I did a Private Theatre Rental for Michelle's 14th Birthday

AMC Movie Theater in Lawrenceville Georgia

Help me wish Michelle a Happy Birthday! My youngest daughter has turned 14! I'm delighted that we didn't have to spend her special day indoors like last year due to COVID, but still thankful for her to see another year.

I did a Private Theatre Rental for Michelle's 14th Birthday

For her birthday last year, we celebrated by getting our two adorable guinea pigs, and honestly, it's hard to top that after getting those precious piggies.

Michelle didn't want much this year, just to get her nails done and to go to the movies with her friends.

With movie theatres opening back up after shutdowns, they have pivoted to get people to return to seeing movies on the big screen safely, like giving the option of renting a theatre.

Now, people have the option to watch movies with close family and friends privately through AMC.

You can have up to 20 guests with private theatre rentals and choose from new releases or older movies with prices starting at $99. Of course, you will pay more for films just released in theatres.

Michelle and her friends decided on watching a scary movie, so the only film on the list that would be appropriate for their age group was The Unholy which is rated PG-13. 

The reviews for The Unholy were terrible, but hey, they would have a fun time together having the theatre to themselves.

Renting a theatre through AMC can be all done online, including purchasing food. AMC made it easy to book through them and choose through a variety of films.

With The Unholy being a new release, I paid $299 plus tax and opted out of buying snacks online since I didn't know what everyone wanted. Once I arrived at the theatre, I purchased snacks then.

Here is What to Expect After Booking a Private Theatre Rental with AMC

  • All guests must be present before your group ticket may be scanned. You and guests may enter the auditorium 15 minutes ahead of showtime. If you anticipate a late guest arrival, you must ask a manager for assistance.

  • No outside food and drinks are allowed. You can save time by ordering ahead online.

  • As part of our AMC Safe & Clean initiative, Private Theatre Rentals are limited to 1-20 total guests (host included), so that seating capacity can be limited based on state and local regulations for social distancing.

How AMC Keeping Guests Safe and Clean

AMC's top priority is the health and safety of its guests and crew, so they have designed policies and procedures with you in mind.

  • Masks are required for all guests and crew regardless of vaccine status or local or state guidelines. While in the auditorium, masks may be removed if you are actively enjoying food or drinks.

  • Installing MERV-13 air filters, joining the Clorox® Safer Today Alliance, and maintaining social distancing standards are a few other steps they've taken to enhance their AMC Safe & Clean™ promise. 

While at the theatre, I noticed crew members cleaning deeply throughout, like high trafficked areas.

Michelle, her friends, and I loved the experience of having the movie theatre to ourselves. I would definitely choose that option again when my daughters want to bring friends together for a day at the movies.

As for The Unholy...

The movie wasn't that bad; however, it wasn't that good either. The film was predictable, not very scary, and graphics were lackluster. You can tell it's a low-budget film. Honestly, it should have gone straight to streaming services.

It had some vulgar words being dropped here and there, which made me cringe around the young teenage girls, but they found it hilarious. I'm pretty sure they heard worst at school.

I can see The Unholy being offensive to the Catholic religion on how they portrayed the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, as this evil spirit that uses people to lose their faith and become fearful. That's not what Mary is all about.

Some jump moments give you a bit of fright during the movie, but it lacked big time. But I guess you can't show too much for a PG-13 film. 

It had a good message of being aware of false prophets. That's advice that can be used today, especially with all that is going on globally.

I did a Private Theatre Rental for Michelle's 14th Birthday

Another exciting birthday for Michelle! A fond memory she'll cherish. And with her birthday being the 5th of May, together as a family, we'll dine at one of her favorite restaurants, and no, it won't be eating Mexican food. She thinks it's so cliquey.

Happy 14th Birthday, Michelle!

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  1. Happy Birthday @Michelle!

  2. What a neat experience. You are right, she will remember it most. Very intimate setting. I like the idea for a private gathering. Happy Birthday to sweet Michelle.

    1. Thanks Janet! You should do a private theatre rental someday. I know you love going to the movies!

  3. Hi Lou! I was wondering-was your rental a full-size theater?


    1. Hey there! Yes, I rented a full-size theater room.

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