Join TasteSphere Community and Earn Gift Cards

Join TasteSphere Community and Earn Gift Cards

Calling all foodies! Do you have a passion for food? Do you like to share your opinions about the foods you eat?

If so, there is an excellent community for you to join called TasteSphere, powered by Toluna.

Join TasteSphere Community and Earn Gift Cards

About TasteSphere Community

The TasteSphere Community is a group of individuals passionate about food and the world of taste.  

At TasteSphere, they bring their opinions, creativity, and everyday needs and expectations to inspire brands and companies to create enjoyable taste experiences for people like you!  

TasteSphere focus on all types of food and beverages that you can buy today and that you may see in the future.

Their members like to share their opinions, participate in activities - surveys, polls, and discussions - and earn great rewards.

This community is built and managed by Toluna, a technology-based research company.  

Toluna built the first online panel in 2000 and since then has produced over 200 communities for major brands all over the world.  

Having created over 200 communities and launching more every month, the Toluna team is experts at building and managing communities that will provide members like you with an engaging and rewarding experience.

What Rewards you Earn at TasteSphere Community

At TasteSphere Community, they value your opinion; that's why they listen to what you have to say and reward you for your time!

It's easy to earn great rewards. Build up points by participating in the activities and online surveys they send. Here is how you can earn points:

  • Taking a survey
  • Voting in a poll
  • Posting a comment on a discussion board

The number of points you earn will vary based on how much effort is required. However, you will always know how many points you will earn by participating in each activity. So, participate as often as possible and watch your points balance grow.

Once you join, you will have access to the community website. You can login whenever you like and monitor your points balance account. Once your account reaches 500 points, you may redeem for one of their great e-gift card options like Amazon, Target, and many more - that you instantly receive.

Don't miss out on this excellent opportunity to be the voice of various foods and get rewarded for your feedback.  Join the TasteShere Community today, before they no longer accept new members.

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