Top 25 Christmas Gifts for Boys

Top 25 Christmas Gifts for Boys

Boys are often into sports, electronics, reading, and food. When you are shopping for the boys in your life, consider these 25 items.

Make sure to check out these Top 25 Christmas Gifts for:

1. Laser Projection Keyboard – A great addition to the computer is a projection keyboard that allows any flat top area to become a keyboard.

2. Driver’s License Kit – If your son is getting ready to drive, consider making a kit for getting their driver’s license. Make sure it is complete with a tire gauge, flashlight, insurance cardholder, and a small gas card to get started.

3. iTunes Gift Card – Most children have some sort of electronic device, and if your son has an iPod, get a gift card for the iTunes store.

4. Gaming Chair – For the gamer in your life, consider a high quality gaming chair that is complete with audio jacks and a cup holder.

5. Charging Station – Another great present for any child is a charging station that allows him to charge multiple devices at once.

6. RC Vehicle – Remote controlled vehicles are still very popular, and the options are infinite. You can go with wired vehicles all the way to wireless helicopters.

7. Extended Batteries – In addition to charging stations, extended batteries make for great gifts. These blocks can be charged and then taken to allow electronics to be charged without an outlet.

8. Beats – It is very likely that you do not listen to the same music your son does, so getting Beats headphones (or similar) are a great gift for everyone.

9. Lap Desk – Consider getting your son a gift that allows them to turn their lap and tablet into a desktop. There are now lap desks that have docking stations for tablets.

10. Darth Vader Alarm Clock – For the boys in your life that love Star Wars, consider getting an alarm clock that looks like a Darth Vader Lego.

11. Fitbit – Quit arguing with your son on how active he is; get him a Fitbit that allows him to track his activity levels every day.

12. Shower Speaker – Get the teenage boy in your life a shower speaker that lets him jam while getting clean.

13. GoPro – If your son enjoys being outside and wants to work on photography, consider a GoPro. With the price and delicacy, this is a great gift for teenagers and older.

14. Minecraft – For younger children, Minecraft is a great purchase for the computer or a gaming console.

15. Lego Kits – Regardless of the age of your child, you can find fantastic Lego kits that will occupy a child for hours.

16. Jedi Bath Robe – Make getting clean fun with a bathrobe that makes them look like a Jedi when they get out.

17. Tablet Keyboard – More schools are using iPads as part of education, but you can make typing easier by getting a keyboard case for it.

18. Snack Helmets – If you know a child, who enjoys watching sports, get a bowl shaped like a helmet for them to store their game time snacks in.

19. Novelty Coin Banks – Piggy banks can now be found that cater to boy humor, including a bank that emits a farting noise as money is put in.

20. Fun Hats – Instead of getting a normal winter hat, consider getting crocheted hats that are novelty items. Some examples include beard hats and knight’s hats.

21. Furry Slippers – Winter brings cold floors, but you can keep feet warm with the use of slippers. Slippers can be found that turn feet into monsters or hobbits, depending on what your son enjoys.

22. Zombie Novelty Cookie Jars – Let your son have a cookie jar in his room where you can place occasional treats.

23. Razor Scooter – Get the boy in your life active with a Razor scooter. There are different types to match every ability.

24. Giant Gummy Bear – Buy a large gummy bear that weighs five pounds. It will keep him happy for days.

25. Giant Snickers Bar – If a gummy bear is not your style, Snickers offers a one-pound snack bar that can be shared with friends or nibbled on over a few days.

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What are some other good Christmas gift ideas for boys?

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