How to Start a DIY Wood Projects from Home

How to Start a DIY Wood Projects from Home

When it comes to creating projects from home, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Did you know that one out of three people who fail at their own home improvement projects end up hiring a professional?

Many get a little too intense when it comes to woodworking and take on more significant projects too early and end up failing. Personally, I’ve done many projects at home, succeeding, and failing.

From experience, I have a small bit of knowledge of what kinds of woodworking projects are better to start as a beginner.

Below are a few projects you can work on with a few items that you can pick up at your local hardware store. Plus, it doesn't take a lot of time to put together as well.

DIY Wall Shelf Project

Wall Shelf - This is always a great idea to make for either your powder room bathroom, your kitchen, office, or your kid's playroom. Making these DIY wall shelves truly has no limit as to how you decorate but also a way to keep things organized and fun to display. The best part, it can take you roughly an hour to make, create, and use in your home!

To start, you make a wall shelf from a pallet. Indeed the most complicated step from this project could be the cutting of the pallet, where a Sawzall might be needed.

All other steps simply include screwing the wood pieces into place and adding your own personal touches. The tools you will need are a handsaw, paintbrush, a Sawzall, drill, and an orbital sander. As far as the wood goes, you will want to grab 1 pallet, sandpaper, ⅛ “ drill bit, paint and stain, and 1 ⅝ wood screw.

DIY Cook Book Holder

Cook Book Holder - If you have a friend who loves to cook, has a baby or wedding shower coming or just looking for a place for yourself to display your favorite recipes at a glance, creating your own cookbook holder is a lot quicker ( and cheaper ) than you think!

The simple project can take a few hours of simple work and is an excellent accommodation for traditional gifts. For this project, the tools you’ll need are 2 bar clamps, drill, orbital palm sander, and a miter saw.

The wood and other materials you’ll need are drill bit and a driver bit with countersink, natural bristle brush or lint-free cloth, measuring tape, combo square, wood glue, eye protection, and a new or reclaimed wood to help, plus self wood screws.

DIY Wood Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder - With spring here, bird feeders are a great thing to make and show off in your neighborhood! This is a bit challenging for those who are very new to woodworking to cut and assemble these boards together.

Based on where you live, the weather can also play into effect with how your bird feeder will play out. To create this little home, the tools you’ll need are a miter saw and a drill. Other tools you’ll need are rope, birdseed, wood screws, wood glue, and cedar board.

DIY Wood Wine Rack

Wine Rack- Interested in creating more parties with friends? Create a wine rack if you live in a small apartment or townhome. You can either create several wine holders or just a few depending on how much space you have. The only items you need to create this wine rack are a pencil, drill press, cedarwood, sandpaper, and a tape measure.

This could even be a fun project to create with friends together for a girl's night in.

DIY Wood Pencil Holder

Pencil Holder For Teacher Appreciation- Another great gift idea to give to someone who just graduated with a Bachelor’s in Education, or if your child is in school and wants to give their teacher something for appreciation day, make them a cute pencil holder with their name on it.

This is about another hour-long project you can design, create, and give depending on your expertise. The tools you’ll need to make this project are a mode podge tool kit, metallic paint in rose gold ( for the letters ), any scrap wood, scrapbook paper to decorate, a drill, paintbrush and a piece of paper to use as ‘notebook paper’ for the outside. Be creative and write the words ‘inspire’ or ‘best teacher ever.’

3000 Vertical Panel Saw

For those that may feel that they are a bit more advanced when it comes to DIY projects from home, take a look at what local businesses are using within their companies as far as new tools and technology to help bring your creations to life.

If you live in the Atlanta area, Saw Trax is a company that offers several incredible saws, dollies, and more! Not only that, but they specialized hand cutting tools, saw kits, and their most popular saws, the panel saw.

If you are looking to create a large project and need help moving it from point a to point b, the company also has a new lineup of carts such as panel express, scoop dollys, and dolly maxes to help to move easier.

The innovative products that generally are not seen in the material handling market are second to none, plus their customer service is very helpful when asking the experts on what items to use for a particular project. Be sure to give them a call with all your DIY wood project questions, concerns, and ideas!

Disclosure- This post is sponsored by Saw Trax.

Will you be starting any DIY wood projects at home?

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