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Top Teen Clothes Stores to Shop Online and In Stores

Top Teen Clothes Stores to Shop Online and In Stores

Hey Yall!  I wanted to share my favorite clothing stores I like to shop for my teen girls.

I have parents all the time ask me where I shop for my girls' clothes, and even my daughters' friends ask them as well because they're always so stylish with their outfits.

I like to shop at my local mall, Mall of Georgia for my daughters' wardrobe because I'm the type of person who likes to touch and see in-person clothes I buy for them, including for myself.  Plus, malls provide a variety of different stores to choose from all in one place. I barely purchase their clothes online; I'm all about the buying experience, going outdoors being around other people.  I'm a very social person, not an introvert; already I spend so much time in the house since I work for myself, I want to be out and about spending quality time with my daughters during our shopping outings.

Shopping for teens can be quite hard due to their style changing out of all the young kid's apparel, going into more of a grown-up look, but still youthful.  However, again I make sure my girls' choose outfits that are modest and age appropriate.

Top Teen Clothes Stores to Shop Online and In Stores

There are several stores I like to shop for my teen girls' clothes, here is a top list of my favorite stores:

JCPenney- If you been following my blog for a while you know how much I adore JCPenney!  They have great prices, fashionable clothes for the whole family, plus the girls and I get our hair done there together too.  It's like our one-stop shop for everything clothes, hair, home goods, shoes, and more!

Justice- Proud to be the go-to destination for fashion and fun, Justice is a tween lifestyle brand that celebrates all girls and their unique style. Offering on-trend clothing and more, Justice is a community of good vibes where all girls can embrace who they want to be individually and come together to make the world brighter.

The Children's Place-  This store will always hold a special place in my heart!  My daughters grew up on The Children's Place, and it's like the brand grown with them.  The store prices are affordable, trendy, and offer styles for children up to 16!  Their style of clothes is cutesy, right up Michelle's alley, but Lauren has grown out of that going towards darker, solid colors without all the wording graphics.

Hot Topic- Hot Topic is a clothing and accessories retail chain with a passion for music and pop culture inspired fashion. Hot Topic can be too dark and Gothic for some parents. However, they do provide clothes that are suitable for teens that won't have them looking like they're about to be a part of a heavy metal rock band.  They even offer Disney outfits!  I go there for Lauren who likes to shop for anime shirts.

Old Navy- You can't go wrong with Old Navy.  Their styles are great for the whole family who likes a California laid-back casual style. Plus, they always have sales and coupons.

Aeropostale- At Aeropostale, you'll find high-quality fashion and fashion basics like the latest styles of tops, t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, sweaters, and more. The store style is simple yet chic.

American Eagle Outfitters- American Eagle, makes America's favorite jeans and on-trend clothing, shoes, and accessories designed for self-expression.

Forever 21- Celebrated by many style conscious and trend-savvy shoppers, Forever 21 has quickly become the source of the most current fashion at the highest value. Forever 21 is growing quickly, featuring new and exciting store environments, a constant flow of fun and creative clothing designs and the accessories to make teens look come together at the right price. A phenomenon in the fashion world, Forever 21, provides shoppers with an unprecedented selection of today's fashions, always changing and always in style.

GUESS Factory Store- GUESS FACTORY offers iconic fashion and accessories for teens at must-shop prices. GUESS FACTORY is designed for trendy young adults who want to remain stylish while saving money on new clothing purchases.

H&M- H&M offers the best in both quality and value. To H&M, design, quality, and sustainability are not a question of price: H&M always offers inspiring fashion with unbeatable value for money. H&M provides collections that are wide-ranging and varied for women, men, teenagers, and children.

Boutiques- I don't just shop at name brand department stores for my teen girls, I also shop for clothes for them at boutiques too.  We usually buy in boutique stores when we're on vacation, or whenever we have a Girl's Day Out.  I love shopping at small businesses, although their prices are higher, the service you get is unbeatable.

Top Teen Clothes Stores to Shop Online and In Stores

So there you have itThe top places to shop for clothes for my teen girls!

Where do you shop for your teens?  Also, do you prefer to shop online or in-stores?

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