Lauren's Next Chapter: Following Her Passion in the Beauty Industry

Paul Mitchell The School Esani in Roswell Georgia

I announced this on my personal Facebook page and decided to share this great news here.

Lauren has decided on the next chapter of her life after high school. 

Paul Mitchell School in Roswell Georgia TV Screen

She will follow the family's footsteps in the beauty industry to become an esthetician. She will attend one of the top beauty schools, Paul Mitchell, The School of Esani in Roswell, Georgia!

I'd been holding onto this news until her current high school made the announcement.

She gets asked what made her decide to be an esthetician?

And she always says it's because of our mother and daughter's monthly facial dates at our MedSpa. She loves getting facials and how they help improve her skin and confidence.

If you've been following me for a while, you know that I speak about my skincare journey regularly and share how much I love getting Hydrafacials.

I wasn't taking this skincare journey alone; Lauren went along from the beginning in 2021. Her favorite treatments are microdermabrasion and light peels.

Lauren is passionate about improving skin health and appearance and would love to help others achieve their skincare goals.

She hopes to someday open her own MedSpa. But first, she must go to school and pass the state board exams, and Paul Mitchell would help her get the necessary education, prepare her to ace the test, and kick-start her career.

Paul Mitchell School in Roswell Georgia Salon

We toured Paul Mitchell a couple of times, but on the first tour, we knew that it would be the best school for her.

Paul Mitchell School in Roswell Georgia Open House

I love the diversity of the students and how they all seemed happy to be there. I can tell that Lauren will meet life-long friends there.

So, what is all Lauren will learn at Paul Mitchell?

Lauren will learn hands-on techniques and theory in various skincare procedures, including hair removal, waxing, brow design, makeup, facials, facial massage, facial machines, and skin therapy. She will also learn about Hydrafacials!

To complete the school program, Lauren must do 1000 hours, so if she sticks with it full-time, she can be done within a year!

You all just don't know how proud I am of Lauren!

I can't wait until she starts giving me facials, and I'll be her first client and the one she'll practice on. 

Thanks to her, she'll help me better understand skincare and learn more about which products on the market are the best to use. This will significantly help me as I share my experience with different skincare products.

And hey, you never know; you may even see her skincare products in stores, just like her dad's haircare line is in stores now.

I admire how children see their parents as role models and are influenced by them throughout their lives. Similar to how I looked up to my dad, who had a passion for cars, I also share the same interest. 

My dad worked as a regional manager for Enterprise and Avis rental car companies when I was a young child, often driving new cars home. 

He would ask me my opinion on which cars he should drive next, and I loved being in the passenger seat of all these new cars he would bring home, and his love for cars passed down to me.

I know I haven't reviewed new cars lately because I've been enjoying the new Highlander I recently bought, but I'll get back to it soon. It doesn't feel the same without being in the most incredible new vehicles.

Lauren's Bentley Photography Photo

Also, I'll share how it goes for Lauren at Paul Mitchell. And if you're in the area, she would love to give you facials once she can take on clients!

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