Seoul of the South Korean Food Tour

Seoul of the South Korean Food Tour

Gwinnett County is one of the most diverse places in Georgia, with a substantial Korean influence that exploded in growth after the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

When visiting places like Duluth, Suwanee, and Buford, you'll notice the enormous Korean food scene! There are various cuisines, like Korean Homestyle Cooking, Korean Fast Foods, Dessert shops, and Coffee Shops!

It can be overwhelming if you don't know what places to dine at or what meals to choose; however, booking a Korean Food Tour called Seoul of the South is a great place to start.

The cost of the Seoul of the South Tour is $60 per person.  This includes transportation to each restaurant, a unique swag bag, and food restaurants provide at each stop.

Seoul of the South Korean Food Tour

About Seoul of the South Korean Food Tour

From traditional Korean restaurants and markets to spas and karaoke, there's not much you can experience in Korea that you can't also do in Gwinnett. Through the immersive Seoul of the South Korean restaurant tour, you'll learn about the rise of this unique (and delicious) culture in Gwinnett.

The Seoul of the South Korean restaurant tour takes place at four local restaurants and bakeries. Throughout the tour, you'll be given information about Korean culture in Gwinnett and details about the food you try.

Even though I visit various Korean restaurants regularly, I wanted to do this food tour to check out places I haven't tried yet.

Due to the popularity of Seoul of the South, tickets sell out quickly.  

So fast that there is a waiting list of over 40 people! I've been waiting to score tickets for this food tour for the past two years, and I finally lucked out by getting the last three tickets for the fall tour.

The food tour starts at the Explore Gwinnett building at 11am sharp, where you ride a traditional trolley to the four locations. The tour ends at the same place it began, and free parking is provided.

There is a tour guide, Sarah Park, a native of Korea, and a foodie, who shares a wealth of information about the Koreans in the Southeast, the culture, and the traditional dishes Koreans like to eat.

The four locations we visited were Jang Su Jang, Honey Pig, Cafe Mixx, and Vincent Bakery Cafe.

We were given a cheat sheet of the foods we would eat at each location.

Jang Su Jang Duluth Georgia

Jang Su Jang

Jang Su Jang is a casual eatery specializing in Korean-style BBQ, with dumplings, tofu stews, and family-style dishes. During this tour, we were served family-style fare.

Jang Su Jang Duluth Georgia

Our tour menu:

  • Haemul Pajeon- Seafood Scallion Pancake

  • Soondubu Jjigae- Silken Tofu Stew

  • Galbi- Korean BBQ

  • Bossam- Boiled Park Wraps

Jang Su Jang Duluth Georgia

Jang Su Jang was my favorite stop on the tour, with my favorite dish being their famous short ribs. When it comes to short ribs, Korean kitchens have a particular knack for preparing short ribs braised, grilled, steamed, shredded, and diced, with delicious results.

Honey Pig Duluth Georgia

Honey Pig

Honey Pig is a Korean restaurant serving tabletop BBQ, shabu-shabu, and more in a high-ceiling, industrial-chic space.

Our tour menu:

  • Various Korean BBQ

  • Kimchi Fried Rice

  • Salads and Vegetables

Honey Pig Duluth Georgia

It's quite the experience with charcoal grills built into the dining tabletop! Your server brings out the meats and cooks them right in front of you to your liking. The variety of meats consists of beef, pork, and chicken marinated barbeque or un-marinated.  

Honey Pig Duluth Georgia

When it comes to the meats I eat, like beef and chicken, I like to have mine marinated.

Cafe Mixx Suwanee Georgia

Cafe Mixx

Cafe Mixx is a laid-back outpost with a patio that whips up Asian-inspired quick meals, coffee drinks, and tasty desserts.

Our tour menu:

  • Donkasseu

  • Hamburger Steak

  • Crispy Wings

  • Sotteok Sotteok

Cafe Mixx Suwanee Georgia

When it comes to Cafe Mixx, it's more of a snack food joint. Think of it as Korean-Style Fast Food.

I'm a regular visitor to this eatery and like to grab drinks and desserts. However, my oldest daughter likes to order through their savory menu getting the Chicken Katsu.  

Vincent Bakery Cafe Duluth Georgia

Vincent Bakery Cafe

Vincent Bakery Cafe is a quaint little coffee shop that offers a variety of pieces of bread, pastries, cakes, and of course, coffee drinks made to order.  

Our tour menu:

  • Yuja-cha- Citron Tea

  • Misugaru

  • Korean Cakes, Cookies, and Pastries

Vincent Bakery Cafe Duluth Georgia

This was a great way to end the tour by eating and drinking sweet delights. One of my favorite Korean drinks I like to sip on is Yuja-cha tea, which you can have either hot or cold. My preference is to have it hot.

Also, when visiting Korean coffee shops and bakeries, I like to get custard-filled loaves of bread and pastries, and my oldest daughter gets the ones filled with red beans.

When visiting Korean coffeeshop/bakeries, you'll notice they sell similar items. Still, it's the different atmosphere that makes the difference between them. I prefer the ones with a more hip, younger scenery, with modernized decor.  

I thought the tour was a fun experience and helped me discover places I haven't tried and will be returning to. In addition, the food was plentiful and will have you feeling full and satisfied afterward.

This tour is a great way to taste authentic Korean cuisine without traveling for 16 hours to Korea. It's like traveling without a passport!

Seoul of the South Korean Food Tour

Tour Tips

Arrive Early: The tour starts at 11am; however, the trolley fills up fast, so to get good seats, you need to arrive about 40 mins before departure.

Tour is about 4 Hours: The tour starts at 11am and wraps up at about 3pm. However, it can go over time, so make room in your schedule.

Food Served will Be A lot at Each Stop: Each location serves a lot of food, and you have less than an hour at each stop to eat it. So be prepared to have a lot of to-go boxes. In addition, you can bring a cooler to store your leftovers. Remember, do not eat before attending this tour!

Places you Visit: You do not know what restaurants you will visit during the tour until the week before the tour begins. However each tour may have one or two different restaurants, but Jang Su Jang will always be a participant.

Charges and Gratuities:  All charges and gratuities at each tour stop are included in your ticket price.

Swag Bag: You will receive a goodie bag of cool stuff before the tour begins.

Drinks:  If you're 21+, you can purchase alcoholic beverages at the locations that serve them.

Please visit Explore Gwinnett website to check the schedule for the next Seoul of the South Tour.

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