Nostalgic Gaming at Southern-Fried Gaming Expo

Nostalgic Gaming at Southern-Fried Gaming Expo

During summer break, the girls and I attend conventions like MomoCon, Atlanta Comic Con, and Southern-Fried Gaming Expo.  

Attending conventions is a great way to do your favorite things with other like-minded individuals, as well as see special guest speakers, purchase unique merchandise from vendors, etc.

Recently, my daughters and I returned to Southern-Fried Gaming Expo for the second time since my oldest, Lauren, loves to play video games.

Nostalgic Gaming at Southern-Fried Gaming Expo

About Southern-Fried Gaming Expo

Southern-Fried Gaming Expo is where gamers from the South East come together and enjoy nostalgic games during the 3-day event, held at both Renaissance Waverly and the adjoining Cobb Galleria Centre. 

This gaming convention celebrates all types of gaming, which includes 300+ retro and modern consoles, tabletop games, computer games, pinball, tournaments, and more!

 It is the largest arcade expo in Georgia, with family-friendly gaming!

A group of gaming enthusiasts who live in the metro Atlanta area came together to create Southern-Fried Gaming Expo, so long-time gamers in the mid-south can come together and enjoy a variety of games.

Again, we only attended on Friday since we didn't want to be among the crowds and have more chances to play the games instead of spending our time in long lines.  

The downfall of only attending on Friday is that we missed quite a few events on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday seemed to be when all the fun activities were held, like the Homecoming dance, the extreme eating contest, music, and more!

Nostalgic Gaming at Southern-Fried Gaming Expo

But my daughters were not into that stuff; they were interested in playing video games and checking out the flea market.  So, Friday was the perfect day to attend to get first dibs.

Nostalgic Gaming at Southern-Fried Gaming Expo

I always look forward to joining the painting panel when attending these conventions.  But, it seems they're at compacity, or I miss it.  This time around, they were packing up for the night when I found out there was an art panel.  Darn!

If only I had downloaded the SFGE app once I arrived after 4pm, I could've planned our day better.  (I highly recommend downloading their app so you don't miss anything)

However, at least we got to play several video games and do some shopping.

Lauren's favorite was the LAN gaming room because she got to return to one of her computer favorites, DOOM.

I was shocked she even knew what DOOM is and has played it.  DOOM is long before her time and unsuitable for her age due to blood and gore.

I asked her how she was able to play it, and she told me she added the game on one of her laptops a while back.

Nostalgic Gaming at Southern-Fried Gaming Expo

But I shouldn't be surprised because I would also play DOOM at her age to pass the time, along with solitaire.  Like mother, like daughter!

It's amazing how life comes full circle, and your kids do some of the things you used to do.

Again, another fun time at Southern-Fried Gaming Expo!  We can't wait to do it all over again next year.  And maybe next time we will experience all three days!

Southern-Fried Gaming Expo

2450 Galleria Pkwy 

Atlanta, GA 30339

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