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Hotels with the Healthiest Restaurants

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It can be a real pain to keep up with your healthy routines when you are traveling.  It used to be that the food offered in hotel restaurants was dreadfully bad for you.  All those “all you can eat” buffets and high-carb “continental breakfast” offerings were about the best you could hope for.  Now, though, with so many people starting to watch their diet more closely, hotels have begun to evolve and provide better, healthier options.  You do not have to come home from vacation feeling overweight and tired; your hotel can be part of keeping your fitness regimen together when you are traveling through better diet options and some good fitness offerings, too.  You should be able to come home refreshed from your journeys; here are some hotels that can help.  

Offering the Lifestyle Cuisine program, Fairmont Hotels allows guests to keep an eye on carbs and fat.  The excellent meals have been developed to taste great and provide outstanding nutrition.  There are vegetarian and vegan options, and macrobiotic diet options, too.  Fairmont Hotels has its own herbal tea blends for guests wishing to wind down and relax.

The Hilton New York Midtown has special take-out and dine-in options from the Herb N’ Kitchen, the concept restaurant offering artisanal sandwiches, seasonal salads and other meals designed to fit into your diet, as well as on-the-go convenience.  You can even order healthy meals to be delivered to your room.  They have great-tasting and nutritious options ranging from a grab-and-go snack to a full hot entrĂ©e.



Since 2012, Hyatt has been offering options for health-conscious guests.  Focusing on caloric content, controlling portions, and allowing guests to mind their intake of fat, salt and additives means that Hyatt is an excellent choice for those with special or very restrictive diets.  Hyatt is also working in with Partnership for a Healthier America and makes it a point to offer more fruits and vegetables for kids, as well as giving them lower-fat dairy options.



Kimpton is a boutique chain that makes fitness its focus.  Along with their awesome Travel Healthy In-Room Dining Menu, which gives guests the nutrition information for its healthy offerings, they help you keep up with your exercise.  Each room comes complete with a yoga mat and free fitness options through on-demand TV.  If you would rather get out and ride, they will loan you a 3-speed bike from San Francisco-based PUBLIC.  Kimpton hotels are typically equipped with fitness centers and pools; if your hotel does not have those benefits, the concierge will help you find the nearest place to work out.

More than a Bed


All of the hotels listed here offer fitness options for their guests.  Some are your typical hotel fitness centers, but others have in-room exercise equipment and free workout programs available online or on-demand.  Hotels have come a long way from the old days, and the right hotel is definitely more than just a bed to sleep in.

When selecting a hotel for your family do you consider the food options that they have available?

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Saturday, January 24

Ways to Reach Your Health Goals

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Sometimes exercising and getting healthy can make you want to throw in the towel. Especially when you have stepped on the scale after a grueling week and have barely lost any weight, if any at all. Not getting to your weight goal in a timely manner can have you wanting to give up; however, there are ways to reach your health goals. Here are some tips and tricks on reaching the goals that you have for your weight and your overall health.

Measure instead of weigh


Weighing can be one of the most dreadful activities that you do in your entire health routine. If you have not lost enough weight, you may feel like giving up. If you have had a good week and lost a number of pounds, this only makes you want to replicate this each week, which may not happen. The scale can be a set up for a disappointment in many ways. Instead of weighing yourself, trash the scale and take measurements. Measurements will give you a firm idea on inches lost. Pay attention especially to inches lost around your mid-section and in your arms for progress. If you are losing inches and noticing a more toned body, this means that you are well on your way to health victory with no weight approval needed. 

Join a support group


Whether you create a group of friends or if you join a support group online or in person, reaching your health goals can sometimes be a team effort. Joining a team of individuals looking for a healthier lifestyle means that you have many more people campaigning for you to win. Sharing recipes and training tips along with encouraging one another when the road gets rough are some of the best points about support groups. A health group can also stop you from falling back on those who may have bad habits when you should be making a behavioral change for the better. 

Throw out all of the bad habits


If you are interested in getting serious about your health, the best thing to do is to quit poor habit's cold turkey. If you have a cabinet full of junk foods, get rid of all of them immediately. Exchange your bad foods for those that are more nourishing to your body and learn to depend on whole, nutritious foods only. 

Clean Out Your Closet


Still have clothing from your previous, large weight? Give those away as you move down sizes. Without larger clothing to fall back on, you must stay committed to your health and weight goal and continue to make progress. The more you remove the past from your life, the easier it is to move on to a healthy future. 

Becoming a person who is committed to health make seem like a challenge, however, willpower is the only necessary trait to develop a healthier lifestyle. Maintaining a daily commitment to your goals will make sure that you reach the point in your life where happiness and health completely coincide.


What are ways you used to reach your health goals?

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Friday, January 23

Product Review Weekend Link Up Party #ProductReviewParty #43

Product Review Weekend Link Up Party #ProductReviewParty #43 via
#ProductReviewParty is every Friday from 9am to Sunday 9pm EST
Link up to 3 Review Posts
Please don't link up and run!  Visit others and leave thoughtful comments.  If you like what you see, please share it on your social networks.  Thanks!

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Flashback to the 90s of Nick Shows #FBF and Atlanta Win 4 Tickets to see #TheSpongeBobMovie Ends 1/30

Flashback to the 90s of Nick Shows #FBF and Atlanta Win 4 Tickets to see #TheSpongeBobMovie Ends 1/30 via
The girls at the Nick Hotel

With Spongebob: Sponge Out of Water releasing February 6th, lets celebrate by going down memory lane and having a Flashback Friday of 90's Nickelodeon shows!

Flashback to the 90s of Nick Shows #FBF and Atlanta Win 4 Tickets to see #TheSpongeBobMovie Ends 1/30 via


Do you remember any of these Nickelodeon shows?

Rocko's Modern Life

Flashback to the 90s of Nick Shows #FBF and Atlanta Win 4 Tickets to see #TheSpongeBobMovie Ends 1/30 via



Cousin Skeeter

Flashback to the 90s of Nick Shows #FBF and Atlanta Win 4 Tickets to see #TheSpongeBobMovie Ends 1/30 via



Flashback to the 90s of Nick Shows #FBF and Atlanta Win 4 Tickets to see #TheSpongeBobMovie Ends 1/30 via



Rocket Power

Flashback to the 90s of Nick Shows #FBF and Atlanta Win 4 Tickets to see #TheSpongeBobMovie Ends 1/30 via


Ren & Stimpy

Flashback to the 90s of Nick Shows #FBF and Atlanta Win 4 Tickets to see #TheSpongeBobMovie Ends 1/30 via


Flashback to the 90s of Nick Shows #FBF and Atlanta Win 4 Tickets to see #TheSpongeBobMovie Ends 1/30 via

All That

Flashback to the 90s of Nick Shows #FBF and Atlanta Win 4 Tickets to see #TheSpongeBobMovie Ends 1/30 via

Kenan & Kel

Flashback to the 90s of Nick Shows #FBF and Atlanta Win 4 Tickets to see #TheSpongeBobMovie Ends 1/30 via

Hey Arnold!

Flashback to the 90s of Nick Shows #FBF and Atlanta Win 4 Tickets to see #TheSpongeBobMovie Ends 1/30 via



AAAHH!!  Real Monsters!

Flashback to the 90s of Nick Shows #FBF and Atlanta Win 4 Tickets to see #TheSpongeBobMovie Ends 1/30 via

The Wild Thornberry's

Flashback to the 90s of Nick Shows #FBF and Atlanta Win 4 Tickets to see #TheSpongeBobMovie Ends 1/30 via


Flashback to the 90s of Nick Shows #FBF and Atlanta Win 4 Tickets to see #TheSpongeBobMovie Ends 1/30 via

Wasn't Nickelodeon awesome in the 90's?  Sure does bring back memories of my brothers and I watching all of these shows together.  Good thing that some of these shows still come on today and you can watch them on TeenNick.

One show I was forbidden to watch was Ren and Stimpy due to all the gross things they would do on the show, but I always found ways to watch it without my parents knowing, lol!

If I had to choose which 90's Nick show was my favorite it would be a toss up between Spongebob and Rugrats.  But I'm going to go with Rugrats because I made sure to watch every single episode.

Are you ready to join the Spongebob gang as they take on life on dry land?! If you live in the Atlanta area, enter now for the chance to win FREE tickets to see SPONGEBOB: SPONGE OUT OF WATER in theaters February 6th! All you have to do is tell me which Nick show was your 90's favorite!

Which Nick show was your 90's favorite?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  Must be 18+ and from Atlanta, GA to enter.  No purchase is necessary.  Sponsor of this giveaway is responsible to mail tickets to the winner, not the blogger that is hosting.  Winner will be emailed and ask for their mailing details.  Winner has 48 hours to claim their prize or new winner will be chosen.   
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Thursday, January 22

$150 Isaac Mizrahi Fashion Products Giveaway Ends 2/5

$150 Isaac Mizrahi Fashion Products Giveaway Ends 2/5 via
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Each week, my youngest daughter and I love to watch up and coming fashion designers on Project Runway and Project Runway All-Stars.  This is one of my favorite moments I like to share with Michelle because she and I love looking at the latest fashions and judging who will advance to the next round and who is out.

Michelle has been getting really good with who created the best look, maybe I have a future fashion designer on my hands since she currently crochets and make bracelets.

Our favorite judges on the show for Project Runway are Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn.  On Project Runaway All-Stars is Isaac Mizrahi.  These judges have such witty comments but always constructive criticism that helps the designers better their designs.

$150 Isaac Mizrahi Fashion Products Giveaway Ends 2/5 via
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Speaking of Isaac Mizrahi, who by the way has a great collection of clothing and accessories for women, I'm currently hosting a giveaway for 1 lucky winner to win $150 worth of products from Isaac Mizrahi's collection.

Isaac Mizrahi is a beloved brand with colorful and stylish luxury designs for the everyday woman, any age and any size.   His ready to wear collection includes sportswear, handbags, footwear, watches, casual wear, fragrance, bridal, and so much more!  You can find Isaac Mizrahi collections on QVC, department stores, Isaac Mizrahi New York retail stores, and

Go on and let me know what you would like to have and make sure to enter!

Website and Social Media

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Wednesday, January 21

Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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Post contains Amazon Affiliate links, meaning if you click and make a purchase I earn a few coins 

If Valentine’s Day is not a day for romance, then there simply are no days for romance!  If you are looking for some great gift ideas to share as a couple to enhance your romantic enjoyment of Valentine’s Day, here are a few ideas to get you started.  Each of these gift ideas is under $100, so you will not break the bank for romance.

Make an Evening of It


If you are looking for a romantic evening, it is tough to go wrong with gourmet food, a little wine and soft candlelight.  Here are some great options for your romantic evening:

  •          Romantic Dinner for Two by Gift Basket Village – With just a little time and effort in the kitchen, this basket gives you everything you need for a wonderful Italian dinner and dessert.  A great start to a romantic evening, this basket has everything you need for your romantic Italian meal together.

  •          Romantic Journey: An Intimate Evening Just for Two – If you like board games, this is the perfect gift for you and your beau.  The winner of this elegant lovers’ game gets their fantasy fulfilled by their partner later, but even if you do not win, playing is half the fun!

  •          Chocolate Tease Couples Game – This fun, sexy and delicious game involves painting each other with luscious chocolate, so there really aren’t any losers, but the winner gets to have their sexiest desires fulfilled, so play like you mean it!

Make a Day of It


Get your Valentine’s Day started with an outstanding breakfast in bed or fall asleep and wake on fun pillowcases that proclaim your love.  No matter what you choose, you will set the tone for a romantic and wonderful day.  Some of the best options are:

  •          Romantic Breakfast in Bed Basket by Gift Basket Village – Packed with mixes for scones and pancakes, syrups, jelly, marmalade, teas, coffee, chocolate and an assortment of sweets, this is the perfect basket for starting your Valentine’s Day with a flare of romance and gourmet breakfast.

  •          Love You and Love You More Pillowcases – These fun pillowcases carry on your playful “love you more!” fights even when you’re sleeping.  They are soft and comfortable and remind both of you that you are loved, even when you first wake up.

Make a Weekend of It


There is no reason why you cannot make a whole weekend of romance for your Valentine’s delight, and these gift ideas are designed to please.  For a wonderful Valentine’s weekend, try:

  •          Kama Sutra Weekend Getaway Kit – Packed with luxurious massage oils and body lotions, a candle for romantic lighting and a feather duster, this reusable carrier case provides an excellent array of fun and sensual options for a whole weekend together.

  •          Great Arrivals Candlelight Romance Gift Basket – Filled with body wash, body cream, an exfoliating puff and a candle, as well as an assortment of gourmet snacks, this is an outstanding option to take along on a weekend getaway.  While it is billed as an anniversary basket, it works equally well for Valentine’s Day. 


What is the most romantic Valentine’s Day gift that you have received?

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Tuesday, January 20

Natural Ways to Lose Weight and Stay Fit

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Staying fit is one of the most difficult tasks many individuals will encounter as an adult. With at least 60 percent of adults in the United States overweight and many of those obese, weight management is a category that a large amount of the population has to deal with. Due to the issues with maintaining a healthy body mass index, you will notice a large amount of diet aids on the market. Every time you turn around you will see pills, shakes, and even surgeries at your disposal to lose weight.

Though products can help with weight management, there are also side effects to many of these products. Losing weight naturally is one of the best ways to ensure you do not experience side effects and that you enjoy a healthier lifestyle overall.

Cut back on portions


One surefire way to get back into shape and decrease your weight is to cut back on portions. Most portion sizes are much too large for junk foods and meat, and can easily expand the waistline. If you want to slim down, start with slimming down your plate. Worried that you will still be hungry?

Increase the portions of your fruits and vegetables, while keeping your meat about the size of a deck of cards. Keep dessert small, in miniature size portions. Once you begin this change, you will notice that you start to eat healthier naturally, without any feelings of hunger.

Create a new meal menu


When you are running around with the kids all day, it can be easy to forget about meal times, so you want to get fast food or choose something that is cheap and easy. Instead of deciding what you want to eat a few hours before mealtime, consider creating a meal menu. Each week, come up with a menu of healthy and nutritious meals. This will give you the chance to make nutritional changes to your diet and make sure you have enough of each food group in your daily food intake.

Creating a menu also gets the kids in on the new way of eating. The children can each have a duty during mealtime, to help with a certain part of the dinner.   For instance, they can be responsible for portioning out the vegetables and fruit. They can also learn about each food group while you are cooking.

Mandatory exercise times


It is easy to make excuses as to why exercising cannot happen. To combat this, make a mandatory exercise time for everyone in the family. Get together with the children and hold races in the backyard. You can also exercise in the basement along to your exercise tapes, while the children stretch and play around you. Set aside one hour at least every other day where everyone performs cardio and strength training exercises.

Getting the entire family to begin new habits is the best way to lose weight and stay fit naturally. A family that can encourage one another to remain committed in their goals is a family that will remain healthy and successful in their endeavors.

What are ways you keep yourself and your family fit?

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Monday, January 19

How I Save Money on Family Travel and Local Attractions #FamilyTravel

How I Save Money on Family Travel and Local Attractions #FamilyTravel via
Our Trip to Savannah Georgia

People always come up to me and tell me how much of a great mom I am to my girls.  They also say how much they admire all the things I do with them.

I have a busy lifestyle but I always make sure to make time for my family, nothing is more important than them.  When I was growing up I was raised in a tight knit family who does a lot of things together and I want to continue being a close family with my daughters too.

I was hesitant at first having my girls on my blog to keep their privacy but they wanted to be a part of it and now my blog is a journal for us to look back on our many adventures and the memories we created together.  My hope of me showing our adventures will help other families to have family bonding time and create lifetime memories together as well.

You don't have to spend a boat-load on trips to have fun with your kids, just a simple day at the park, bike riding, site seeing would do.

Now if you want to plan a family vacation there are low cost ways to do it and here is what I do to save on my family travel or local attractions.

1. Travel off season:  Last year you may have noticed I did a lot of traveling with my family and that is because I traveled during some of the off season.  You get better deals because travel destinations are looking to fill their hotel rooms, tourist attractions, etc.  Like for instance, during the fall and winter months Florida is in its slow season and during that time is perfect to book a vacation there.  Also during the summer months which is considered high travel season, go to places more north instead of hitting the beaches or the tropics.

2. Use 3rd party websites:  Y'all know I love me some Priceline! is my go-to website when it comes to planning trips.  My trick is when it comes close to my vacation time I hop on Priceline and do their Express Deal which is I know how many stars, amenities, and area the hotel will be but not know what the hotel will be until I book it.  By doing this I've saved hundreds of dollars a year and so far have never been stuck at a crappy hotel. There are similar websites you can use like,,, and several more.  Also, always look for hotels, flight tickets, and car rentals in the middle of the week for better deals.

3. Eat before you leave:  A lot of times I make sure my family eat before we go to any theme parks or local attractions to save money.

4. Use my Costco Membership for travel deals:  Since I'm a Costco member I use their Costco travel deals to save money.  So far, I've only used their deals on rental cars and that saves me $40 or more a rental.   Using Costco travel you can save on participating hotels, get tickets to top Florida theme parks and cruises.

5. Groupon and Living Social:  Looking for deals locally?  Groupon and Living Social both have great deals on local attractions, restaurants, and so much more.  I like to go on those sites looking for deals in my area.

6. RetailMeNot: is another go-to website I look to find coupons on local attractions and travel.  I also like this website for shopping too.

7. Drive instead of fly:  I love road trips and so does my wallet.  Airplane tickets are expensive so we always opt for driving.  With gas prices low right now it really helps me to save money.  Only thing is you don't get to your destination as quick as flying.

What are ways you save money on family outings or family travel?

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Sunday, January 18

Fashion Trends

Style...the most beautiful things are often the boldest because with fashion, simple artfulness will always arise above the roar.  

Fashion Trends via

Every one of my friends has been shoe shopping within the past three weeks.  As every fashionable woman well knows, an exquisite pair of shoes can instantly update any ensemble.  In 2007, Consumer Report National Research Center polled 1,057 women and found that women on average own 19 pairs of shoes.  Compare this to men's average of four pairs, and it becomes clear that guys don't understand women's fascination with shoes. 

We wear them, despite pain from high stilettos, and suffer through bunions and back aches for the right shoe. More than 40 percent of the women from the survey suffered shoe-related injuries.  

Winter Fashion via

Boots and scarves are a cozy look coupled with a nice pair of denim jeans and a modish sweater.  NYDJ is the original slimming jean, designed with a superior fit that makes women look and feel amazing.  Timeless and spot-on chic, denim is the ultimate wardrobe essential.  Belts are a great way to add some extra style and glam to your outfit.  This season, belts come together with chic dresses, pencil skirts, slacks and jeans resulting to elegance and delicacy. 

Winter Coats via

Winter coats come in a variety of styles from flattering to form-fitting, waist-length to floor-length, various colors and diverse fabrics which compliment every woman of today.  Last, but not least, head pieces are very fashionable today…making every outfit fabulous!  

Jersey Dresses via

Kimora Lee Simmons says “there’s a subtlety to the sexiness; there’s jacquard suiting and thick jersey dresses with clean graphic lines that tastefully show off a woman’s curves with a little edge.  In addition, my belief is a classy pair of fishnet pantyhose, patterned tights or leggings enhances any outfit, whether you’re wearing them with a dress, skirt or slacks – feminine addition to a woman’s wardrobe. 

Cuddle-up in a robe, sip some hot chocolate, herbal tea or wine, listen to various calming music or whatever suites you and feast on the blessings bestowed upon you…You are BEAUTIFUL & your style is unique!

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