Keep Your Skin Looking Flawless and Rejuvenated During the Holidays with Lexli's Holiday Rescue Kit

Giveaway: Keep Your Skin Looking Flawless and Rejuvenated with Lexli's Holiday Rescue Kit

'Tis the season of holiday parties, late nights with family and friends, and overindulging on sweet treats, all the while wreaking havoc on our skin.  

Don't let all the holiday festivities leave your skin looking fa-la-la-la-blah!

Lexli has a Holiday Rescue Kit that will keep your skin looking flawless and rejuvenated throughout the whole festive season. I use these skincare products myself, not only during the holidays but also in my regular skincare routine too. Make sure to check out how Lexli helped fade my dark marks.

Giveaway: Keep Your Skin Looking Flawless and Rejuvenated with Lexli's Holiday Rescue Kit

Lexli's Holiday Rescue Kit Includes:

1. Lightening Lift- The aloe vera face mask hydrates skin and provides antioxidant protection while temporarily boosting firmness. The Lightening Lift is the holy grail that I use weekly to help fade my dark marks from acne. Also, when I'm having a breakout, the mask minimizes the bumps quickly, revealing smoother, younger-looking skin. My oldest daughter uses this mask for her skin, too, so perfect for teens as well.

2. Tone & Balance- This hydrating aloe vera toner can be applied to skin throughout the day to improve hydration and minimize redness and inflammation. I like to use this toner after cleansing to get rid of any trace of makeup and dirt that was left behind. Also, the toner restores the skin's ph balance.

3. Revital-Eyes- The firming aloe vera eye cream helps reduce fine lines and minimizes undereye circles and puffiness. This eye cream is a life-saver! As I age, I'm noticing I'm developing wrinkles under my eyes, and this eye cream keeps under my eyes firm and tighten. I can feel the cream going to work instantly with a cooling, tingling sensation.

4. Silk Eye Mask- This eye mask ensures a good night rest, and pairs wonderfully with the Revital-Eyes cream.

For more skincare tips to protect your skin this winter, Lexli has a free Holiday Beauty Guide. Not only does the guide share about keeping your skin healthy and protected from the brutally cold weather, but it also provides solutions for situations like these:

  • Haircare and Style Tips

  • Makeup Tips and Tricks

  • Overall Beauty Tips

And guess what!

Lexli Holiday Beauty Guide with Louida Martin from

I'm also in this beauty guide sharing essential skincare tips, along with other beauty bloggers and beauty professionals. I'm ecstatic that Lexli included me in their beauty guide!

Giveaway: Keep Your Skin Looking Flawless and Rejuvenated with Lexli's Holiday Rescue Kit

To celebrate, I partnered with Lexli to give one lucky Product Review Mom reader a free Holiday Rescue Kit (Retail Value $89.99) I mentioned in this post!  Giveaway Ends 12/4.

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Disclosure- This post is sponsored by Lexli, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Let's get our skin, hair, and makeup looking and feeling our very best this holiday season, thanks to Lexli!

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  1. My plans this holiday season are spending time with my family <3

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  8. We’re staying home this holiday. I also got the 22 page guide

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