’s lunch fresh all day, even though I make their lunches the night before.

Fit & Fresh Kids' Bento Lunch Kits Review and Giveaway Ends 8/13  via

In comes Fit & Fresh Kids' Bento Lunch Kits, kit has one main container with a sandwich sized compartment and two smaller compartments. The two smaller compartments each hold a small half cup container. The main container lid holds two ice packs to keep your child's meal fresh and cool for lunch time. The whole kit comes enclosed in an insulated chiller bag in awesome prints your child will love! Plastic containers are microwave, freezer, and top rack dishwasher safe.

My Review

Fit & Fresh Kids' Bento Lunch Kits Review and Giveaway Ends 8/13  via


When first looking at the Bento Lunch Kit, I fell in love with the design on the outside of the bag; it reminds me of the brand Vera Bradley.  

When Michelle caught her eye on the lunch bag she immediately claimed it as hers, so now I’ll be getting Lauren a Bento Lunch Kit as well.

Fit & Fresh Kids' Bento Lunch Kits Review and Giveaway Ends 8/13  via

I opened up the lunch bag and seen the compartments that holds a sandwich, and two sides.  I’ll be adding some fruits and vegetables to make sure the girls are eating a healthy lunch.   I’m guilty that last year I was adding chips and cookies in their lunches and not enough fruits and vegetables.

Fit & Fresh Kids' Bento Lunch Kits Review and Giveaway Ends 8/13  via

There are a couple of ice packs above the lid that you freeze and reattach on the lid to keep your food cool and fresh much longer.  My only complaint about the ice packs is that when it starts to thaw out the moisture starts to make the sandwich soggy so I fixed that problem by storing the sandwich in a zip lock bag.

Fit & Fresh Kids' Bento Lunch Kits Review and Giveaway Ends 8/13  via

The Bento Lunch Kit was easy to clean and there wasn’t any leak problems even when carrying it sideways and that could be because I haven’t added any liquid foods in it yet, just solids.

The lunch kit is a small size but enough food to keep my girls’ tummies satisfied until they get home from school.  It fits in their backpacks leaving enough room for their books and binders.  Only thing about this lunch kit is that you can’t fit a drink in it.

So remember moms and dads, don’t forget to add Bento Lunch Kits on your back to school shopping list, your kids will thank you!  Also, there are Bento Lunch Kits for adults too!

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 Giveaway Time!

Win 1 Fit & Fresh Kids' Bento Lunch Kit!  RV- $19.99

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Giveaway Rules:   Must be 18 and older to enter and live in the US.  No purchase is necessary to win.  Blogger who is hosting the giveaway is not responsible to ship winner their prize, sponsor of the giveaway is.  Winner will be contacted by email and have 48 hours to claim their prize or new winner will be chosen.
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Wednesday, July 29

Back to School Gear

 Post contains Amazon affiliate links

Going back to school is an exciting time. Moving up in grades and making new friends are all things to look forward to. Something else that you and your kids may look forward to is the new gear that you purchase when you are going back to school. Here are some back to school products that you should look at when doing your back to school shopping. 

Lunch boxes
The type of lunch box that your child carries will determine the type of lunch experience your kid will have. For example, bento lunch boxes allow your child to carry a little bit of everything, making a complete meal from smaller sides. With a large, traditional lunch box that offers a cooler, your child can carry refrigerated foods and a thermos to enjoy throughout the school day. 

A tablet is the hottest gadget for children, both at school and at home. Tablets are great as they are durable products and can be slipped into a backpack without taking much space. If you do elect to purchase a tablet for your student, make sure you go over the rules on usage during school time. Also, remember to utilize the parental controls that exist on devices and block all websites or games that you deem inappropriate. 

Water bottles
One of the more obscure items that tend to be forgotten on the back to school list is water bottles. Keeping children hydrated throughout the school day is important. Purchase a water bottle for your child that can easily be carried around but holds water for the day. Schools have water fountains to allow children access to water refills if necessary. 

Pencil case
Pencil cases are necessary to carry writing instruments back and forth. A hard pencil case is often left inside of the locker or the desk at school, while a soft-sided pencil case is kept inside of the backpack. Purchase a soft-sided pencil case for your child in order to bring home the necessary tools. Make sure that you take into account any large instruments, such as protractors, that your child must transport when selecting the size of the pencil case. 

Gym clothing
Some schools will have gym uniforms and others will require you to bring your own workout clothing from home. If your child needs gym clothing, choose breathable materials that allow your child to move comfortably while wearing them.  Cotton shirts, well-fitting sweatpants, and basketball shorts are the perfect gym outfit. Allow your child to take one pair of gym clothing to school at a time, and bring them home for a replacement after they have finished with them.

With a little preparation, you can have wonderful back to school gear in your child’s backpack and be 100% ready for the new school year. Make sure you look at the list of your child’s classes and activities, and purchase gear that will help to enrich their life both at school and at home. 

What back to school gear will your child be using this school year?

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Tuesday, July 28

Maxi Dresses You'll Love!

Maxi Dresses You'll Love!  via
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Maxi dresses are quite possibly one of the most flattering dresses that a woman can wear. Many maxi dresses are loose enough to gently hug your curves and cinch at your natural waist, which creates an attractive silhouette. From a casual stroll in the park or dinner at your favorite restaurant, you're sure to find one that is just your taste. The variety of prints and fabrics create endless choices when it comes to maxi dresses, these picks are just the tip of the iceberg!

Graceful pleats accent the black and white blossoms that adorn the Eliza J Print Chiffon Maxi Dress. The pale pink backdrop coupled with gold belt create a free-flowing and flattering fit. This feminine maxi dress would be great to wear to a brunch, picnic or summer dinner date.

Felicity & Coco's High Low Hem Jersey Tank Dress is both bright and charming! This lilac colored frock is made from a lightweight stretch jersey fabric and the high/low hem adds a bit more whimsy to this cute and casual maxi dress.

This floral print "Ezri," Maxi Dress from Felicity & Coco is patterned with bright pink, purple and peach flower clusters and the elasticized waist stretches to fit various body types. This maxi strikes the perfect balance between classy and casual.

Out of the 3 maxi dresses, which one do you like the best?

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Monday, July 27

Top 10 Products Needed for Back to School

Top 10 Products Needed for Back to School  via
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If you are like me, you are dreading the kids going back to school yet looking forward to it at the same time. One of the dreadful things is back to school shopping, especially if the teachers wait until the last minute to provide you with the school supply list. The good news is if you get these ten products, you will have majority of the items that your child needs to be ready for the school year. 

  1. Running shoes
Figuring out running shoes is one of the biggest fights that you will have. Bridging the gap between the shoes that your child likes, the shoes that you like, and the shoes that work for gym class, will take some bargaining. Before you get to the store, talk to your child about the type of factors the selected shoes must meet. Then allow your kid to do the choosing to make them happy!

  1. Pencils
In this household, pencils get lost more than socks in the dryer. If you do not buy anything else in bulk, make sure you purchase pencils in the largest denominations possible. Allow your child to take a specific number with them to school and keep the rest at home. 

  1. Washable markers
You always want to make sure you get washable markers, rather than any other brands. True washable markers will wash off the skin and clothing without a struggle. Make sure you research brands and go with the brand that will last and not dry out. 

  1. Erasers
Somehow, at least in my home, the erasers seem to run out faster than the pencils. Therefore, in addition to having a nice supply of pencils at home you also want to make sure you have additional erasers at home as well.  

  1. Notebooks
Children will need to have a specific number of notebooks for each class. Purchase what your children will need for class, plus a few extra in case a notebook or two goes missing. 

  1. Backpacks
A backpack should last for the entire school year. Backpacks can also be decorated to make sure your student has a unique looking backpack. Either purchase the backpack that your child loves or host a home decoration session to get all backpacks prettied up for school. 

  1. Wallets
Each student will need a wallet or a coin purse to hold some valuables. Everything from lunch money, to bus passes, and allowance can be placed in the wallet/coin purse. Be sure to reiterate how important it is for your child to keep up with their coin purse each day.

  1. Paper
Paper can be purchased in bulk and the rest can remain at home. Send your child to school with the minimum, and if more is needed during the school year, bring them out. 

  1. Folders
Each class will need a folder, or a binder. If you have several kids, each can have color coordinated binders and folders so that there is never a mix up. 

  1. Desk organizer  
For the best success in class, each child should have a space to do their homework. Purchase each kid a desk organizer to keep pens, pencils, note pads, and more.

What’s on your back to school shopping list?
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Friday, July 24

Product Review Weekend Link Up Party #ProductReviewParty #69

Product Review Weekend Link Up Party #ProductReviewParty #69  via
#ProductReviewParty is every Friday from 9am to Sunday 9pm EST

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Kids Eat Free at Georgia Aquarium

Kids Eat Free at Georgia Aquarium  via

Do you want to know what is one of my favorite attractions in Atlanta?  It's the Georgia Aquarium!  I just love anything that has to do about sea life.  I enjoy looking and learning about the different kinds of fish found in the ocean.

If you haven't visited the Georgia Aquarium, you need to.  If you have already been there before, visit the Georgia Aquarium again!

Right now, Georgia Aquarium’s has a new Kids Eat Free ticket promotion!! For a limited time, purchase a child’s Total Ticket in advance online for $29.95 +tax and receive a free kid’s meal with purchase of a full-price adult meal in CafĂ© Aquaria or Oceans Food Market at the Georgia Aquarium. Kid’s meal will include a choice of hot dog, corn dog, two chicken tenders or a Smucker’s Uncrustable PBJ, with a side choice of Goldfish crackers or whole fruit. Kids can sip on their choice of milk, a can of soda or a small bottle of water.

Kids Eat Free at Georgia Aquarium  via
The girls and I at the Georgia Aquarium touring the Aquanaut Adventure: A Discovery Zone

Georgia Aquarium’s Total Ticket includes admission to all Aquarium galleries, AT&T Dolphin Tales show, Deepo’s Undersea 3D Wondershow, and Georgia Aquarium’s newest exhibit, Aquanaut Adventure: A Discovery Zone. This offer is valid July 20 – August 13, 2015, Monday through Thursday only. For additional information and to purchase tickets, visit
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Thursday, July 23

How to Get Your Kids in Back to School Mode

How to Get Your Kids in Back to School Mode  via

Summer seems as though it has flew by entirely too quickly. Just as we are starting to really enjoy our relaxed summer schedules, it seems now it is time to start getting back into the back to school groove. Kids have to start prepping for back to school early or when September comes, it will be hard to make it to class on the first day of school on time. Today, I am sharing some tips with you that will help you get your kids in back to school mode. 

Get on a gradual bedtime schedule

Going from staying late each night to waking up early in the morning is a difficult task for adults, and even more so for children. If your children are in the midst of a party all night and day summer routine, it is time to get them started on a regular bedtime. Instead of introducing a strict bedtime all at once, you can perform this gradually. Start by making bedtime an hour early. For instance, if your children are up until 11pm, start sending them to bed at 10pm. The next week, start out a 9pm bedtime, and move up gradually until you hit the magic number for your household. Make sure to begin a gradual wakeup schedule in the same way. 

Continue to prep clothing for the morning

One of the best ways parents and children can save time is to get a lot of prep work done at night.  I suggest having everyone take a shower and lay his or her clothes out each night before bed. By doing these two simple things you will be able to keep your sanity during the school year. Furthermore, these may seem like simple tasks yet they can be the key to allowing you to start the days later on school days. 

Go on learning adventures

One of the biggest issues with summer is that it is not used to continue learning. During the summer, go on learning adventures or play educational games. Make it a point to take the children to a museum or another learning activity once a week. Keeping the kids interested in education will mean that your children won’t dread school nearly as much at the end of the summer. 

Go over the schedule

Print out a schedule to keep on the refrigerator detailing the drop off, pick up, and other scheduled times and routes for the school year. Before school starts, have a sit down at the kitchen table and go over the time everyone is expected to be ready each morning. If the children take the bus let them know what time, you will be walking everyone to the bus stop. If you must leave the house at a specific time, let everyone know when everyone must be out the door in the morning. Giving children all of the details can help your children to mentally prepare for the school schedule. 

How do you get your kids back in back to school mode?
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Wednesday, July 22

5 Healthy and Time-Saving Snacks Kids will Love

5 Healthy and Time-Saving Snacks Kids will Love  via
 Today I have special guest John Wm. Macy's CheeseSticks sharing healthy and time-saving snack ideas for kids.  Perfect for back to school snacks.

Moms have three expectations when preparing snacks: they need to be healthy, easy to prepare, and the kids need to be willing to eat them. Keep reading to see five time-saving and healthy snacks that fit the bill. 

Fruit is a great snack for kids of all ages. There is no doubting that fruit is both nutritious and delicious. But, it can be difficult to get kids to eat plain fruit. Add a tasty dip to it, and the kids will eat it up and ask for more. Fruit dip is easy to assemble. One of the best bases for a fruit dip is vanilla yogurt.  Add a bit of cocoa powder to it for an amazing dip for apples and bananas. If you want to make an even healthier dip, swap out the regular yogurt for the Greek variety. 

It is no secret that kids love potato chips. But, traditional chips are nutritionally void. Sweet potato chips, on the other hand, have great nutritional value, and they are easy to make. Sweet potato chips are a great source of vitamins A, B6, and C. So, the kids can snack away on them and mom will have no reason to feel guilty.  

Prepackaged snack mixes can often be problematic. They can contain hidden fat, calories, carbs, and a multitude of unknown preservatives. Plus, it can be hard to please all of the kids with one package. There is invariably at least one different ingredient that each kid does not like. But, making snack mix from scratch can solve all of those problems. When you make snack mix yourself, you can control what goes into it, so there are no hidden ingredients. Further, you can create a base mix and customize it to fit your kids’ tastes. Some suggestions for ingredients for your snack mix include popcorn, pretzels, dried fruit, nuts and CheeseCrisps

Eggs are a perfect power food. Including them in a mini burrito is an ideal way to assure you will pump some healthful nutrition into your kids. This easy snack requires just a few ingredients including refried beans, salsa, and an egg. Just roll everything together in a corn tortilla and enjoy! 

5 Healthy and Time-Saving Snacks Kids will Love   via

Kids are going to snack; that’s a given. Make sure they do it the right way. You’ll be happy you did, and so will they. 

5 Healthy and Time-Saving Snacks Kids will Love   via

CheeseCrisps and CheeseSticks are the best after-school snacks to satiate your child’s 
craving and make you equally as happy. These snacks come in several varieties, and each packs a punch of flavor. They are a great choice for easy snacking, anytime. 

5 Healthy and Time-Saving Snacks Kids will Love   via

Visit the John Wm. Macy website to order today!
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