The Highest-Paying GPT Website: Reward XP

The Highest-Paying GPT Website: Reward XP

GPT (Get-Paid-To) sites have been around for two decades, but many of them seem to blend together by showcasing the same offers and rewards. Recently, I discovered a hidden gem that more people should know about - Reward XP.

Reward XP is the highest-paying GPT website. It has the highest rates compared to other GPT websites out there.

Reward XP Homepage

What Is Reward XP?

Reward XP is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site launched in 2019 and has quietly earned its members over $1.1 million over 5 years, as of January 2024. They offer a streamlined and minimalist GPT platform with various tasks, like surveys, games, and videos. Their website states they support upwards of 100 countries.

Reviews of Reward XP Website

According to a recent Reddit post, they give their members up to 85% of what they earn from their partners, and they boldly claim Reward XP is the highest-paying GPT website.

The website also features a leveling-up system, unlocking bonuses like increased referral rewards and withdrawal bonuses.

Why you Should Join Reward XP

My First Impressions

At first, I thought the website was geared towards gamers, but they have a variety of offers like other GPT websites. In this case, XP means "experience points," their form of virtual currency, instead of coins, points, or diamonds.

One thing I found interesting is the website tailors the experience based on your country. This means the Featured Offers and even gift card options only show what's relevant to me.

Overall, its clean interface allows you to dive into earning without unnecessary clutter. There's no mobile app, but the website worked well on my mobile device and laptop.

Paid Offers Reward XP have on their Website

How Do You Earn Money on Reward XP?

Want to jump right in? Go to the Earn section and visit one of the many offerwalls, like AdGate or RevU, to choose an offer to complete. Need some help figuring out what to do? Check out the Explore section, which has hand-selected offers for dozens of countries.

There are many ways to earn, including:

  • Surveys- Answer surveys from third-party providers.
  • Apps- Download an app for XP.
  • Videos- Watch videos from and
  • Games- Play a variety of mobile and web games.
  • Trial offers- Sign up for a trial and earn XP.


Once you find a task that interests you, simply click to learn more and get started. Follow the provided instructions to begin earning.

To protect themselves against fraudulent offer completions, when finishing an offer valued at 40,000 XP ($4) or higher, the earnings will be temporarily held as Pending Credit for 30 days, after which XP can be used for a reward. You can increase this threshold and reduce the waiting time by leveling up.

In addition to completing one of the task types above, you can generate extra XP on Reward XP through referrals. Every referred person begins with 5,000 XP, and you receive a continuous 5%-15% commission on all their redeemed earnings. For instance, if they cash out $100 in XP, you'll receive $5-$15 in points as your referral reward.

They also have an active Discord and run giveaways throughout the week, ranging from 10,000 XP ($1.00) to 500,000 XP ($50). These giveaways are free to enter but require you to earn at least $10 on the website to participate. You can even earn 2500 XP by connecting your Discord account to your Reward XP account.

Proof of Payment from Reward XP (PayPal)

Reward Options

After earning my XP, clicking the Redeem button and choosing a reward of my choice was only a couple clicks. There are a variety of rewards, including:

  • Cash (PayPal)
  • Cryptocurrency (Coinbase, Crypto Voucher)
  • Gift Cards (Amazon, Google Play, Apple, Reward Link)
  • Prepaid Cards (Mastercard)
  • Gaming Currency (Steam, Discord Nitro)

After cashing out, you can expect to receive your Reward XP payout in hours. The website says payouts are sent every 4 hours, though it may take up to 24 hours for first-time users.


While using the site, I didn't have any immediate support issues. Still, there appears to be an extensive knowledge base that answers basic questions like "What is an Offerwall" and also how to contact a specific Offerwall if you weren't credited.

If you need live support, head to their Discord, where staff or the community will answer your questions.

Final Thoughts

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of GPT websites for every country and niche, so it's not surprising I hadn't heard of Reward XP before.

Comparing them to a dozen other GPT websites, I can say they pay the most for mobile apps and gaming offers.

Sign up now, and start earning money today free on Reward XP!

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