Discover LAWLESS Beauty Plumping Lip Gloss Colors

Discover LAWLESS Beauty Plumping Lip Gloss Colors

Recently, I shared about a plumping lip gloss from LAWLESS Beauty that gives you fuller lips naturally.

The top shade I shared was the incredibly popular Cherry Vanilla, a huge fan favorite. But did you know LAWLESS also has other best-selling shades?

LAWLESS Beauty Plumping Lip Glosses

About LAWLESS Beauty Forget The Filler Lip Pumping Line Smoothing Gloss

Are you tired of plumpers that sting the lips for a short-term plump? At LAWLESS, they offer a unique solution. Their plump gloss lasts even after you remove your makeup, thanks to our serious skincare credentials, a high concentration of Maxi-Lip, and a proprietary blend of gold-standard ingredients. But how does it look in the moment?

  • High-drama, high-gloss, vinyl-like shine-someone can see their reflection in your lips
  • Thick coverage that smooths away every little lip line.
  • Color and shine are visible for miles all day.
  • Designed to be worn alone, over a lip pencil, or on top of lipstick.

LAWLESS Beauty Lip Gloss Colors

LAWLESS sent me a total of 7 plumping lip glosses; check out the shades below:

  • Rosy Outlook- Super sheer baby pink

  • Nude- Pinky nude with a pearl finish

  • Daisy Pink- Sheer creamy baby pink

  • Velvet- Rosy mauve with plummy undertones

  • Cherry Vanilla- Sheer cherry with a nostalgic cherry vanilla scent

  • Juicy Watermelon- Sheer watermelon with a watermelon scent

  • Maple Sugar- Warm truffle

There are more shades on LAWLESS Beauty's website.

LAWLESS Beauty Lip Gloss Colors

While all the pink and rosy colors are great, the ones that stand out to me are my personal favorites: Cherry Vanilla, Juicy Watermelon, and Daisy Pink. I believe they would be perfect for you too.

Since I've been introduced to LAWLESS lip glosses, I can't leave home without them! My lips feel naked if I don't have plumper gloss on.

Not only do I love the glossiness and shine of my lips, but I also enjoy how my lips are hydrated all day.

After consistent use, I noticed my lips look better, healthier, and fuller.

LAWLESS Beauty Lip Gloss Colors

LAWLESS lip-plumping gloss is a game-changer! There's no need to get those painful lip injections.

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