Video: Unique Korean Holiday Gifts from Seoulbox

Unique Korean Holiday Gifts from Seoulbox

Are you looking for a Korean gift that keeps on giving? For instance, a monthly box filled with snacks and merchandise from Korea?

If you know someone who loves the Korean culture or would like to explore Korea from the comfort of their home, Seoulbox would make the perfect holiday gift!

If you remember, I reviewed the Seoulbox coffeehouse theme box filled with sweet and savory snacks you would find in Korean coffee houses. It made a great conversation starter with my daughters exploring what Koreans like to eat and drink when they dine at coffee shops.

Unique Korean Holiday Gifts from Seoulbox

About Seoulbox

From the streets of Seoul, straight to you! Seoulbox is an authentic Korean snack and goodie subscription box shipped directly to your doorstep. Each month, Seoulbox curate a box full of snack items and merchandise from Seoul's streets and quickly send them to its members.

My daughters and I received the curated Seoulbox Street Food Snacks theme box this time.

You can find unique street foods in Seoul's street market stalls in Korea.

Seoulbox included popular Korean snack foods like Kimchi Nurungji Seoul Chips and Fried Chicken Chips to snack on during these shorter, colder months.  

While hunkering down at home more often, my daughters and I enjoy snacking on flavorful Korean snacks while discussing what we like or dislike about the snacks we try.

Unique Korean Holiday Gifts from Seoulbox

How Seoulbox Work

First, you take a quiz asking questions like whether you are a vegetarian or prefer snacks or goodies. So, they want to know what kind of shopper you are so Seoulbox can curate a box that matches perfectly for you or the person you're buying the boxes for.

There are two different boxes to choose from:

Seoulbox Life

This box offers a one-time payment, or you can subscribe monthly. (One-time Payment is $64.50 or $59.50 delivered every 3 months) What's included in the package are 18 authentic Korean Goodies that immerse you in the lifestyle of Korea.

In Seoulbox Life, you'll receive:

  • 8-10 hand-picked Korean goodies
  • 1 K-Beauty treat
  • 2 K-Pop merch
  • 4-5 Korean lifestyle items
  • 1 gourmet food
  • Seoulbox Magazine

If you're not looking to subscribe, this box also makes the perfect gift. Plus, it's a great starting point if you want to try Seoulbox before subscribing.

Seoulbox Signature

Seoulbox Signature is a monthly theme box. ($37.50)  

In Seoulbox Signature, you'll receive:

  • 18 authentic Korean goodies
  • Korea-exclusive sweet and savory snacks
  • In-depth magazine packed with cultural insights
  • Crazy ramens and drinks
  • Unique K-Pop/K-Drama/K-Culture merch
  • Top-rated and lesser-known Kbeauty skincare products

What's Inside My Seoulbox Street Food Theme Box

Come and look at the savory snacks, sweet treats, goodies, and drink we received.

Korean Street Food Snacks
Creamy Chili Sauce Potato Chips

Korean Street Food Snacks
Noodles Fit Eomuktang (Fishcake Soup)

Korean Street Food Snacks
Stubborn Sweet Potato Chips

Korean Street Food Snacks
Sikhae Rice Punch

Korean Street Food Snacks
Jelly in Jelly Lychee

Korean Street Food Snacks
Kim Fried Rice Nooroongji- 2 Packs

Korean Street Food Snacks
Twisted Donut "Kkwabaegi"

Korean Street Food Snacks
Korean Fried Chicken Chips

Korean Street Food Snacks
Sable Butter Cookie

Korean Street Food Snacks
Yummy Puffs

Korean Street Food Snacks

Korean Street Food Snacks
Kayabutter Short Bread

Korean Street Food Snacks
Hotteok Fishcake Bun

Korean Street Food Snacks
21 Crispy Roll- 2 Packs

Korean Beauty Product
Boryung Mud Mask Recovery

BT21 Soft Keyring
BT21 Soft Keyring

What I like about Seoulbox is that it comes with a Tasting Guide that describes each item and how to enjoy the product. So, you appreciate the products the way Koreans do.

There is an enormous Korean Food Scene in my area that offers various cuisines like Korean Homestyle Cooking, Korean Fast Foods, Dessert shops, and Coffee Shops.  

I visit Korean food places regularly in my hometown, and not once have I seen the food I received from Seoulbox sold in my area.  

So, it makes me happy to know that what I get from Seoulbox is not easily found here in the states. I'm genuinely receiving authentic Korean snacks.

This holiday season, give a gift of authentic Korean food, beauty, and merchandise. Seoulbox gifts help people to explore Korea's dynamic culture and delicious K-Food!

Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale at Seoulbox

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