Top 5 Get Paid to (GPT) Websites in 2023

Top 5 Get Paid to (GPT) Websites

Earning some extra cash is always great!

There are plenty of companies that will pay for your opinions and your participation. In addition, the best part about it is they will pay instantly as soon as you hit a certain threshold. These are my five favorite sites to get started with earning some easy money.


FreeCash (Formally known as FreeSkins) is a fun way to earn extra money in your spare time.  Complete different tasks, like filling out high paying surveys, offers, games, and other various jobs. Earn coins you can redeem for Cash, Bitcoin, V-Bucks, Amazon gift cards, and Visa gift cards.  FreeCash is open to US and International members.

  • Unlimited $0.80 surveys from Your Surveys which only take 5-10 minutes
  • PayPal starting from $5 (5000 coins)
  • 24/7 support
  • 250,000 members after 8 months, top reviews on trustpilot (4.7 stars)

Learn more about


Swagbucks is the undoubted leader when it comes to the number of opportunities and the popularity of the platform. They have paid out more than $100 million to ordinary people just like you.

It comes with a dashboard on your desktop and an award-winning app. You can make money through search engines, playing games, and various referral programs.


FusionCash probably has the simplest rewards process of all. They don’t pay out anything but cash, so there are no rewards schemes and you don’t earn points with specific stores. Take advantage of offers to earn up to $30 every time.

You also get an automatic $5 registration bonus and can begin earning money through playing games and free trial offers.


Ysense gives you access to hundreds of little tasks you can carry out. All you have to do is search for images, write reviews for products, and click on links. The payouts are quite low, but when they start to add up, they can make a considerable amount. These tasks take mere seconds to go through.

Cashouts are made weekly and the platform is open to people in the UK, US, and Canada.


With MyPoints, you get paid gift cards for taking polls, answering surveys and so much more!  Join the 10 Million MyPoints Members who have been awarded over $236 Million in Gift Cards and PayPal Cash since 1996!

Top Tips for Using these Websites

At first glance, many of these sites look like they are going to cause problems because they are scams. There are some sites that would fall into this category, but the ones I am recommending have been checked solidly for quality. Here are my top tips for finding top earning opportunities.

  • Use sites with lots of members. This is a guarantor of quality.

  • Make sure you earn the minimum and withdraw as soon as possible. Go through the whole payment process once to see how easy it is.

  • See what other people are saying. Online reviews can really help.

For more ways to make extra money at home, check out my other money making posts.

What are your favorite GPT websites to use?

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  1. You convinced me to activate some of my accounts again that I let die out with your post. I hope you still credit of some kind for it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about these sites.

    1. Hey Crystal! Yes, these companies are one of the first ways I started making money online, and helped me get started with my blog when I needed funding to buy a url and graphic designer. These sites sure did help me out financially.

  2. Thanks Lou, will look into these sites. Sounds like easy money to me.

    1. You're welcome Janet! Yep, easy money in your spare time.

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