Top Electronics to Buy For Christmas

Top Electronics to Buy For Christmas

Do you have a technology lover that you have to shop for this Christmas? If so, consider purchasing one of the electronics from this list, as they are sure to be pleased with your selection.

Fitbit Flex

Fitbit’s have been praised since they were released. This year it is already being projected that the Fitbit Flex is going to be one of the most wanted Christmas gifts. For less than $100, you can give that special person an activity tracker that also tracks their sleep. The best part is this is an ideal gift for both genders since this nifty gadget looks like a trendy bracelet.


Technology really works overtime when it comes to the Fugoo. This is one of the most durable portable speakers on the market, which happens to be waterproof, shockproof, mud proof, and snow proof. Music lovers everywhere have to have one of these so they can keep the crowd entertained regardless of the weather conditions.

Kindle Fire HD

Do you have to gift someone who does not have a kindle yet? Why not go ahead and surprise them with the Kindle Fire HD. This tablet will surely blow their mind and if you purchase from Amazon, you can usually catch one for around $100, which also includes a few special offers.

Digital Camera

Digital Cameras always make great gifts for Christmas. However, with so many options available it can be hard to know which one your recipient will love. Therefore, it is suggested to listen out for their hints or go with a DSLR, and you can never go wrong.


Drones have been in this year and those who have not had a chance to purchase one for themselves, hope to wake up on Christmas morning to find one under the Christmas tree. As with cameras, there are many drones to choose from. Therefore, you have to do your research to see which one will meet your recipient’s needs.

Pebble Smartwatch

Smartwatches are another thing that individuals want, but if they don’t have one yet hope to receive on Christmas. Pebble has made quite the positive reputation for themselves and they have watches available for less than $100, which makes them the perfect brand to shop with this holiday season.


If you have a game lover that you are shopping for, go ahead and get them an XBOX One. It has been out long enough that, all of the kinks should have been worked out from the earlier ones and now that some time has passed, you can get it for a more budget friendly price too.

iPad Mini

Yes, iPad’s make the list again for one of the most wanted Christmas gifts. If the Apple lover in your life does not have one yet, go ahead and surprise them this year with a gift that you know they are going to put to good use.

Are you hoping to receive or give some electronics as gifts this holiday season? If so, which ones?

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