Top 25 Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

Top 25 Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

Grandparents can be fun to shop for, but you also want to make sure that you consider grandkids. Here are great ways to get them to smile during Christmas.

Make sure to check out these Top 25 Christmas Gifts for:

1. Homemade Shirt – Consider letting your kids get messy and put their handprints on t-shirts for the grandparents.

2. Map Pillows – Look to have their hometown created into a map pillow, or have fabric created that shows a trip they have made.

3. Slippers – Blood does not circulate as well as we age, so consider getting grandparent’s slippers that are easy to put on and keep their feet warm.

4. Heirloom Necklace – For the grandmother in your life, consider getting a necklace that has birthstones and/or initials of children and grandchildren.

5. Painting of House – Help your grandparents remember their home long after they leave it with a painted picture.

6. Photo Trays – Serve your grandparents breakfast on a tray that has a family photo in it, which will allow for future conversation starters.

7. Decorated Plates – Nice melamine plates allow grandparents to serve food on decorated dishes without having to worry about damaging their china.

8. Mittens for Two – Encourage the love between your grandparents by purchasing mittens that are designed to be worn by two people at once.

9. Personalized Travel Mug – If your grandparents travel often, consider making them a personalized mug that has the picture of the family on it along with a favorite quote.

10. Travel Journal – In addition to a travel mug, consider purchasing a travel journal that allows your grandparents to documents their travels for future generations.

11. Scribble Pad – You can get personalized scribble pads that offer messages and favorite family photos, along with a magnetic strip for safe keeping.

12. Recipe Plates – Grandparents are key to passing down family recipes, so take one of their favorites and have it transferred to a plate for a family heirloom.

13. Family Letter Journal Starter – Get a journal starter that offers grandparents the ability to record their life story in letterform. It takes the stress off the writing and coming up with topics.

14. Handbags – Grandmothers still love to look stylish, so consider getting a leather handbag that is embellished just as she would want.

15. Memory Book – If your grandparents are not big on writing, consider getting them a memory book where they can attach documents and mementos that preserve their history.

16. Cocktail Cups – If grandpa likes to drink whiskey, consider a cup that offers a little novelty, such as the whiskey stone cups.

17. Small Purse – There is nothing more fun than going out with grandma when she has a small purse with goodies for the grandchildren.

18. Photo Clutch – A great way to keep photo organized on the go is with a photo clutch. These clutches can store up to 20 photos at any time.

19. Digital Photo Frame – If you are looking for a way to give grandparents pictures of the family, consider a digital photo frame that is loaded with several photographs.

20. Decorative Tray – If your grandparents love to serve tea to their friends, consider getting them a decorative tray they can place a decorative tea set on.

21. Family Tree – Have a family activity and fill out a family tree that you can then frame and display on the wall.

22. Satin Sheets – There is nothing nicer than crawling into bed with satin sheets, and many outlets offer monogramming for the holidays.

23. iPhone Wallet – For the grandfather in your life, consider getting a wallet that also protects his iPhone.

24. Family Calendar – Consider making a calendar with photographs of your children throughout the year. Many photo printing places online offer the ability to design calendars.

25. Talking Frames – A great gift that will let grandparents hear your voice whenever is through talking frame. Record a message before giving it to them, and then change it when you visit.

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What are some other Christmas gift ideas for grandparents?

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  1. Great Christmas idea for grandparents. Take family photos imprinted on quilt like material. Make into quilted wall hanging, or a beautiful throw for favorite chair or sofa. My mother received one, and my dad still has it hanging on wall. She absolutly loved it. It even had pics of her and my dad right after they were married. I can't look it without warm feelings of how much she loved it

    1. Kelley that is such a wonderful gift with so much meaning to it.

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