What you Need to Dress Up Your Dorm Room

What you Need to Dress Up Your Dorm Room

Summer is slowly coming to an end, and move-in is upon us! This fall, millions of
students will be moving back into their dorms. 

Adjusting to life in the dorms can be challenging, especially with little to no decor. However, making your dorm room homey and comfortable is essential for feeling at home at school. 

This semester, don’t let your dorm room be dull and lifeless! Instead, you can add some life and character to your dorm room walls with some of our favorite options below!


Wall Decor - CanvasPrints.com 

One of the best ways to turn a dorm room into a more inviting space is to hang some art on your walls!

If you don’t have the luxury of a large amount of wall space, many canvases start at 8” x 8” inches, perfect for creating a little reminder of a big moment. Of course, you can also prop these up on a shelf or your desk.

A Great Comforter 

After a long day of classes, studying, and walking all over campus, you’ll want to return to a cozy, inviting bed. Although most dorm room beds are relatively small, finding the right bedsheets can make it feel much more luxurious. One of our favorites is the Brooklinen Down Comforter - it's an incredible, all-season comforter that provides warmth without weight and a cloud-like softness. 

An Extra Long Phone Charger

There’s nothing worse than having to set up your room based upon your only outlet in the room. Then, when you get back to your room and want to relax and mindlessly scroll through social media, bending over backward to charge your phone is a total pain. Save yourself the struggle and get a durable 10-foot long charging cord so you can veg out in complete comfort.

A Fan! 

It’s not uncommon for many dorms not to have AC. If this is the case, there’s no more significant lifesaver than a good ole’ box fan. Even better, you can get a clip-on fan to place in any spot you frequent in your room! These are a great way to keep your bed even cooler at night. 

An Area Rug 

A cold, hard tile floor can be somewhat depressing. Adding an area rug can make the place feel much more cozy and warmer. You’ll thank yourself while you're studying for exams in December, and your feet aren’t freezing like everyone else! 

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