10 Must Join Sites Where Your Opinion Does Matter

10 Must Join Sites Where Your Opinion Does Matter  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Do you have a lot of opinions about various things? Could you use some extra cash for doing something that you’re already passionate about? If so, why not get paid to share your honest opinion? Today I’m sharing with you 10 sites that will pay you to share your opinion.

Paid Product Testing is one of the most fun, and rewarding free programs to join!  Top leading brands need consumers opinions about products not yet on the market.  The brand will send you a product to test at home for a week or two, and after testing you will give the brand your feedback.  Thanks to your opinions you help brands with their latest product development.  Payments range from $3-$250, plus you get to keep the product you tested as well.

#2 Paid Surveys

There are several kinds of recruitment surveys that participants can join and earn money, like standard questionnaire online surveys, product testing surveys that you test a physical product that's not yet on the market, mail-in surveys, webcam surveys, telephone surveys with a live person, chatroom-style surveys with other participants online, in-home survey where a person visits your home and conduct a study with you, and focus group in a round-table setting at an office with others for a more in-depth interview about products or services. However, the most popular one is paid online surveys because you can complete paid studies in the comfort of your own home, at your own time.

#3 User Interviews

User Interviews is like User Testing, however, instead of being limited to you giving your opinions about websites these businesses could contact you via phone to have you give your opinions about current events, products/services, etc.

To apply for campaigns here you will have to answer some basic questions and if selected you will be rewarded in the form of an Amazon Gift Card.

#4 Ultra Research

Ultra-Research is a research services company that believes that people should be paid for their opinions. 
To get started with them you have to join their database and when a company comes to them for some opinions on something in which you meet the demographics for they will contact you directly via email.

While you shouldn’t expect as many invites as User Testing and User Interviews they typically pay around $125, which is at the higher end of the scale when it comes to getting paid for your opinion.

#5 MTurk

MTurk is one of the microtask sites that offer a variety of tasks that users can do virtually. However, sometimes you can find tasks here where companies are looking for someone to test a website and give their opinion such as with User Testing.

#6 Craigslist

While Craigslist is known for being full of scams, if you go to your local gigs and job sections it is possible to find local paid focus groups in your area. These will usually take place at a local university. The pay can be greater, but you will be expected to dedicate more of your time to the focus group and you may have to travel to a different city.

#7 Focus Group

Focus Group allows you to test products, services, and even watch a new television series to voice your opinion on them. They pay in gift cards and provide a referral bonus in the form of points when you invite your friends and family to join.

#8 User Testing

User Testing is where businesses come to have you test out their websites using a screen sharing tool where you verbally voice your opinions why scrolling through the website and testing the different features.

You will have to complete a screener for most tests. However, you are paid via PayPal within 7 days of successfully turning in your screen sharing/recording session.

#9 Favorite Companies Newsletters

If you do a lot of shopping with a brand, make sure that you sign up for their newsletter. It is common for companies to send out newsletters that allow their subscribers to fill out a survey about their shopping experience, website, etc. in exchange for payment.

The payment usually varies anywhere from $15 to $75 depending on the length of the survey and how extensive it is.

#10 Reddit

If you haven’t signed up for a Reddit account, make sure you do so today. There are various subs such as BeerMoney and WorkOnline that share direct links to paid focus groups and have companies posting looking for people to voice their opinions on close to a daily basis. Simply type in keywords such as “paid focus group” or “online study” and you’ll come across a ton of posts where people are sharing how you can get paid for your opinion.

Have you check out these ways to make extra money from home?

10 Must Join Sites Where Your Opinion Does Matter  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Have you ever gotten paid for your opinion before? What is your go-to website?

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