The Best Comfortable Waterproof Sneakers for Women and Men

LOOM Sneakers Review

Four to five days a week, I head to the gym to do a bit of cardio and weight training to tone up and burn calories.  

Going to the gym consistently helped build up my energy, improve my mental health, think clearly, strengthen my muscles, and most importantly, help me lose weight and get my health back better.

I sweat a lot when I work out, so I wear active apparel that keeps me dry. Also, wear shoes that prevent my feet from getting sweaty as well.

Have you heard of LOOM?

LOOM Sneakers Review

LOOM is the ultimate waterproof sneaker that keeps your feet comfortable and dry no matter the weather or if you're sweating.

I like to wear LOOM sneakers when I'm at the gym and on my walks at the park. 

However, the shoes are a snug fit, so I recommend getting a size 1/2 bigger. The bigger size gives more space in the toe box and makes sliding in and out of the shoes easier without needing to retie shoes.

LOOM Sneakers Review

Even when I'm doing my walks, and it's raining, LOOM keeps my feet dry, and I love watching the water just roll off to the ground.

Do you know how walking in shoes all day can make your feet hurt?

Not with LOOM! Your feet won't feel tired or ache with pain. LOOM is delightful pair of shoes that are all-day wear that's soothing to the feet. Not to mention they are cool looking too and go well with activewear and casual outfits. It got that athletic, runner shoes look, which I love since those are my favorite kind of sneakers.

Even though these shoes keep the feet dry, they also keep feet warm during the cold months and feet cool during the hot season.

LOOM Sneakers Review

What Makes Loom Footwear so Unique?

Waterproof: What makes LOOM stand out from other shoe brands is that it's truly waterproof. Yes, you can even swim with them on, and your feet will not be wet. So, they can be worn in the rain, snow, mud with no wetness or discomfort.


Engineered for Comfort: LOOM has a cushioning system that is created for maximum comfort.

Breathable: LOOM is made with materials that soak up and release the moisture from the air, making your feet stay dry.

Anti-Odor:  Thanks to the moisture-wicking material and antimicrobial properties, it destroys the bacteria that cause odor, so your feet stay fresh all day while wearing LOOM.

Lightweight & Flexible: These shoes are lightweight and don't feel heavy, making walking and running in these comfortable.

Earth Friendly: Made with cruelty-free material sourced from some of the most eco-friendly farms in the world.

LOOM Sneakers Review

These high-performance, waterproof shoes are for both males and females, so any adult can sport these shoes.  

LOOM Sneakers Review

LOOM will have heads spinning, making others want to have a pair as well. You can get yours today by visiting their website. And, right now, LOOM is having a sale that you can't miss! The lowest price of the season! Comes in black and white color.

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