Makeup that Gives the Best Contoured Look: Makeup Product Haul from Ulta Beauty and bh cosmetics

Makeup that Gives the Best Contoured Look: Makeup Product Haul from Ulta Beauty and bh cosmetics

Many of you know that I love playing in makeup. Since high school, I've been wearing makeup, mainly because I wanted to cover up all my dark marks on my face, but I also like how it boosts my appearance.

With the pandemic going on, I haven't been wearing makeup much and letting my skin breathe. Not having a face full of foundation did let my face naturally heal, helping my dark marks fade. However, makeup has been a massive part of me all these years, and I missed wearing it daily.

So, to feel a bit of normalcy, I did a little shopping haul of makeup at a couple of places, Ulta Beauty, and online at bh cosmetics.

Shopping Trip to Ulta Beauty

One day, I dropped into Ulta Beauty looking for beauty products that would give me a contoured look with my makeup. You know, give off that high cheekbones, chiseled appearance.

First, while browsing, I wanted a matte lipstick. Since we're wearing masks due to the virus, I don't want my lipstick to rub off on it. One of Ulta's team members directed me to MAC's Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour.  

Wow, I haven't worn MAC makeup products, except for their eyebrow pencils, for such a long time. Remember when I said I was done with MAC Cosmetics?

Well, I'm still not interested in their foundations; however, I'll wear their other makeup products, though.

MAC Liquid Retro Matte Red Lipcolour

Ulta team member told me that this liquid lipstick is rich in color and doesn't transfer.  

Great! I added it to my cart.

Next, I needed what I came to the store for, a contour makeup kit.

Again, I needed some assistance. So, I got another Ulta team member to help me that was knowledgeable about face contouring.

I told her, please do not direct me to Kim Kardashian's contour kit. It's horrible! Not blendable, cakey, and chalky! Yuck! The team member agreed with me. No wonder Kim is selling off her makeup brand.

The Ulta team member suggested using foundations instead of a contour kit to give a more detailed look. So, for the highlight, get a lighter shade of foundation and a darker foundation stick to contour my cheeks, forehead, and side chin area.

PUR 4-in-1 Love Your Selfie Foundation

She showed me the PUR section of beauty products since she was wearing their products herself. She pulled down her masks to give me a glimpse at her makeup look, and it looked professionally done and beautiful. I added both foundations to my cart. 

PUR Foundation Stick

Now yes, it's much more expensive to do a contoured look this way instead of an all-in-one kit, but I was willing to pay a higher price if my makeup comes out flawlessly.

MORPHE 12-Hour Long-Wear Waterproof Eye Primer

Lastly, I needed an eyelid primer. Eyelid primer helps eyeshadows last all day. On my own, I found MORPHE 12-hour long-wear waterproof eyelid primer. I heard good things about the brand, so I thought I would give them a try.

Oh yeah, I needed to re-up on my Lancome foundation, so I added it to my cart as well.

Boy, never have I spent almost $200 for some makeup at one time! But hey, having a bit of normalcy in my life is no price tag on that. I enjoy sitting in front of the mirror and creating a beautiful canvas on my face.

I must say, every product I purchased from Ulta was great! And, I'm a new fan of the PUR brand. The foundations blend evenly onto my skin and not weighing my face down. Works amazingly with my Lancome foundation. I love it when different brands work together. And I like the fact that PUR is cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly. I may need to change up my Lancome foundation to PUR.

Shopping Online for Makeup on bh Cosmetics Website

My makeup shopping didn't stop at Ulta Beauty; I also did some purchasing on the bh cosmetics website.

Remember I shared about them here a couple of years back? They have some great makeup at low, drugstore prices. Since I spent a lot at Ulta, I was on a minimal budget with bh cosmetics. 

bh cosmetics Chocolate Marshmallow Truffle Blush Palette

First up, I needed a blush palette to give my cheeks a rosy glow. I came across bh's Chocolate Marshmallow Truffle blush palette with four natural shades that give off a radiant complexion. I haven't used this particular blush palette but have used a couple of other blush palettes from bh cosmetics before, which gives my cheeks a bit of rosiness. I wanted to try something different, plus I love the chocolate marshmallow truffle name; it sounds like a delicious sweet treat.

bh cosmetics Liquid Foundation

What also caught my eyes while searching through the website is bh's low price foundations for only $9 bucks and some change! WOW! I didn't know what my shade would be, so I took a guess and purchased a few.

bh cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner

With my foundations and blush purchase, bh cosmetics threw in a free liquid eyeliner (When I got it, the eyeliner was a bit dried out).

It took over a month for my makeup goodies to arrive! I almost got to the point of forgetting that I even made purchases on bh's website. It could be because of the holiday backup with deliveries. But, whatever the case may be, I'm glad it arrived!

Both the blush palette and eyeliner received my approval; unfortunately, the foundation was not my color. Golden Beige shade had too much of a red undertone and maybe a better match for me in the summer months. Ugh, that's why I like shopping for foundations in-person with the guidance of a knowledgeable associate.

Makeup that Gives the Best Contoured Look: Makeup Product Haul from Ulta Beauty and bh cosmetics

I'm happy that I put a little fun back in my life by playing in some makeup. Hopefully, soon enough, we can toss our masks and let our faces be on full display.

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