Get Japan Exclusive Products Online at Sugoi Mart

Get Japan Exclusive Products Online at Sugoi Mart

Are you a fan of Japanese culture?  Would you like to experience Japan from the comfort of your home?

Forget spending a ton of money on expensive flights, and lodging in Japan, when you can have Japan come to you.

If you remember, I enjoyed trying out Japan Crate, which offers monthly crates filled with candy and other savory snacks.  Consumers get to pick their boxes and explore tasty treats from Japan.

If you're not into monthly subscriptions but would still like to try out Japanese products, Japan Crate has a sister company called Sugoi Mart, an online store filled with food, candies, toys, and beauty products.

Get Japan Exclusive Products Online at Sugoi Mart

About Sugoi Mart is a collection of Japan-exclusive items shipped directly to your door.  Sugoi Mart is a shopping experience that includes entertainment, culture, and discoveries of all from Japan.  

They offer worldwide shipping with new drops daily, plus curated collections.  You'll also get to purchase rare and hard-to-find items.

Sugoi Mart differs from Japan Crate because you know what you're getting; it's not a monthly surprise.  Plus, you can purchase as much as you want to stock up on your favorite items.

My favorite spot on Sugoi Mart's website is the beauty section.  

As you know, I love skincare products and learning about other people's use in different countries.  Check out some of the goodies I got from Sugoi Mart below:

Sugoi Mart has a vast selection of cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and bath and body products.  And if you don't know Japanese, there is no worry because each product has an English description and lets you know what the product is for.

My daughters' favorite sections on the website are food and drinks.  When they can't find specific snacks at our local Japanese store, they browse through all the candies and beverages on the Sugoi Mart website.

For those looking to explore Japan authentically, you can buy Japanese experience sets on Sugoi Mart's website.  Then, go on a food-making adventure at home with actual ingredients from Japan in every set.

Each set tells you what it contains.  There are Tapioca Sets, Matcha Sets, Bento Sets, and Onigiri Sets.  These sets make excellent unique gifts for birthdays and holidays, or just because. 

If you visit anime conventions, you'll notice that vendors sell mystery bags.  If you're into those, Sugoi Mart also has those mystery bags.  These mystery bags contain candies, plushes, home items, and more.     

Sugoi Mart states what kind of stuff the mystery bag (lucky bags) will have and its value.

Get Japanese Christmas Advent Calendars

And during the holidays, Sugoi Mart has Christmas Advent Calendars that you can open up daily until Christmas and get Japan-limited products you can't find elsewhere.

As I said, you'll enjoy having Japan come to your doorstep at!  It's a great way to experience Japanese culture.

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