Simplify your Current Skincare Routine with Garnier Green Labs Brightening Serum Cream

Simplify your Current Skincare Routine with Garnier Green Labs Brightening Serum Cream

Are you looking to simplify your current skincare routine?

It seems like you have to purchase a collection of skin products just to achieve a healthy, youthful glow. And it gets to the point that you start forgetting to use all these daily products and start slacking on your skincare routine.

It's essential to use a serum, moisturizing cream, and sunscreen for facial skin care.

The Benefits of Serums, Skin Creams, and Sunscreen

Serums are lightweight moisturizers that deliver active ingredients into your skin to give a firmer, smoother texture, also helping minimize your pores.

When it comes to skin creams, it's a thicker texture moisturizer that keeps skin moisturized and keeping elasticity to the skin, which helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines, dark marks, and age spots.

Sunscreen is a vital cream to help protect you from sun damage and reduce skin cancer risk. Also, sunscreen protects against sunburns, avoiding redness and inflammations.

Wouldn't it be nice if these three vital skincare creams were combined together, so you don't have to remember to use all three skincare products at once?

Garnier Green Labs Brightening Serum Cream

Garnier created a Brightening Serum Cream that does just that, giving your skin a flawless glow, with skin looking healthier within 3 days and fading dark spots over time.

Garnier green labs Brightening Serum Cream provides 24h moisture, serum, and sunscreen (SPF 30) all in one lightweight formula.

This serum cream has vitamin C that helps evens skin and pineapple to help brighten skin.

They bring together the best of nature and science at Garnier green labs to create efficient solutions for glowing, healthy-looking skin no matter your skin type or tone.  

Their mission? To improve the look and feel of your skin while being mindful of the planet and its inhabitants.

Here's How:

  • They choose to formulate without mineral oils, parabens, and dyes

  • No animal-derived ingredients, using a vegan formula

  • They track the biodegradability, renewability, and water footprint of their formula

  • The plastic in the serum bottle, not including the pump, is made from 100% recycled material

  • The plant that produces their formula is powered by 65% renewable energy

There are three serum creams to choose from the Garnier green labs collection to fit your skincare needs, like:

  • PLUMP with Hyaluronic Acid and Watermelon

My Review on Garnier Green Labs Brightening Serum Cream

Don't these three serums from Garnier green labs sound amazing? And it smells delicious too! The Brightening Serum Cream got a pineapple mixed with a fantastic cucumber scent that is delightful.

This serum definitely gives dull, uneven skin a refreshing appearance. And unlike some sunscreens that leave a white residue, Garnier serum does not, quickly absorbing into the skin, replenishing skin's moisture.

Simplify your Current Skincare Routine with Garnier Green Labs Brightening Serum Cream

And, if you wear makeup like me, the serum works as a great base, so no need for a primer. Apply the Garnier serum first, then continue with makeup application.

It didn't come as a surprise to me that Garnier's serum would be good since all their beauty products I've used, like their haircare product line, work great for me.

After using the serum, my skin feels soft with no stickiness and look and feels rejuvenated. 

I've been concentrating closely on my skincare routine, and using fewer products helps me keep my daily focus, so I won't forget. 

But remember, skincare products can only do, but so much, you must take care of your insides too, like drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet. Doing this will make an impactful difference with your skin.

Disclosure- I was gifted this product, all thoughts and views are my own.


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