Top 25 Christmas Gifts for Moms

Top 25 Christmas Gifts for Moms

Moms can be harder to shop for because they are generally caring for others. However, here are 25 Christmas gift suggestions that any mom is sure to love.

Make sure to check out these Top 25 Christmas Gifts for:

1. Allure Beauty Box – Give the gift of glam with Allure Beauty Box.  Allure's monthly beauty box offers top-trending, editor-tested makeup and beauty picks with a $50-$90 value for only $15

2. Birchbox – If you are not sure what type of makeup to go with, consider getting a Birchbox membership that sends beauty products in addition to cosmetics.

3. Wristlet – Wristlets are perfect for the woman who wants to get out of the house without having to take an entire purse with her. These wristlets allow enough room for a cell phone, identification card, and a few forms of payment.

4. Humans of New York – This book is a bestseller due to its ability to capture real life in New York. It tells stories with pictures and is a great gift.

5. SmartwatchApple, Samsung, and Pebble all offer smart watches that offer communication on the wrist. She will be able to check messages and handle phone calls without touching the phone.

6. E-tip Gloves – A great winter gift is a pair of gloves that work with electronics without having to remove them. These gloves make needing a separate stylus unnecessary.

7. Coach Purse – You can never go wrong with a high-quality Coach purse to show mom your love.

8. Silk Sheets – Let mom sleep in luxury with silk pillowcases and sheets. You can also get them monogrammed through a few locations.

9. Timeless Watch – A stainless steel watch goes with any outfit and there are many timeless designers, such as Timex. You can even splurge by getting a rose gold detail around the clock face.

10. Headphones – Consider Bluetooth headphones that offer the ability to listen music and tune out the rest of the world. Sony and Beats are two designers that make extremely comfortable noise-cancellation headphones.

11. Muse – If your mother already has a Fitbit, consider getting a Muse that monitors brain signals. This will help your mother watch anxiety levels and learn how to cope better.

12. Bracelet – A delicate bracelet is always a great option for your mother, especially ones that offer birthstones or other customization to create memories.

13. Sephora Gift Card – Let your mom go to Sephora to have a beauty consultation and then shop for luxurious makeup without having to worry about the budget.

14. TOMS – Your mother is likely on her feet a lot, so purchasing some comfortable TOMS is a great gift.

15. Cross-body Bag – Moms usually need larger bags when they have smaller children, but do not want to look like they have a mommy-bag. A Venice Bag by HOBO is one way to have a cross-body bag that is stylish.

16. Dooney & Burke – As mentioned above, having a larger bag is sometimes necessary. A Dooney & Burke offers a stylish way to travel for the weekend and have enough room for everything.

17. Leggings – Leggings are a great gift for moms who like to run, but make sure you know her size prior to shopping.

18. Juicer – If your mother is concerned about healthy eating, consider getting her a new juicer to make it a little easier.

19. FitBit – A FitBit is a great way to track activity and sleep schedules, but your mom can also use it to connect with friends who are trying to stay healthy.

20. Perfume – If you know your mother’s favorite scent, then a bottle of perfume is a great gift.

21. Polaroid Camera – The Fujifilm Polaroid camera allows moms to take pictures and have a hard copy immediately.

22. Decanter – Moms like to relax at the end of the night, as well as having a girl’s night out. Consider a decanter that will keep liquor in pristine condition.

23. Velour Robe – Let mom feel like she is at a spa with a velour robe to wear around the house.

24. Hand Cream – If your mom likes to have soft hands, consider a hand cream with shea butter in it.

25. Stitch Fix Membership – If your mother is unsure what clothes to purchase, consider getting her a Stitch Fix Membership where she can select styles and be sent clothes to try on and purchase from the house.

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What are some other Christmas gift ideas for moms?

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