I-Say by Ipsos Survey Panel Review: Is it Legitimate?

I-Say by Ipsos Survey Panel Review: Is it Legitimate?

There is no better time than now to join the I-Say panel to share your point of view about the current market trends today. Top leading brands want to hear from consumers like you about what you want to see in the future when it comes to products you use, services, and experiences. Trends change continuously, and brands want to stay on top of the industry, making sure they are providing the best for their customers.

So, what's in it for you?  

For your feedback, these brands who partner with I-Say pays the panel, then, in return, I-Say shares the payments with their members. So, it's a win-win all around.

i-Say by Ipsos Survey Panel Review: Is it Legitimate?

Here is more about I-Say:

I-Say is powered by Ipsos, a Leading Global Market Research Company

Ipsos is a worldwide market research company that provides a fresh perspective on issues and trends of today. Owned and managed by research professionals, Ipsos conducts more than 70 million interviews a year to serve more than 5,000 clients in more than 100 countries.

Founded in 1975, Ipsos is the third largest survey-based research firm in the world, with more than 15,000 employees in more than 80 countries worldwide.

I-Say Centers Around You

I-Say provides you with opportunities to get rewarded for your time and views. Now, all you have to do is share your opinions and choose the rewards you want.

1.Take Surveys- They provide you with a forum where your opinions are guaranteed to be heard. You then tell them your thoughts on everything from global brands to entertainment and more, and they take your feedback straight to those who have the power to influence change.

2. Earn Points- Your time deserves to be rewarded! Each time you take a survey with them, you're given I-Say points as a thank you for your feedback. The more surveys you take, the more I-Say points you receive.

3. Redeem Rewards- The right to voice your opinion is as essential to I-Say as the freedom for you to choose your rewards. The number and types of products you can redeem are unlimited, promising a reward 'just right' for you.

Now, you may be wondering, what kind of rewards can I redeem for the points I earn with I-Say?

I-Say has a full catalog of rewards! You can get free electronic gift cards, cash, merchandise, virtual Visa prepaid gift cards, join sweepstakes, and donate your rewards to your favorite charities.

Once you have 500 I-Say points, you can begin redeeming them for whatever rewards you choose.

So, make sure to complete the surveys that I-Say provides for you, and points will accumulate in your account. Also, the kind of survey studies for you to complete for rewards is highly based on your demographic, so make sure to truthfully fill out your profile. 

What Kind of Member Opportunities does I-Say Have?

I-Say has more than just the typical paid surveys to complete for rewards, they also offer paid:

  • Mobile Surveys
  • Video Surveys
  • Diary Surveys

*You can refer your friends for extra I-Say points. 

If you have extra time in the day, and/or looking for ways to bring in extra money for your household, joining I-Say panel would be right for you. Not to mention, you're playing a massive part in having your voice heard and being the change to future products, services, and experiences.

Are you looking for more ways to earn free rewards at home?  Make sure to check these panels out.

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    1. Awesome! I'm so glad you're loving it! ❤

  2. Do we pay any registration fee. I am an indian can I suitable to this work??

    1. Joining is free. If you're not from the US, CA, or UK, you may not be able to join.

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    Great stuff Lou since I’ve been 👀 ng for some thing to do do earn even 10$ so thank u very much for all the information

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed my post!

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    Can u help me sign up wt Isay pls… I’m having a hard time signing up wt any of these companies

    1. Did you click the I-Say link and fill out the form?

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