The Ultimate Back To School Guide for College Students

The Ultimate Back To School Guide for College Students

With back-to-school season upon us, it's the perfect time to search for those back-to-school college essentials that will help students navigate their day-to-day routine easily and comfortably.

From the ideal backpack to carry your essentials to the perfect remedies for those stressed out (and home-sick) college students, below is a list of items every college student needs to elevate their everyday routine.

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First Thing First: Choose the Perfect Backpack or Bag!

Urban Originals Backpacks

Urban Originals creates drop-dead gorgeous bags that are Uber practical without using any animal leather. The brand is 100% cruelty-free and vegan. Urban Originals uses the finest quality vegan leather and recycled materials where possible and works to meager chemical requirements. So when you buy Urban Originals, you can feel as good as you look.

Time to Get Ready for Class!

Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon Kit

Salon-quality curls while you sleep! Save time in the morning and avoid all the damage curling irons and blow-dryers cause with Heatless Hair and their silk Curling Ribbon. The Curling Ribbon gives you total control over how you want your hair to look—wanting tighter curls? Wrap your hair tightly around. Or achieve beachy-looking waves by adding a bit of slack. There are endless amount of looks you can have. 

Place, twist, sleep and have effortless, bouncy curls. Handmade in Los Angeles, the ribbons, scrunchies, and hair clips were designed to give your hair more shine and prevent breakage and frizz. 

The ribbons are made from 100% silk and a soft hypoallergenic blend of cotton. Meaning you get a new way of curling your hair without the heat.

Urban Hydration

Rock your natural hair with confidence!  Beauty and philanthropy go hand-in-hand with this certified women-owned and black-owned brand.  

This feel-good brand provides the right natural ingredients that purposely make taking care of our skin and hair effortless, affordable, and enjoyable. Adding to this is the knowledge that philanthropy is at the brand's heart.  

With a special mission to save the planet through clean beauty, with every product sold, Urban Hydration donates a gallon of water to transform communities worldwide. This alone is having consumers raving about the products and wanting to be a part of giving back to an important cause.


Simplify your skincare routine and make it on time for class!  Koope is de-complicating the confusing world of skincare with supercharged cleansers and moisturizers that have everything your skin needs in two simple steps.  

All formulas are suitable for all skin types, free from common sensitizers and 1400 ingredients banned in Europe. But not only does Koope create great skincare products, but the brand is also starting a movement that encourages all brands to do more in their communities and causes to make the world safer, healthier, and better. 


Throw on something quick, comfortable, and fashionable for class!  Build your wardrobe with the sleek and beautiful athletic wear from Ninepine. Intentionally designed with a purpose for the modern-day, Ninepine provides timeless yet versatile athletic wear staples to fit in your everyday life.  

This brand allows you to go from early morning runs and sunrise yoga to unwinding on the couch after a long day with its sustainable and fashionable apparel. Ninepine strives to create pieces that feel good to wear and are as sustainable as possible. While there isn't a way to be 100%, they are taking steps to offset and reduce their carbon footprint and impact.

Constant Sol

Stay protected from the sun while you're running around campus!  Add Constant Sol to your closet and enjoy all-over protection from the sun's damaging effects. Unfortunately, most clothing doesn't provide adequate protection from UV rays. To truly shield you from unseen damages and not just heat, your clothing should have a high UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating.  

Whether you are out to lunch with friends or at a beach wedding, Constant Sol helps you enjoy the sunshine with UPF 50+ fabrics, the highest rating possible for fabrics. In addition, the Luxe Essential and Sunsafe Stretch are third-party certified to offer excellent protection while still being breathable and lightweight for those dog days of summer.

Veronica M

Get ready for compliments to come your way!  Veronica M will have you dressed to impress this season. The brand expertly combines classic styles and vintage patterns with a bohemian twist to create statement pieces and closet staples.  

All offerings are versatile and comfy, designed intentionally for how today's women live their lives from day to night.  The signature ITY fabric is a soft, breathable jersey woven with twisted yarn that beautifully increases stretch and durability.  

This makes the clothes wrinkle-resistant and functionally perfect for travel or everyday wear.   As a result, you will be able to transition from work to home life and out on the town with style and ease.

ATRAC (short for "attraction" because of the highest quality magnets used inside of these accessory holders) is one of those essentials you will buy and wonder, "How did I ever live without this?" 

ATRAC is almost like a snap bracelet but with magnets that you can "slap" or "wrap" around your purse/backpack strap without losing them.  They are essential for backpacks at school, college, and totes for moms!  

Plus, they have a $10 lip balm and magnetic holder too! Perfect little organizer for "back-to-school!" They stay in place! They also hang from your wrist or gym pants! You can hang it from your bathing suit bottoms since the magnets are strong and secure.  

ATRAC is designed to keep your keys and/or cellphones right where they are supposed to be so you don't have to spend minutes rummaging through your purse digging for your keys while your children throw tantrums at the grocery store.  

At least, that is how the founder came up with the idea. She could not take one more tantrum in public while she emptied her purse, digging for her keys to put her daughter into the car and leave the store without more mortification. The patent-pending strap is high-quality vegan leather and is made to look like a luxurious accessory for any activity in your life.

The Sprkl Shop

Here's a little handmade love from Brooklyn to make your day sparkle and feel brighter! The Sprkl Shop is the oh-so-beautiful woman-owned brand with a fresh take on accessories.  

You can't help but smile when seeing their collection, from pet tags to phone cases. Rainbows, smiley faces, sparkles, and glitter round out the offerings. 

So why be average when you can sparkle? Add a little flair to your everyday items, instantly uplift your mood, and jazz up any outfit!


This lip balm is perfect for teachers and professors!  The Stage Balm is a life-saving Lip Balm that melts like butter to care for your dry lips. It is made with natural and healthy ingredients focused on hydrating your lips so you can speak confidently, no matter the stage.  

Only the healthiest ingredients are used because lip balms can be ingested. They also donate part of the proceeds to the suicide prevention foundation to save others' lives. You have a choice when it comes to lip balms. So why not choose this life-saving clean and vegan stage balm for lips?

Banana Loca

Meet Banana Loca, the innovative, must-have product you didn't know you needed!  The perfect after-school snack!  

The concept is simple - core and fill bananas in their peel to make a fun snack. The results are simply delicious! This new innovative kitchen gadget straightens a banana, cores it while still in the peel, and allows you to fill it with a variety of tasty food pairings like yogurt, honey, jams and jellies, peanut butter, and Nutella.  

The interest in the gadget is exploding! Business partners and best friends Renee Heath and Bechara Jaoudeh secured a deal on ABC's Shark Tank with two sharks, Mark Cuban and Kevin O'Leary! Dream team! Banana Loca has been gaining momentum ever since. Recently featured in HuffPo and Forbes!

Take a Step Back When Needed and Indulge in Some Self-care!


Perfect for those who feel like they are too busy, LuxaDerme provides you with clean skincare masks to wear from head to toe. Their luxurious skincare masks are comforting, super easy to use and feel like each one is made just for you.  

LuxaDerme uses natural bio-active botanicals infused with antioxidants to give your skin a calming and moisturizing effect. In addition, every formula uses EWG green ingredients and IFRA-certified allergen-free fragrances while being free from parabens, ​​phthalates, sulfates, or artificial colors. 


They are PETA-certified Vegan and Cruelty, and the products are certified Plastic Negative. Highly recommended by dermatologists, aestheticians, skincare professionals, and leading salons and spas across the globe. 

LuxaDerme is a brand you can trust to make you feel pampered and achieve maximum results with minimal effort.

Zoey Sleep

Since we spend a third of our lives sleeping, Zoey Sleep aims to make it as pleasant as possible.  The Zoey Weighted Blanket gives the sensation of being cuddled or hugged by a loved one, resulting in a deeper and more restful sleep. In addition, the weight is evenly distributed throughout the blanket, calming the body and creating ultimate relaxation.  Make sure to check out this cooling weighted blanket I reviewed.

Chronic Youth

The start of the school year is a great time to increase your vitality and overall health!  Staying young and feeling good within begins with providing the body with what it needs most.  

Add Chronic Youth collagen drink mixes to your daily routine and enjoy a proprietary blend clinically proven to enhance skin, hair, nails, joints, digestion, immunity, and whole-body health in 4 to 12 weeks.  

The brand works hard to keep you on top of your game and live your best life with mixes formulated with science-backed marine collagen, probiotics, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidant-packed organic superfoods. 

Drink your way to better health and wellness with Chronic Youth's delicious coconut and matcha flavors.

Dairy-free | gluten-free | soy free | Non-GMO | no sugars | no preservatives | no artificial flavors | Paleo and Keto | Kosher & Halal | Made in the USA. 

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