Did you Overspend Over the Holidays? Make Extra Money Now!

Did you Overspend Over the Holidays? Make Extra Money Now!

There was a significant boost in sales this holiday season online, meaning consumers were spending more money on gifts for their loved ones on the internet instead of in brick-and-mortar stores.

How did you do with your holiday shopping this year? Did you stick to your budget, or overspent and now looking for ways to replenish your income to add back cash to your pockets?

No need to apply for those high fee loans, or wait until your tax refund. Those same top brands you purchased from during Christmas is looking for consumers like you to give them feedback about their current products, as well as products in the works.

For your time and opinions, they'll pay you by cash, check, or gift cards. And best of all, this is all free, and you set the time when you want to work with these brands. So, no need to take on a 2nd job, you can do this in your spare time.

Time to get your money back ladies and gentlemen! 

Below are Ten Companies looking for consumers like you to reward you for your valuable opinions:

1. Leger Opinion Panel

Earn Easy Money, help companies make better products and earn cash, one opinion at a time. Take surveys, earn points, cash out with PayPal, or get gift cards to Amazon.com, Visa Gift Cards, and more!  By joining this world leading market research company, you'll be working with top brands influencing new product development.

2. Branded Surveys

At Branded Research, the survey-taking experience of their community members is their top priority. The Branded community collects points for every survey members complete! Points are redeemed for gift cards, cash, or Branded Pay™. Read more about Branded Surveys.

3. Product Report Card

You make the big bucks with Product Report Card!  They offer a variety of ways to make money, like testing products, completing paid online surveys, joining high paying focus groups, and top paying research projects. Read more about Product Report Card.

4. YouGov

As a member of the YouGov panel you will be part of a global community of people who share their opinions in return for points and rewards.  YouGov continuously collects opinions from across the world. Whether it’s what people think about brands, politics, current affairs, or the things you talk about with your friends, YouGov have data on it and will pay you for your feedback.  Read more about YouGov.

5. I-Say Panel

At I-Say, they are passionately curious about people, markets, brands and society. Ipsos make our changing world easier and faster to navigate and inspire clients to make smarter decisions by getting opinions from consumers.  Join the I-Say Panel where you will earn Reward Points for taking surveys.  Read more about I-Say Panel.

6. Kashkick

Receive cash back from Kashkick when you read emails, complete surveys, take quizzes, referring your friend and subscribing to special promotions.  Read more about Kashkick.

7. Survey Roundtable

Turn your opinion into free gift cards and cash you can spend with brands you love. It’s easy when you join Survey Roundtable.  Survey Roundtable members have completed more than 4 million surveys about the products and services they use every day—and even ones still in development!  Now it’s your turn.
Hintsters is an 100% free online community where members can express their opinions by participating in Surveys Online and by writing reviews about products and services you've experienced. Once you register on their site and tell them a little bit about yourself, your preferences will be matched to unique survey opportunities. You can also start writing reviews you can do as many or as few Surveys or Reviews as you’d like and earn rewards. The more you do the more you will be rewarded.

9. LifePoints Panel

LifePoints Panel is a fast way to make money online. They remove the hassle so you can focus on giving your opinions and getting rewarded. Tell them what you think about the products you use every day or even try new ones before they hit store shelves! With LifePoints your ideas really do make a difference.  LifePoints is a unique online community where consumers from around the world participate in online paid surveys.  Read more about LifePoints Panel.

10. Unlock Surveys

Join Unlock Surveys and get a chance to influence media and advertising while helping companies to improve their products of tomorrow and get rewarded for sharing your opinion!  Read more about Unlock Surveys.

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Did you overspend over the holidays?

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  1. Nope, that's one of the advantages of having a hubby and sons who are Muslims - no more breaking the bank for me!!! Happy New Year sis.

  2. This is a good list! As I get older, I'm spending less and less on Christmas! Have a wonderful time with your family!

    1. Same here. My kids don't want as much for Christmas anymore, plus, I rather spend money on experiences than gifts.

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