Cut Cable Now: Top Affordable TV Streaming Services

Cut Cable Now: Top Affordable TV Streaming Services

With so many affordable tv streaming services available, it’s no surprise that you’re looking to cut your cable now.

Cable bills have skyrocketed over the years, and now consumers are getting smarter by turning to tv streaming services.

The issue that you’ll face once you decide to cut the cord, though, is determining which tv streaming service, or services, is the right match for you.

Well, I’ve done the hard work for you and researched to find what the top affordable tv streaming services for 2020 are.


If you’re cutting your cable subscription because you don’t use it to keep up with the latest shows, Netflix is the perfect alternative to cable for you.

They have an unlimited amount of shows and movies available. However, they don’t have the most current seasons of shows until after they finish airing on cable.

Netflix also has its own line of shows and movies such as The Ranch, You, Sabrina, and more. Plus, they have popular shows such as Heartland, Vampire Diaries, and The Originals.

Plans start as low as $8.99 per month, and you can watch from any internet-connected devices that have the Netflix app. So, you’re not just limited to watching from your television.

Plus, you can even download your favorite shows or movies on your Android, iOS, or Windows device for viewing without the internet.

Still on the fence? Make sure you take advantage of their free 30-day trial.


Hulu allows you to stream tv, movies, or watch live tv.

Their basic plan starts at $5.99 per month, or you can opt to have Hulu + Live TV, which starts at $54.99 per month.

The basic plan is for folks who don’t mind waiting until the next day to see the most recent show.

The Live TV plan is going to give you access to everything included in the basic Hulu plan with the addition of being able to watch TV live as you would normally do when watching cable.

Hulu also takes things a bit further and has ‘Add On’ packages such as Starz and HBO. Plus, they give you the option of having limited commercials for an additional fee.

Like Netflix, it has its own series of original movies and tv shows.

Plus, right now, if you switch to Hulu, they’re offering a bundled package where you can get Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ for just $12.99 per month.

Test them out for yourself with a free month trial for the Hulu and Hulu (no ads) plans or a free week trial for the Hulu + Live TV plan.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video comes included with your Amazon Prime membership. So, if you’re not an Amazon Prime member yet, Prime Video may be an added perk for you to go ahead and sign up.

Amazon has an award-winning selection of original movies and tv series. Plus, if you typically only watch a select few channels on cable, you can add them on for a low monthly fee.

Many of the channel add-ons come with a free trial too.

Additionally, they’re fairly quick about getting new movies available for rent or purchase after they’ve left theaters.

Twilight series fans will also be pleased to know that the entire series is included in the basic Prime Video.

Families with children also love Amazon Prime Video as they allow you to set parental controls to ensure they aren’t watching anything that isn’t age-appropriate.

Disney +

Huge Disney lover? Disney+ is the tv streaming service that was created just for you.

After your 7-day free trial, you can enjoy all of your Disney favorites in one place for $6.99 per month.

Plus, like Netflix, you can download your favorites so you can watch them while on the go.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a live tv streaming service that believes it’s time that you stop paying to watch tv.

Currently, they offer an assortment of live tv channels and thousands of on-demand shows and movies.

If you’re someone who does put your cable to good use, Sling TV would be the next best thing as it will cut out the useless channels and make sure you’re only paying for channels you use.

They also have add-ons that you can add to create the perfect customized tv watching package for you.

Packages start at $30 per month; however, they offer $10 off for your first month.

Plus, for a limited time, they are offering a free Amazon Fire Stick to qualified subscribers.

Apple TV+

Apple lovers, Apple has created its own line of tv shows and movies just for you.

While the Apple TV app is free on Apple devices, you’ll have to pay $4.99 per month to access their exclusive content.

The good news is the subscription does work for Family Sharing, and you get a year free when you purchase a new Apple device.

You can watch Apple TV+ on any of your Apple devices, and you can cast from apple devices to smart TVs.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV has created a tv streaming service to give you everything you love about live tv without the high bill or stress.

Its services are known for being reliable and high quality while also providing users with unlimited DVR storage space for no additional costs.

The best part is one subscription covers 6 accounts, and three members can stream at once.

As with the YouTube app, they offer personalized watch recommendations for each user, and all these benefits plus more can be secured for $49.99 per month.

They do offer a free trial; however, this seems to change each month.

Freeform App

Are you a fan of shows such as Grownish and Shadow Hunters?

If so, the Free Form app is an excellent solution for you.

While the Free Form app does need to be connected to a tv provider to watch the latest episodes of shows, you can watch unlocked (older seasons) for free.

You do have to watch a ton of commercials per episode. However, if you create an account, you get points that will allow you to watch every other show commercial-free.

The CW App

Hate waiting for Netflix to put up the latest season of Dynasty and Riverdale?

Watch all your CW favorites for free with the CW App.

You don’t have to log in, create a subscription, or pay a dime.

All you do is download the app and stream your favorite shows.


Obsessed with TLC shows?

The TLC Go app will let you watch favorites such as 90 Day Finance and Breaking Amish for free.

However, like the Freeform app, the latest episodes are only available when connected to a cable provider, but the older seasons are unlocked and can be watched for free.

This tv streaming service is perfect for those who are just starting a show and need to catch up on prior episodes.


fuboTV is another live streaming tv service that specializes in letting folks watch sports without cable.

Currently, they have at least 75 channels explicitly dedicated to sports outside of their popular channel lineup.

Their price is $54.99 per month, but if you’re someone who’s into sports, it’s a deal to hop on.

Plus, with their free trial, they take things one step further by sending you an email reminder the day before your trial ends, so you’re not surprised by a charge if you were meaning to cancel.


Philo is for an affordable tv streaming service for those who have select channels that they like to watch.

For $20 per month, you get access to 59 channels.

Wait, here me out.

I know 59 channels don’t seem like a lot. However, their lineup of channels included is impressive.

They feature channels such as OWN, Hallmark, Lifetime, and TLC.

Usually, these channels aren’t provided in the lower packages of their competitors. So, if those types of channels are the ones you watch, Philo is worth looking at.

Check them out for yourself with their free 7-day trial.

Pluto TV

If you're trying to break free from paying for any television services, Pluto TV is the way to go because it's totally free!

Pluto TV is by Viacom, and you can download the app now to start watching 100+ live TV channels, TV shows, movies, and internet videos you love.

Now, there is a catch when it comes to Pluto TV. The shows available are mainly reruns of popular shows, and you must watch commercials.

There are channels for everyone in the household to enjoy, like children's programming, sports, and reality shows.

Honestly, I'm quite surprised you get so much for free.

Cut Cable Now to Save More Money Each Month

With all the affordable tv streaming services available, there’s no reason why you should be paying hundreds (or maybe thousands) for cable services each year.

These tv streaming services are all excellent quality, and many of them can be customized to meet your tv watching needs while still costing you less than what you’re paying for cable currently.

Disclosure- Post contains affiliate links.

Is 2020 the year you’ll cut cable now and switch to one of the top affordable tv streaming services?

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  1. We've been without cable almost one year now. It just continued to increase in price and decrease in value. We're looking for a service that will give us TLC and Hallmark. I can't miss My600lb Life and Golden Girls.

    1. TLC has their own streaming app, unsure about Hallmark though.

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