Japan Crate November Snacks and Candy Box Review

Video: Japan Crate November Snacks and Candy Box Review

I love doing reviews like these, taste-testing authentic snacks straight from Japan.

For this snack review, the girls and I got to try out the Japan Crate box, Thanksgiving Edition.

Video: Japan Crate November Snacks and Candy Box Review

About Japan Crate 

Japan Crate offers the unique experience of Japan through monthly crates filled with candy and other savory snacks.  Consumers get to pick their box and explore tasty treats from Japan.

Not only does Japan Crate offers candy/snack boxes monthly, but people can also choose other themed boxes as well:

  • DOKI DOKI CRATE- Kawaii Items

  • UMAI CRATE- Noodle Items

  • KIRA KIRA CRATE- Beauty Items

  • GACHA GACHA CRATE- Capsule Toys

The Japan Crate we had is the Premium box that includes:

  • 18-20 Items
  • Drink & DIY
  • Monthly Bonus Item
  • Pamphlet with what's contained inside the box and learn what's happening around Japan for the month.  Plus, learn a few words in Japanese.

And the best part, Japan Crate offers free shipping worldwide!

The price for the premium box is $35 monthly.

I love the fact that the November Thanksgiving crate had a great balance of sweet, salty, and savory snacks.  So, it complements everyone's taste buds.

When I first opened the box, I was amazed at all the snacks that were inside, and love all the colorful packaging with the Japanese cartoons on them made the crate look so inviting and fun.  I couldn't wait to dive in and explore the country of Japan through snacks.

Video: Japan Crate November Snacks and Candy Box Review

Check out what the November Edition Japan Crate has:

Happiness Honey Cheese Cheetos

Happiness Honey Cheese Cheetos-  This is the fall limited edition Cheetos in Japan that features four different kinds of cheeses: camembert, cheddar, mozzarella, and cream cheese with a touch of honey.  We thought that the taste was a bit odd, with the cheese and honey flavor mixed.

Chico-Chan Fusen Gum

Chico-Chan Fusen Gum- This gum is the flavor of cider.  Lauren thought the gum reminded her of the original taste of her favorite Japanese soda, Ramune.

Sour Cola Gummy

Sour Cola Gummy- This gummy is fizzles and sour, with a cola taste.

Konjac Jelly

Konjac Jelly-  Jelly is very light in taste.  It's excellent for an on-the-go snack.

Corn Policky

Corn Policky-  These corn sticks are sweet, yet salty.

Gyokuro and Matcha Salt Pride Potato

Gyokuro and Matcha Salt Pride Potato-  These chips our similar to eating Lay's Potato Chips.  What makes these chips unique is that it features three types of tea leaves: Nishio Matcha, Tamecha Techa, and Gyokuro.

Tsumu Gummy
Tsumu Gummy- These gummies taste very sweet with strawberry, grape, muscat, and tangerine flavors.  Also, you can play a fun game of Tetris with it due to the shapes.

Sonomanma Soda

Sonomanma Soda- We had these Ramune gumballs before at Atlanta Comic-Con this past year.  The gumballs taste like soda with one of the three tasting sour.  It's a fun treat to have with friends to see who is the unlucky one to get the sour gum.

Maple Hot Cake

Maple Hot Cake- Just like the name says, it's a maple cake that tastes just like a pancake with maple syurp.

Pudding Flavored Jelly

Pudding Flavored Jelly- This pudding jelly flavor reminded me of eating flan, but with a lighter taste without the brown sugar on top.

Mini Annoimo Angel Pie

Mini Annoimo Angel Pie-  Flavor is similar to eating a moon pie.  It's fluffy with a sweet potato taste filled with marshmallow cream.

Chocolate Melon Bread

Chocolate Melon Bread- This melon bread was dry with no moisture to it at all.  The packaging makes it look like it would be so good, disappointed!

Gyogyogyo Gum

Gyogyogyo Gum- Gum comes in a stick form you break off in pieces and comes in four different flavors: Green Apple, Grape, Yogurt, and Peach.  I felt the taste was lacking, and would only be suitable for a couple of minutes of chewing.

Sherbert Pero Cider

Sherbert Pero Cider- Michelle loved this candy because it was like eating a Fun Dip candy.  The flavor of the powder is fizzy like a soda.

Autumn Potato Kit Kat

Autumn Potato Kit Kat- Now, this was interesting, a sweet potato flavor Kit Kat, another fall limited edition item in Japan.  The taste wasn't that bad, of course, the flavor is sweet potatoes, covered with white chocolate.  After eating in for a while, I do get tired of it because the taste is so sweet.


Kinakobo- This mochi was disgusting!  A hot powdery mess!


Sobameshi- This is a savory rice snack, but I couldn't get over the stinky fish smell.  Gross!

Vivits Hokkaido Melon Mix Soda

Vivits Hokkaido Melon Mix Soda- Taste like a carbonated melon soda with a sweet melon aroma.

This particular Japan Crate snack box had more good than bad-tasting snacks.  Much more enjoyable!  Thumbs up from us!

If you're looking to have a taste of Japan, make sure to check out Japan Crate.  It's a fun box to eat with family and friends.

If you don't want a subscription box, you can always visit Japan Crate's Sugoi Mart to shop for as many snacks and cool Japanese items as you wish without subscribing.

Disclosure- We were provided this box to do a review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Are there any snacks from this box you would like to try out?

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