How to Refresh Home without Breaking the Bank

How to Refresh Home without Breaking the Bank

Being a month in with the new year already, we’ve had our fair share of hearing “new year, new me" concept which basically means as of today, you’ve tried to prep meals for the week, got a work out in and tried to reform your life for the better.

With having a refresh on your life, business and health, have you thought about also bringing your new ideas into your home?

The thought can be extremely overwhelming when it comes to possibly tackling such a big task at hand, but what about the easy ideas you could take to refresh your home without having to break the bank.

No really! There are some great, affordable additions to your home that truly make a world of difference.

Display Artwork - One way to really add some color and life into a room is by adding some new artwork. This artwork doesn’t have to be extremely pricey. If you are looking at any neighborhood garage sales and you love the frame, by all means, grab it, and then find artwork that matches those dimensions.

Another idea is to look at Facebook Market to see what other artwork pieces are on sale or look at estate sales.

Thinking of being a little more crafty yourself? Why not create a one-of-a-kind piece that you’ve always wanted, and try painting something yourself. If you are wanting to makeover your child’s playroom, frame a few of their drawings around their art station to show off their hard work.

Add Fresh New Linens - No matter what space you are refreshing, linens can help you update a room. This doesn’t have to be just the bedding for a guest room, but it can also be new towels for a bathroom, pillows for a couch, or a new plush rug to add to your family room.

This is an easy thing to do that can really transform a room. Again, looking at antique or estate sales to help bring a vision to life is a great idea to help save some money.

Update Home Accessories - A few accessories can make a significant impact in a space. Instead of purchasing something new for a room, why not look at what you already have within your home and see if you can add it.

Try repurposing an item from your home to see if it would work. This could be anything from a new chair with a new cover on it or adding new handles on a wooden table.

Another idea could be adding something small like a vase filled with flowers or a cute family picture of you and your loved ones to give the space a personal touch.

Outdoor Hardwood Deck for Home

Adding Outdoor Hardwood- While it’s wonderful to refresh the inside of your home, you can also do it outside too. If you have any loose boards that need replacing, it’s a wise idea to update the hardwood decking to increase the value of your home, and it’s appeal.

If you live in the Atlanta, Georgia area, make sure to call Brazilian Wood Depot. They specialize in hardwood floors that have rich tones and fire-resistant, weatherproof wood such as ipe decking.

Ipe wood decking grain is exceptionally dense and tight with visible cathedral arches and contrasting grain patterns throughout. Due to the wood’s texture and interlocking grains, it also offers superior slip resistance, so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt.

Add Accent Wall Color- Accent walls are extremely popular with bedroom updates. You can paint a contrast color on two of your bedroom walls while leaving the other two walls a neutral color.

Make sure that they are opposing walls that are usually the most narrow of the four walls. Doing this can make your room more appealing. It can also trick your eyes into thinking the room is more larger as well. Some popular colors to use on the walls are soft tones such as light blues, purples, whites, or beiges.

There are so many fun and easy ways to refresh your home without having to take out a loan to do so. The smartest way to go about doing this is making a plan on what needs to get done first, see what you can repurpose to help save money. Whatever you choose to do to refresh your home, when you're finished, I bet you'll love your home's new, updated look.

Will you be refreshing your home this year?

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