Finding the Perfect Dress for Homecoming

Finding the Perfect Dress for Homecoming

It's Homecoming season!  Well, at least it is here in Georgia.  Michelle attended her first homecoming game and dance and had a wonderful time she'll never forget.  But she did say that the football game was boring since she didn't understand what was going on or what school her team was playing.  However, her high school won, which is all that mattered.

Michelle is a part of the student council, so she was in charge of decorating for homecoming and working the snack bar during the game and dance.  I'm very proud that my baby girl made it into the student council; she is the perfect person to represent her peers.

Let's chat about the days leading up to homecoming...

When I was in high school, I didn't do all those extra afterschool activities.  I just wasn't interested, plus I didn't have rides to take me to and from school in the evenings.  

So, when it came to homecoming, I didn't know what it was all about, or maybe I had forgotten.  It has been 20 years since I've last been in high school, you know.

So, when it comes to a dress, I thought Michelle would be good wearing one from Urban Outfitters, her favorite store.  But, she made me aware that she must be dressy since her school voted to have a fairytale-style theme.

While in the Blue Ridge Mountains catching a train ride on my birthday last week, Michelle informed me that she still needed a dress for homecoming.

So, after all the fun, we quickly went to our nearby outlet stores, her request.

While there, she couldn't find anything, so we went to our hometown mall.

Again, she still couldn't find a dress.  Everything was picked through and hoards of girls running around getting whatever was left.

Michelle is not the type to settle for less. On the contrary, she likes to get the best.

So instead of getting the scraps, she searched online for a dress and found a couple she liked from Windsor.  She narrowed it down to one dress and did 1-2 day shipping to make sure it arrived before homecoming.

On Tuesday of last week, we had our monthly facials.  

All three of us have our own esthetician to help maintain our faces.  Both girls need to have facials for deep cleaning due to wearing a mask every day, which causes their skin to break out.  And I need facials to keep my skin healthy, youthful, and fade discoloration.

Michelle's esthetician used a mild chemical peel during this visit because she hasn't been wearing sunscreen like she's supposed to.  And unfortunately, due to the chemical peel, Michelle was peeling like crazy as the days passed.  

Michelle was scared she was going to be a flaky mess during homecoming.  So, I gave her some of my derma-e Microdermabrasion scrub that lightly scrubs away the dead skin.  And I gave her some cocoa butter to moisturize as well.  It seemed to do the trick, and she had to put cocoa butter on dry spots throughout the day.

And it seems like things started to go downhill as homecoming was getting closer; the dress she ordered from Windsor sent an email saying her dress wouldn't arrive until Monday, which is right after homecoming. So I guess they must be having a staff shortage, or the dress wasn't in stock.

And mind you, Michelle is on the decoration crew, so she had to stay late every day after school, not having much time to go on a hunt for a dress again.

But, she managed to squeeze in some time and found some shoes at Von Maur, but still couldn't find a dress.  Ugh!

Honestly, I thought she might not even show up to the homecoming dance the way things were looking.  No dress, plus her skin kept peeling.  What a disaster!!!

But Macy's came through when we went Thursday night.  They had restocked their dress section, and there were plenty of beautiful dresses to choose from. 

Finding the Perfect Dress for Homecoming

Michelle found a gorgeous emerald dress that suited her perfectly.

Finding the Perfect Dress for Homecoming

Now, all she needed to get done was her nails.

And again, since it was late in the evening, the only nail shops open were the old school ones.  I call them old school because it's run by the older generation that still uses old techniques.

We had no choice but to drop into one.  And both girls' nails looked basic after getting it done since the nail techs didn't know how to do all those elaborate designs.

And worst, Michelle's nail color started chipping right before the homecoming game and dance.  Her nails didn't even last a day!  Never again will we return to that nail salon!

Goodness, I hope all of this is not what I got to look forward to when prom comes around. But at least I got a couple of years before that event.

Finding the Perfect Dress for Homecoming

Overall, Michelle looked beautiful in her dress!  Made me choke up a bit seeing my baby growing up.  Time needs to slow down!

The moral of this story is, never wait until the last minute! For example, when shopping for a big event, give yourself at least two to three weeks in advance to get what is needed.

It's best to shop in-store, so you can try on dresses and shoes.  But if you need to shop online, make sure it's well in advance to avoid late deliveries.

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