Get Plant-Powered Ingredients Haircare Products: Sky Organics Curl Care Review

This post was sponsored by Sky Organics as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Get excited! Sky Organics Curl Care Hair Collection is now available at select Walmart locations! I have shared with you all my love for this brand here on my blog, using their organic bath bombs, natural soaps, beauty DIY kits, pure oils, and now they have a natural curl care hair line designed for curly, kinky, and coily hair using plant-derived ingredients.

Get Plant-Powered Ingredients Haircare Products: Sky Organics Curl Care Review

I love Sky Organics because they are passionate about creating clean products not filled with chemicals. They wanted to impact people to live the best life possible, showing that living a natural lifestyle could be easy, beautiful, and affordable. And with them expanding their business in-stores, people can access authentic natural personal care products with plant-powered ingredients.

I've been on a wellness journey for a while now by taking care of myself inside and out. First, I started with my hair by using better-for-you ingredients. But just using better hair products was half the battle; I needed to take better care of my insides by eating whole foods and drinking plenty of water.

With Sky Organics USDA Certified Bio-Based renewable ingredients, it helps give your body and hair the nourishment it needs, plus their products are better for the environment by:

  • Reducing their reliance on petroleum
  • Increase the use of renewable agricultural resources
  • Reduce adverse environmental impact

When I found out that Sky Organics has a curl care line, I knew it was going to be good. Every product I've used from Sky Organics is outstanding and has been one of my go-to beauty care brands for several years.

The issues I've had with my hair are dryness, breakage, and shedding. I wasn't taking good care of my health, using hair products filled with chemicals, and my hair paid the price for it. So, I started over by doing a big chop during my birthday last year. 

Sky Organics Curl Care line is designed to moisturize, boost shine, and combat breakage, which my hair is craving.

Check out what the Sky Organics Curl line includes and how I use it:

Sky Organics Wash Day Shampoo

Wash Day Shampoo: This shampoo is enriched with castor oil, aloe vera, and apple cider vinegar that gives hair a deep cleaning without stripping it. A little goes a long way and suds up nicely. After rinsing my hair, I noticed I can run my hands through my hair without my hands getting caught in tangles. Also, my hair feels hydrated, and curls still having a shiny bounce to them.

Sky Organics Detangling Shampoo

Detangling Conditioner: Honestly, with my hair not tangled after using the shampoo, the conditioner gave my hair an added softness boost. It's like my hair came back to life and looked healthier. The castor and coconut oil in the conditioner helps improve the hair luster.

Sky Organics Treatment Mask

Treatment Mask: To help not only breakage and damage, this mask makes hair strands stronger by profoundly conditioning the hair. This creamy mask has castor oil and mango butter, giving curls an intense bounce and shine. Curls won't be thirsty no longer after using this treatment mask.

Sky Organic Castor Oil

Castor Oil: Now, this oil is not part of the curl line; however, it is worth mentioning because I like to use castor oil after my wash routine and to prep my hair to get ready to use a curl cream. It like a sealant to seal in the moisture from my wash. Also, castor oil can be used for your brows, lashes, and skin for a conditioning boost—no need for lotions.

Sky Organics Bouncy Curl Cream

Bouncy Curl Cream: This creamy castor oil and shea butter cream have my curls bouncing without weighing them down. And unlike other curl creams, it doesn't leave a white film on the hair when it dries. My hair is frizz-free, bouncy, and my curls are sculpted and defined. I just wish the curl cream was in a bigger container because I like to use the cream on every inch of my hair.

Get Plant-Powered Ingredients Haircare Products: Sky Organics Curl Care Review

Get Plant-Powered Ingredients Haircare Products: Sky Organics Curl Care Review

I appreciate this Curl Care line. After all, the scent is very light without an overpowering smell, and my hair looks so healthy, stronger, luxurious, and my natural texture is full of volume. I can't wait until my hair grows back out again, or maybe I'll continue to keep it short.

Get Plant-Powered Ingredients Haircare Products: Sky Organics Curl Care Review

Make sure to add Sky Organics Curl Care products to your hair wash and style routine by visiting your local Walmart. Also, use the Ibotta app to earn cashback when shopping for Sky Organics Curl Care at Walmart.

And, thanks to your purchase, portions of the proceeds will be donated to Black Women’s Health Imperative, a non-profit organization fighting for racial equality.

Get Plant-Powered Ingredients Haircare Products: Sky Organics Curl Care Review

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  1. Nice! I had hoped to try this out too. I really like that it's organic.

    1. This curl line is very good!! I went to Walmart to stock up.

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