Unplug and Dig into a New Hobby: Pike Nurseries Shares Garden Benefits for Mind and Body

Unplug and Dig into a New Hobby: Pike Nurseries Shares Garden Benefits for Mind and Body

Have you made your resolutions yet?  Or are you still thinking of what your goals are you would like to accomplish this year?

The new year's start is the ideal time to play in the dirt and develop healthy habits. Gardens are designed as peaceful retreats from the stresses in life and help achieve happiness and mental wellbeing. 

Whether a solo activity or an opportunity to connect with family, green thumbs can nurture indoor houseplants or plant gardens in raised beds, containers on patios, or window boxes – and reap the healthy rewards. To help residents make the most of their home and garden during 2021, the Pike Nurseries professionals have a handful of health benefits of gardening to ensure a happy, healthy new year from head to toe.

Unplug and Dig into a New Hobby: Pike Nurseries Shares Garden Benefits for Mind and Body

Cultivate Calm

Reconnecting with nature is a stress reliever, but active gardening can also be a form of therapy. It’s been proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and ease stress. Routine tasks give individuals mental clarity, as they put their mind to work on a relaxing and rewarding hobby. Adding healthy houseplants to the office and living spaces is an easy and beautiful way to help improve indoor air quality and increase oxygen levels and humidity.

Garden Glow

The act of growing plants is the ultimate mood-booster. This skill gives people a sense of purpose and achievement. Hobbyists can look back on the hands-on work that went into gardening with an overwhelming sense of confidence and satisfaction. A thriving plant also restores hope for the future! 

Plant to plate

At-home edible gardens can positively impact better diets by providing easy access to in-season, healthy produce. Growing an indoor herb garden with rosemary, sage, and lavender on a sunny kitchen windowsill is a great way to start. Gardeners who grow their own food tend to eat healthier and develop a lasting habit of favoring fruits and vegetables. Picky eaters and children introduced to gardening are more likely to try foods they may not have eaten before, having nurtured a vegetable, fruit, or herb from garden-to-table.

Build strength

Exercise with a purpose! Yardwork is a goal-oriented outdoor activity that strengthens all major muscle groups: legs, arms, back, and core. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), general gardening is a moderate-intensity aerobic activity that can burn up to 330 calories an hour. Activities like pruning, cutting grass, digging, planting, and weeding will have gardeners breaking a sweat.

Unplug and Dig into a New Hobby: Pike Nurseries Shares Garden Benefits for Mind and Body

Natural light

Much like plants, people need sunlight too. Exposure to natural light and fresh air triggers the body to produce Vitamin D and absorb essential minerals necessary for strengthening bones and immune systems and fighting off sickness.

Pike Nurseries delivers convenience to customers’ front doors with an online request service. Locals can select plants and garden essentials from the comfort of their home – available for doorstep delivery or curbside pickup. For more information on Pike Nurseries, please visit pikenursery.com.

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