Top 25 Christmas Gifts for Girls

Top 25 Christmas Gifts for Girls

Girls young and old love things of color, being pretty, and getting creative. This List of 25 Christmas gift suggestions for girls is sure to make sure that your special girl is happy on Christmas morning.

Make sure to check out these Top 25 Christmas Gifts for:

1. Art Kits – If the girl in your life loves to make crafts, consider getting her an age-appropriate arts and crafts kit.

2. Lipstick Kit – For teenage girls, consider making a makeup kit that has different types of lipsticks and liners.

3. Slippers – Slippers and house shoes are a great purchase for children, especially during the winter. For younger children, consider the slippers that have animals with ears that pop up as they take steps.

4. Designer Coat – For the older teenage girls in your life, a designer leather or faux-fur coat make great Christmas gifts that can last for years.

5. Designer Phone Cases – Keep your daughter’s phone protected, while letting them have a design they enjoy. There are many options available, including characters like Hello Kitty and My Little Pony.

6. Lego Kits – Legos are not just for little boys, and you can find Legos of all styles. Encourage your daughter’s creativity by purchasing kits for her to build.

7. Baking Kit – Whether your daughter has an Easy Bake Oven or is helping you in the kitchen, a baking kit is a fun gift. Include items like recipes, cupcake liners, icing tools, and other fun decorating sugars.

8. Wallet – As your child begins to get older and gets allowance, you will want to help her keep track of her money. Consider getting a wallet that will last, but has plenty of room for identification cards and other forms of payment.

9. Wristlet – When your daughter starts to go out and do things on her own, it may be easier for her to keep track of a wristlet. These small purses have plenty of room for a cell phone, identification, and a few other things.

10. Shoes – You can never go wrong with getting your daughter shoes. If you are not sure what style to go with, look at getting a card or give her a certificate for a shopping trip with you.

11. Laces – Allow your daughter to have some fun with their shoes by purchasing fun laces or elastic bands that hold the shoe closed.

12. Book Sets – Encourage your daughter to sit and read with a few book sets, such as Divergent and Harry Potter.

13. Novelty Hats – Novelty hats take winter hats and long scarfs and combine them into one article of clothing. These are cute, fun, and help keep her warm all at the same time.

14. Earrings – If your daughter’s ears are pierced, purchasing fun earrings make for a great gift and statement piece. For older girls, you can purchase ear cuffs for more jewelry without extra piercings.

15. 1D Perfume or Makeup – For girls who are One Direction fans, the band has created a makeup and perfume line.

16. Minnie Mouse Makeup Kit – Girls who love Minnie Mouse will love the makeup set by Anna Sui. It comes in a collector tin that can be kept after the makeup has been used up.

17. Embellished Shirts – Girls love bling, so cater to that with embellished shirts that can be worn with slacks or denim jeans.

18. Embellished Shoes – As mentioned above, sequins and embellished articles of clothing make for great gifts. Shoes can be a lot of fun to embellish, or purchase pre-embellished.

19. HeadphonesBeats and Sony Bluetooth headphones offer your daughter the ability to listen to her music without having to disturb the peace. It is a win for everyone.

20. Colorful Backpack – For girls, who are creative, purchase a bag that can be colored and designed. This is a gift with practicality, but is enjoyable for your daughter.

21. Novelty Sweatshirts – Whether your daughter is a geek or just likes quirky gifts, novelty sweatshirts offer hoods with animal ears and other fun features.

22. Beauty Organizer – Teenage girls who wear makeup love keeping their beauty supplies organized, so consider getting a tiered beauty organizer.

23. Get Casely Membership – It is completely normal for girls to change their mind often, so consider getting a phone case membership that allows them to change their case as their mood changes.

24. FitBit – Help your daughter track her activity and sleep schedule with a FitBit tracker, and get a custom case to match any outfit.

25. Scentsy Warmer – Cater to your daughter’s desire to have aromatherapy without worrying about a hot flame.

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What are some other Christmas gift ideas for girls?

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  1. I know that your girls will love anything that you get them for Christmas!

    1. They sure will sis! They already got their list ready.

  2. These are some great gift ideas. I cannot believe Christmas is so close. #ProductReviewParty

    1. I know right! Christmas is coming so fast!

  3. Great list! I have to concur... my girls would enjoy nearly all of these!

  4. Anonymous1:18 PM

    These are great gifts. I have four nieces and this list is a big help. #ProductReviewParty

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you found this list helpful!

  5. Girls are so fun! I'd love to get any of these and I'm grown!

  6. My 5 year old son actually asked for one of those cooking toys for Christmas! But I don't really want him eating the results. Lol! I think we'll stick to toy cars instead. Great list! #productreviewparty

  7. Anonymous6:11 PM

    These are some really great ideas! I'm thinking about buying Chloe an art kit because she really loves to color and make things. :)

    1. The art kit would be perfect for Chloe! She'll love it!

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